A Guide To Slip Resistant Tiles

What is a slip resistant tile?

The question on everyone’s lips, what is a slip resistant tile? A slip resistant tile is often referred to in many different ways and terms such as Anti-Slip tiles, Non-Slippery tiles, Tactile Tiles, Slip proof tiles and exterior tiles! However they sound, they all have a different meaning! For us, a slip-resistant tile (in its most basic form) is a tile that does not become slippery when wet.


There are a few things to consider when choosing a slip resistant tile for a floor space, and these are mainly points that should be considered for your own aesthetic reasons. An anti-slip tile is mainly for practicalities, but that doesn't mean you should compromise completely on style, colour, shape or design!

When choosing tiles for whatever room, the important thing to consider is how wet will the floor space get? If it's a wet room, it's going to be predominantly wet. A bathroom is usually going to be wet particularly when getting out of the bath or shower, a kitchen can become wet with cleaning up and spilling drinks, and paths and patios are always going to be subject to a bit of rain especially with the great British weather. The last question to consider is, are there any people more vulnerable to slips, for example young children or our older generation. If so, definitely head down the slip restraint tile route! 

How Are Slip Resistant Tiles Graded?

The majority of new tiles are automatically given an anti slip rating; this is because the majority of tiles these days have a matt finish which automatically gives the surface low anti-slip properties. When it comes to our slip resistant tiles, almost all of our matt tiles will have a basic anti slip rating of R9, anything above this will be displayed!

The slip resistant abilities are graded from R9, which offers a small amount of slip resistance, all the way through to R13, which offers a very high amount of slip resistance.

Although you can commonly see our tiles being listed with a slip resistance of between R9 and R12, it's very specialist to have a tile offering the R13 slip restraint grading. This is because R13 is a specific rating required by councils and private land owners who need the highest level of slip resistance to prevent public injury. These can be found in wet areas such as public bathrooms, pool sides and leisure centres.

Here is a more comprehensive guide of the slip resistance ratings below, what they offer and where they can be found:


These are mostly a matt tile found within almost all of our collections; any tile that has matt as the description, and of course is a floor based product, will have an anti-slip rating of R9 unless stated otherwise. These tiles will appear mostly glaze with a soft sheen matt finish, which is perfect for general use such as bathrooms, entrances and kitchens in domestic settings. If using these in a bathroom or wet room then we would still recommend using a bath towel or floor matt to ensure your safety.


A slightly more Slip Resistant tile; these tiles have a slightly higher grade and when put on a gradient have a slightly higher slip resistance value. These are mostly matt tiles, although some unglazed tiles will also fall in to this category. Suitable for all internal applications, but we would again still advise with this that you use a bath mat or towel for shower and bath areas (just to be safe of course)

R11 - R12

These tiles can be glazed or unglazed and are safe for almost all applications both internal and external, this rating is the highest domestic slip resistant rating and therefore should certainly be favoured for wet rooms and external use.

Applications for these tiles include bathrooms, toilets, wet rooms, shower rooms, pools and communal areas, these can also be used in commercial settings where R13 isn't a requirement and are often used in airports, hotels and sopping centres etc.


R13 is the big one, these are usually only used when specified by an engineer, architect or local council where safety is the key element and the highest standard is the only allowed tile! These slip resistant tiles can again be glazed and unglazed matt, described as textured and are suitable for all applications.


What are the reasons for using slip resistant tiles?

Talking strictly from a homeowners point of view, we all know outside of show rooms and glitzy hotels or even adverts, home is were real every day life happens, where you have pets running around after being outside and children running around with drinks in their hands. They are just some of the risks that are part of every day life. And we, as does everyone, appreciate that accidents can occur in any setting. However, having a slip resistant tile can heavily reduce the risk of a nasty fall. Remember, tiles are a very solid product and are not very forgiving following a heavy fall, so it's important to minimise those risks as much as possible, and that is what slip resistant tiles are all about!

When adding more amazing tiles to our shop, it's important to check many factors and one of those is how likely is a fall is to happen within a home. With most accidents happening in the home, this can be avoided with the use of a more appropriate tile whilst still keeping those floors looking luxurious!

The are a lot of elements to creating a slippery floor, including water, mud, oil, soap, shampoo etc, and all of these bring a high risk of a fall especially when oil based. And although slip resistant tiles can offer a certain level of safeguarding, it's important to know they can not guarantee preventing all accidents, they just offer you your best chance!

We find when discussing our non slippery floor tiles with different home owners, their main queries with regards to them is are they easy to clean? And they are; they're actually not much different to any other tile. Some may be textured, but you would still use the same methods; a mop, steam cleaner or good old fashion bucket and sponge. If anything, slip resistant tiles are incredibly low maintenance. Unlike gloss and polished tiles, you don't need to worry about smear marks, light scratches and grubby hand on them, so they provide more benefits then just slip protection.

The next concern they have is “are the ugly” and the answer is a big NO! More and more tile designers and manufactures are realising that homes are getting bigger, busier and our lives are getting faster. So, there's the need to offer protective and reassuring flooring Currently, almost 60% of tiles being manufactured now have some degree of anti-slip properties!

If you don't believe us let us show you some examples below of how great anti-slip tiles can look whilst still protecting your family!


slip resistant wood effect tiles

Above - Maple Oak Wood Effect Tile

These wood effect non slippery tiles offer an anti-slip rating of R12, which is why they are perfect to be used both internally and externally. The beauty of these tiles is they feel and look like real wood, and that's were the magic happens! Where real wood has grains and knots, in much the same way, our wood effect tiles have these textures which creates its anti-slip barrier (coupled with its matt finish).


Above - Marble Effect White Hexagon Tiles

These are a new range to Appleby’s tiles; our hexagon tiles are the latest trend, which means the latest designs and latest manufacturing techniques are used and so of course, our designers and makers have incorporated brilliant anti slip ratings. This tile has an R10 anti-slip rating so is perfect to be used throughout the home.


Above - Adore Mist Concrete Effect Tiles

Again, much like the wood effect tiles, almost all of our concrete effect tiles offer slip resistance as standard! Concrete is a rough and textured surface, and in general when creating an effect product, the idea is to (as close as possible) replicate all the features of the real product which as well as colourings includes textures. These tiles have an anti-slip rating of R12.


Above - Ornate Patterned Encaustic Effect Tile

Encaustic Effect Tiles are very much on trend so we have incorporated a large range of stunning pattern tiles that incorporate anti-slip rating of R9 - R12 to ensure there is something to meet everyones needs!

We hope you found this blog of interest and help to understand the need for slip resistant tiles. If you have any questions about the content of this blogs, or any of the tiles discussed, then head over to live chat where one of our specialists will be more then happy to discuss this with you. 

Otherwise feel free to explore our full range of anti-slip tiles here!