A-Z Of Brick Slips

Brick slips

There is one thing about ancient men that no one can deny. They had an exceptional zeal of making things work. After years of struggle and limitless curiosity, their spirit of survival finally managed to pave the way for the survival of human species. But they didn't stop there.

Not only they made the survival possible but also gifted us, knowledge, art, culture and abundant resources. While many of these have been forgotten, most of these are still alive and are once again ruling the industries. It's absolutely true when they say old is gold and its also true that some trends can never be replaced.

One of these trends, which is not only turning the heads of some of the top interior designers but also modern millennials is the trend of brick slips.  

Bricks are one of the oldest materials which were used for construction back in 7000 BC. Back in those days, bricks were made with mud and were left to dry in the sun. All thanks to the Roman Empire, the phenomenon of using bricks for constructions spread like a wild fire and ruled the Renaissance and medieval periods. 

Though the bricks witnessed their own share of ups and downs till the year of 1885, after the Industrial Revolution, there was no turning back. Massive amounts of bricks were produced in a single day and were heavily used in the development of infrastructure.

Bricks can be easily spotted in ancient Victorian buildings and monuments. Even some of the most famous architects like Louise Khan and F.L. Wright incorporated bricks in their masterpieces. 

Today, you can easily spot traditional brick walls in old cafes and vintage themed restaurants. But are those real bricks? No. Those are brick slips. 


brick slips are also known as brick veneers or brick tiles and these are made by making thin cuts in the real bricks.

brick slips are once again being widely used to capture the magic of ancient times for external as well as internal applications. brick slips, when incorporated in the house, create a traditional look which gives your room a classy vintage vibe.

When many people picture brick slips, they only think about the rustic red shade which is widely used. But all thanks to the latest innovations that took place in the industry, brick slips are now available in diverse shades and textures. Some of these, which are widely being used are tumbled barn house brick, sunset blend, charred peach, blemished white, light grain, Dakota reclaimed and many more. 



Uses of brick slips 

The best trait of brick slips is that they are highly versatile and highly impactful. Brick slips alone can transform the theme of the whole room and give it a more mesmerizing vibe with a touch of simplicity and minimalism.

Hence, no matter where they are incorporated, brick slips complement everything they are paired with. This makes them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and features walls.

Bathroom Brick Slips can be either used entirely or can be used to highlight an area of your choice. You can either highlight your bathtub, your shower or you can use Bathroom Brick Slips as a backdrop for your mirrors and cabinets. When Bathroom Brick Slips are paired with beautiful big chandeliers and mesmerizing lights, it creates a perfect traditional look with a hint of contemporary design elements.

Kitchen Brick Slips can be used as a backdrop for your platform and kitchen accessories. To create a perfect contrast, rustic red Kitchen Brick Slips can be paired with white furniture to create a balance in the room. You can also add more contrast with dark kitchen cabinets to bring in more contrasting elements.


If you are not sure about where you can incorporate these beautiful traditional elements, you can always create a feature wall. Feature walls demand the attention of the eyes and bring more balance to a room. Incorporating brick slips to the feature wall and pairing them with contrasting small furniture, sceneries, paintings and chandeliers will help you give more personality to any room.  

What do I need to install the brick slips? 


One of the most common questions that people ask is about the installation of the brick slips. Installation of brick slip is a simple process and doesn't require much labour. But it is always recommended to hire a professional if you want a clean and hassle-free installation.

The process requires three things, the brick slip adhesive, the slip spacers and the slip mortar. You might also need to purchase the primer if required.

The installation process requires you to apply the primer on the wall (if required) and then apply the adhesive on the wall as well on the back of the brick you are ready to install. Adhesive helps in holding the bricks together, but it is not instant and it might require you to hold it for a while. When you put in the brick, you need to use the brick slip spacers to space out the bricks evenly and support the bricks.

To complete the installation process, you need to fill the brick slip mortar into the pointing gun and fill all the spaces between the bricks. After you are done filling the gaps, you'll be required to smooth out the excess mortar for a clean finish.    

For decades, bricks have ruled the industry of design and architecture. And today, brick slips have successfully made their way in the homes of many people because of their mesmerizing traditional looks and authentic touch. More and more people, as well as millennial homes, are now incorporating brick slips into their homes because of their minimalistic appearance. 


Not only brick slips are a delight to look at but are also highly versatile. Their quality of blending in effortlessly with diverse designs make them the first choice of many interior designers of the industry. At last, brick slips are easy to install and maintain and are ideal for every room in your house.