Alternative Bathroom Wall Tiles

Alternative Bathroom Wall Tiles

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your whole house. And whenever you have people over, almost all the time they ask you if they can use your bathroom. But how would you feel if your bathroom made a dull and boring first impression? Wouldn't it be great if your bathroom could exhibit more personality and come across as beautiful, elegant and luxurious?

Apart from the floorings, mirrors and cabinets, there is one change you can make that will transform the personality of your bathroom. A change that will grab the attention of your guests and will make a lasting first impression.

A change of bathroom wall tiles.

A simple change of wall tiles can transform your bland bathroom into a lively place that you'll enjoy being in each and every day.

But when it comes to the bathroom walls, it is important to be mindful of the material, since your bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in your house. And hence it is important to use materials that are water-resistant.

Water-resistant bathroom wall tiles are the best pick for the walls as well as for the floors. Another best thing is that the tiles come in so many shapes, sizes, designs and textures, that they enhance the beauty of your bathroom and offer endless possibilities. So when you have so many options, why not give your bathroom a beautiful makeover?

We are here to discuss some of the best bathroom wall tile options that have not only been adopted by hotels and resorts, but also by lavish spas. From modern walls to timeless and elegant enclosures, we are sure you'll find something for your taste.


Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

If you are someone who loves escaping into nature and would love to have a tropical vibe in your bathroom, wood effect bathroom tiles are perfect for you. These bathroom tiles give a natural look to your bathroom while being classy and tasteful. Not only these look and feel gorgeous, but they are are also affordable, durable and come in diverse shades, knots, colours and veins, which makes them elegant and versatile. The wood effect bathroom tiles render a traditional farmhouse look to your bathroom with their diverse patterns that are water-resistant, highly durable and also require minimum maintenance. When paired with green cabinets with darker shades, the wood effect wall tiles can give you a more natural look and can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise.


Bathroom Brick Slips

If you want to create a bathroom with a vintage vibe, bathroom brick slips will be the perfect pick for you. One trait that makes the bathroom brick slips so popular is because they give the “real” brick effect and gives a traditional vibe to your bathroom while being simple and elegant. bathroom brick slips when paired with ambient lights and large mirrors look lavish yet timeless. bathroom brick slips are available in many shades and textures which can be paired together to achieve a unique looking bathroom.


Red Bathroom Tiles

Now before you start running away from this blog post, stop! We know what you must be thinking. How can we praise red bathroom tiles? Isn't it too bright, too bold and too much to handle?

So the answer is no. It's not. Here is how.

Red is one colour that symbolises passion, desire and energy and this colour can be easily spotted in lavish hotels and resorts. Why? Because when done right, red is one colour that gives your bathroom a distinct and vibrant look. Incorporating red bathroom tiles can be a breath of fresh air and there are many ways you can bring this beautiful sensational colour in your bathroom to make a statement.

red bathroom tiles can be best used as a feature wall or as a backdrop. When the red feature wall is paired with pastel colours like white and cream, red stands out and highlights everything that is placed in front of it. A red backdrop for the mirrors and cabinets will give your bathroom a royal, luxurious look while giving the spotlight to the mirrors, sinks etc. The beauty of red is that it complements light as well as dark colours and can be effortlessly paired with white, black as well as different shades of red to create modern and sensational patterns on the wall.


Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

If there are three words which describe hexagon bathroom tiles, they have to be simple, elegant and graceful. hexagon bathroom tiles not only create a serene and tranquil environment in your bathroom but also are a delight to see. The best trait of these tiles is that they not only look mesmerizing in the shades of white, but they also look amazing in darker shades. These might look simple and minimalistic, but there is so much more to them. These tiles render endless options to create a classy and harmonious look. The tiles can be incorporated in lighter as well as darker shades with grout lines to give more depth. The perfect tiles can be picked from a wide range of monochrome, shaded, matte and glossy variations and can be mixed and matched to create amazing patterns on the walls.


Brick slips and wood effect bathroom tiles can be used to create a timeless design on the walls while red bathroom tiles and hexagon bathroom tiles can be used to to create a modern stylish look.

The four types of wall tiles can be also mixed and matched to achieve distinct looks. Brick effect tiles can be used with wood effect tiles to create a more traditional effect in the bathroom. Shades of red tiles can be paired with hexagon tiles to give a pop to the patterns and add colour to the minimalistic effect. Hexagonal wall tiles can also be paired with wooden effect tiles to create a blend of modern and traditional design.

There are numerous ways in which bathroom walls can be customized. You can either use one tile in the entire bathroom or you can mix and match these wall tiles to create unique patterns to give a bold personality to your bathroom.