5 Garden Tile Ideas You Cant Miss

Top 7 Garden Tile Ideas

Tiles are probably the most overlooked aspect of the garden when considering landscaping however, they have the ability to make the largest impact. Tiles have come a long way in both design and manufacturing this means more and more tiles that are being manufactured are actually suitable to be used externally. Below are 7 ideas we think look amazing when considering using tiles outside.


1. Wood Effect Tiles


Above image is our - Maple Oak Wood Effect Tiles

There is no escaping wood effect tiles they are now heavily used inside and outside the home and the benefits of using wood effect tiles in the garden outweighs any other material. The design and inspiration obviously comes from decking. We are not hear to disregard any product but, if you take a look at any decking installation that's been down even 3 years it looks tired, tatty, needs cleaning and painting yearly! Forget about all that, our exterior wood effect tiles means they can be laid and forgotten about and will need nothing more then a wash down every now and then!

As wood is a natural product the garden is a perfect setting for it and our wood effect tiles now offer such a perfect replication of real wood including knots, texture and colour variations, these too, look completely natural.

You can check out our full range of wood effect tiles here - to ensure they are suitable for exterior use ensure they are marked as matt, have an anti-slip rating of at least R9 and are made of porcelain.


2. Brick Effect External Tiles


Above image features our - Old Kent Road Brick Slips

Brick effect external tiles are a speciality at appleby's, offering over 150 different brick effect tiles their is sure to be a brick effect tile that will suit your lovely garden! The main thing to consider is do you want a brick slip or, a brick effect wall tile?

For those choosing to use Brick effect external tiles as long as they are porcelain they are perfect to use on your garden walls, new planters or pond surround, they offer a quick, easy and cost effective way of changing the look of your walls.

For those choosing the use of brick slips, these are unrivalled in terms of quality, feel and colours! a brick slip is a real brick that has been reclaimed or is maybe new and then cut down to make it just 20mm thick, these are then fixed to your surface and pointed just like normal bricks!

Adding Brick effect external tiles to the landscapes can really create a garden bursting full of character to see our full range click here.


3. Splitface Wall Tiles

split face tiles garden

Above Image is our - Dark Split Face Effect Wall Tiles 

Another very natural wall covering for the garden walls is of course, Split face tiles, these have been used for decades to create a natural looking rock face finish both inside and outside the home. We think split-face tiles work particularly well in the garden thanks to their completely natural structure. 

Split face tiles are made of natural stone be it quartz, marble or slate these are all materials that are commonly associated with outside spaces. Having said that the ones we featured above are nothing but an "effect tile" see they look exactly like the real deal but instead, are cheaper, require no maintenance and are super easy to install!



4. External Brick Slips

Another captivating and luxurious choice when deciding to create that perfectly landscaped garden. We believe a garden should be an extension of your living spaces! With the use of external brick slips it is no different due to their form and their natural appearance they make for the perfect wall and even floor covering throughout your garden.

From pond walls to exquisite planters external brick slips can easily transform a once plain or modern garden structure in to a rustic, aged or timeless finish thanks to the variations available.

In addition to the use of garden structures, external brick slips are the perfect choice for those seeking to create a patio or path with an alternative material to the mundane choice of slate or limestone, they offer a cobbled finished that can add plenty of age to your property.



5. Concrete Effect Tiles

Concrete effect tiles have become the most popular choice for external tiling, this is due to a number of factors including their natural appeal! Concrete effect tiles are of course sculpted and designed around natural polished concrete floors, they offer an urban and contemporary finish to your exterior whilst being easy to clean and maintenance free.

Unlike natural garden materials, there is no need to use sealers, jet washes etc etc in fact if you wish you could simply mop these tiles to keep them clean!

Like the rest of the tile choices mentioned in this blog, they are not limited to the floor only, there is no reason why these can not be used as a cladding choice and will help to create a bespoke and unique exterior finish.


To find out more about our choice of exterior tiles, take a look through the full range or contact us on our LiveChat where one of our tile specialists will be more then happy to help you in picking the right tiles for your landscapes.