5 Unique Bathroom Floor Ideas

5 Unique Bathroom Floor Ideas

Most people think that it is next to impossible to get a statement look in a small bathroom. It’s time to unshackle their beliefs because we are here to share some unique bathroom floor ideas, that will transform the overall look of your cozy private area.

Making a design statement in a small lavatory can be quite challenging, well, in fact, designing small bathrooms is where you get to think out of the box, make bold moves, and you also get a perfect chance to discover your creative side. 

If you planning on taking a stroll on the route of designing your bathroom, you can start with changing your bathroom’s floor tiles. 

Unlike other finishes, like wood, water does not damage tiles, thereby making them a perfect flooring solution for wet rooms like bathrooms. Most importantly, bathroom tiles are attractive, durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, their resistance to the growth of bacteria makes it hygienic. You can choose timeless designs, trendier patterns, or something unique. 

Here are 4 bathroom tile patterns that are adequate for all the bathrooms, be it an impeccable less-capacious or a luxurious and grand bathroom. These tile ideas are not alone for floors, you can try them on walls, in showers and even on ceilings. 


Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Single Mosaic Bathroom Tiles pattern differs considerably, featuring a mass of diverse materials, colors, and tile shapes. Each mix of materials and shapes is great for fabricating a stylish, complex statement in spaces such as feature walls, lavatory walls, shower and tub encirclers, hearths, and even floorings. Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are a splendid means of granting an eternal captivating-touch to your bathroom.

All Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are of different shapes and sizes and can be as unique as you want them to be. All thanks to their multi-utility nature. 


Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles

Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles have gained popularity over the years. It is not a surprising fact that there is a broad range of customizable patterns one can pick from. The reasons behind the Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles gaining popularity are its versatile look, minimum maintenance costs, long-standing and super classy appearance.

Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles are brimmed with vividness and variety - both in terms of colors and patterns. They provide bold statements within bathrooms. It has become widely popular due to its versatile nature and the limitless array of pigment combinations, textures, hues, and shades. They are as delightful as for floors and the same for walls too. 


Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Patterned Bathroom Tiles have something unique to offer to your bathroom as compared to any other lavatory tiles. These designs can catch several glances with their artistic shapes and knotty designs. In the case of contemporary and customary setting, pattern tiles can work just as good as it works in other settings.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles are global enough to be utilized in your bathroom floor or bathroom walls. As they offer a designer-fabricated appearance to your lavatory, this is also another reason for their ever-growing popularity. This designer advantage of these tiles makes them appear extravagant and expensive when if seen, Patterned Bathroom Tiles are as economical as any other bathroom tile.

One of the most effortless means of using Patterned Bathroom Tiles in your lavatory is to fix them as your bathroom flooring. A feasible idea is to keep your bathroom walls plain and simple or in a plain color and then adding patterned flooring to it to fabricate a dramatic impression on the entire bathroom flooring. Black or grey Kingsbridge Patterned Bathroom Tiles are ideal for accomplishing this look.


Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

Those who are seeking a conventional look for their lavatory, we can not suggest the utilization of Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles enough! Because it is a perfect choice for those wanting a lavatory that looks like it has been there ever since the house was made. Hence, we strongly recommend the use of Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles for a rustic appearance. 

There exists a wide array of style and shade alternatives when it comes to Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles, including lighter more creamy and white hues are strongly recommended for lavatories that get inadequate sunlight. By doing this your bathroom will look not-so-packed and luminous.

We provide modular Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles, these are an ideal option for individuals seeking to accomplish an impeccable duplication of real terracotta.


Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

As the name suggests, Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles look like actual wood. But they are unbelievably resistant and easy to maintain, unlike natural timber. They do not decay or get moist.
Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles are the kind of innovation that makes you question why didn’t someone think about it eras ago. Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles are considered as the flooring of the decade as they feel really good and realistic too. Let’s weigh the advantages of this type of flooring or tiles. Firstly, they offer a classic wooden appearance. Second, as they’re composed of porcelain and do not get stained.


The bathroom floor tiles that we have shared above are beautiful yet practical. These non-slip bathroom tiles put safety first. 

Another thing to note is that the right selection of the tile size can make your bathroom look spacious. The use of large bathroom tiles makes space appear larger than it actually as the grout lines are fewer. They give the bathroom a luxurious feel and also reduce the cleaning time.

However, before selecting the range it should be noted that whichever shade you choose, do not miss your color scheme. Your bathroom floor tiles should complement your striking bathroom wall tiles with elegant furniture and accessories. 

You can opt for these unique sets of tiles if you are looking for a safe and stylish tiling solution to suit any bathroom design theme. The available range is huge, hence you can keep browsing through several designs and style until you get a perfect match for your bathroom.