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10 Floor Tile Ideas You Must Have 

If you are looking for a great way to spice up your home’s interior, we have you covered! With our range of beautiful tiling options, you’ll have plenty of options. From beautiful marble, to practical stone slips. At Appleby’s we make it easy and affordable to have the best and most beautiful tiling options available in your home!

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble will always remain one of the most popular choices for homeowners to use. Marble is a very stylish finish, and is often considered to be used in high-end homes. Just keep in mind that marble can be problematic, especially if you make use of polished marble. They can also easily damage outside, so while they look extremely beautiful and stylish, they are not necessarily the best option for your outdoor tiles.

In addition to this the benefits of using marble effect bathroom tiles over traditional marble tiles is non-exhaustive to begin with the price is typically 50% cheaper for the product. Unlike real marble, marble effect tiles do not need sealing, do not have to be cleaned with PH neutral cleaners, are resistant to scratches and reduce the labour time by up to 40%.

Terracotta Effect Tiles

Terracotta effect tiles can be used outdoors, providing that you do not use them in extreme temperatures. They are durable, hard wearing and very low on maintenance. They are also cost-effective, which is why so many people use them in outdoor areas such as patios and driveways. Terracotta effect tiles also come in a wide variety of colours to you can easily have it fit into the style of your home.

Terracotta is one of the hardest materials to maintain, before even laying the tiles each tile will need up to 6 coats of sealer to protect them from becoming stained. Which is why we introduce our collection of terracotta effect tiles! Instead of using terracotta this range of bathroom tiles is made from using materials such as porcelain and ceramic, much tougher materials and completely non-porous so you can forget about all the maintenance. To achieve the colour and variations, this is done by taking digital images of terracotta and printing these in HD on the ceramic or porcelain therefore giving you a beautiful terracotta effect bathroom tile!

Mosaic Effect Tiles

Mosaic Tiles have been a timeless favourite since the world of tiles ever existed! Even today; they are still heavily used in bathrooms, wet room and ensuites alike! And it is evident why, given the opportunity we believe everyone would use mosaic tiles in the bathroom should the budget suit the costs of these works of art.

Hexagons were originally used centuries ago to create everlasting art including portraits using broken glass, now they have evolved in to actual sheets of mosaic boasting many different colours, designs and finishes. A quick look through our collection of Mosaic tiles and you will see that we don't just offer the ordinary plain square mosaics, we are big on offering unique mosaics such as hexagon gold mosaics, brushed copper wood effect mosaics, 3D cube

Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles make for a perfect hallway floor. It gives a warm, inviting feel and it’s a look that simply won’t go out of style. Wood is a very popular style and it’s seen throughout many homes; it gives a warm, homely feel and it’s a great way to add to the interior style of your home.

If you’re looking for a warm and cozy feel to your floors, adding wood effect tiles is a must. They are made from very durable material such as porcelain or ceramic, making them highly versatile with excellent longevity. Many homeowners and designers love a natural, warm looking at home, which is why wood effect tiles are perfect for your hallway. They are very durable, and can also be used in high traffic areas.

But to your hallway is not the only area where these tiles are ideal. You can also in store highly versatile, beautiful wood effect bathroom tiles that will make any bathroom truly stand out. These tiles can also be given unique anti-slip properties, allowing you to use them in your bathroom without having to worry about accidental steps. The surface is made to have a very firm grip and is given an anti-slip finish that can last in wet rooms as well.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are another popular option for any home owner who want to create a beautiful space. Patterned tiles come in a variety of options, including wood effect, hexagon tiles and various bold colours. A patterned floor is always a hit, as it allows you to create a unique look that fits in with almost any style you want. 

Patterned tiles were originally seen in Morocco, where patterned effects have always been a fashion statement. Originally, the creation of patterned tiles required the use of crushed concrete, stone, glass and marble, modern tiles are made from ceramic and porcelain. This is because they are now more durable and they also offer waterproof capabilities – making them perfect for any bathroom floor. 

You can choose from a wide variety of designs for your patterned floors, including pastel coloured patterned tiles for a space that doesn't get much natural light, or bold colours with powerful landscape impressions to add age to the property. Your options are virtually endless. 

Terrazzo Effect Tiles

Terrazzo effect tiles are beautiful and hard wearing, making them ideal for your outdoor steps. Made from porcelain, these tiles are very interesting and have been used in homes for decades. Terrazzo is made from chips of granite, marble, glass, quartz and other materials, and these are either precast or poured in place. Terrazzo has been used for many years but now, Terrazzo effect tiles give you all of the style, with more convenience.

Glass Tiles

If you want to add a beautiful touch to your bathroom, glass is the ideal solution. Glass tiles come in many different styles, making them very versatile. Since they can easily withstand water spillage, they are ideal for bathrooms and kitchen areas where they will likely be damp. Glass tiles are also very versatile in that they can create a variety of styles and you can choose from various colours to create a beautiful effect on your walls.

Using glass tiles is a great way to add a little style to your home without having to completely give your wall a makeover. This is perfect for smaller budget projects, and you don’t have to rearrange anything in the room. You can simply replace your current tiles with beautiful glass tiles, or use a combination of the two.

Encaustic Effect Tiles

Encaustic effect bathroom tiles are an affordable option to create awe-inspiring personal spaces. Their sophisticated designs make them the best choice to create a feature or accent walls in addition to a jaw-dropping floor finish.

For this reason, Encaustic effect tiles are now one of the most popular tile choices, and not just bathrooms we are seeing them used throughout the home to create stunning features. Another reason they have become so popular is their basic ability to add character. Appleby’s Tiles offer hundreds of designs for encaustic effect tiles so you can create designer bathrooms at best prices.

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles have gained a lot of popularity, especially in modern homes. They allow you the ability to mix various colours and create a lasting look that is perfect for any interior space. There are many different colours and finishes you can choose, including ceramic and glass – and you can go for a stone effect, mosaic effect, wood effect or a beautiful marble effect when you choose metro tiles. 

With a beautiful selection of metro tiles, you can create a variety of styles. You can go for a vintage look with muted colours that can create a unique environment, or a bevelled look in a variety of soft pastel colours to give a more consistent, natural look for your bathroom. How about adding a twist to your design with a range of classic, retro glossy tiles to add a splash of colour.

Stone Slips

Stone Cladding is very practical for all sorts of building assignments and designing private spaces. Especially those seeking to either renovate a property that makes use of stone walling or create a traditional finish inside your modern home. These are clever substitutes to pocket-emptying natural stone they give your house a new look along with lots of savings.

Stone Cladding is also none as Stone Copping and Stone Facia to name just a few. The difference between our Stone Cladding system and the traditional natural stone cladding system is purely weight, cost and ease of use. These products have been designed with homeowners in mind to ensure they meet the aesthetics expectations of the home owner in addition to the convince required in our very busy lives.

For more information about our available brick tiles, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.