Alternative kitchen wall tiles

Alternative kitchen wall tiles

Are you planning on getting your kitchen to remodelled? Struggling to find a tile that scream "YOU"? 

We have just the help you might need to reconsider your choice of plain old tiling patterns.

Copper kitchen tiles

Give your kitchen a sense of warmth and coziness with these Copper kitchen tiles. Copper has arisen as one of the highly demanded trends in the kitchen designing; just a touch of these Copper kitchen tiles and your kitchen will glow like lamps. It is the perfect pair off for the industrial trend for your kitchenette; it sits well with subtle grey shades and adds an oomph! to the final look. These  Copper kitchen tiles are known for infusing warmness to your house. From worn of metallic flooring patterns to mind-boggling mosaic design these Copper kitchen tiles are available in a wide range. Equipping these tiles in your kitchen can help elevate the concluding view; they are there for you if you are willing to try something new are create a masterpiece. These can also be used to make a feature wall in either of your rooms.


Patterned kitchen tiles

Another of the trendy designs that can be used for a bathroom or kitchen both are the Patterned kitchen tiles. If you want to try something totally off the grid in your kitchen then these are the best options to go for. Patterned kitchen tiles assist in giving your kitchen a character and panache.

Another reason behind the growing popularity of these, they create a special ambiance and separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. They create an illusion of space in small rooms, and in large rooms, they add a highlight trait. All of this adds on to the gleam of the room and charms the visitors.

Patterned kitchen tiles are manufactured in various styles and shades; so that they fit perfectly for your designing choice. With such a wide range of tiles to make a choice; urban to the countryside, they fit in all types of households. Most clients of Patterned kitchen tiles use them with natural colors and materials to make a refined look. It can make the final look better and give the room a modern touch. With so many fittings and fixtures required; patterned tiles steal the glance all the time. Using white with these types of tiles can help pair down the all-over look.


Encaustic Effect kitchen tiles

Encaustic effect kitchen tiles are climbing up the ladder of fame because of their usage in almost all renovations. They are very versatile; they do not ask for costly maintenance and are very durable. Encaustic effect kitchen tiles are like”must-have” in one of the rooms of your house.

These tiles are very cost-effective; that too at great quality and are provided in a wide array of styles to fit in your demands. These Encaustic effect kitchen tiles are specially made to stand daily wear and tear and still have that day first shine on; so that you do not have to overlook your wishes and still keep up the style.

You don't have to take loans for a quick and stylish make-over of your home; these tiles give you rich look in castaway costs. The tiles help in achieving the look of your dreams for your kitchen with high-level functionality. These are trending in the home make-over vogue; they create a subtle dual-shaded house that can get special help by using these. Another of high use department in these tiles is of geometrical tiles to create a unique floor. These floors can be used in making a one of a kind look by pairing up with light shades of blue and grey.

Whether or not, if you wish to add an antique effect to the remodeling; the Encaustic effect kitchen tiles can guarantee the lively aesthetic appeal. Using these tiles is not just affordable but also ensuring the long life of your kitchen renovation. There are no limits, you just have to think of what kind of look you want in your kitchen and get started.


Mosaic kitchen tiles

The art form of ancient Greece and Roman culture, Mosaic was used to beautify palaces and temples of gods and nobility. At present, the rich god-like styles of mosaics can be accessed by one and all by using Mosaic kitchen tiles. People have been using these tiles for their home renovations for ages and were never disappointed with the final realistic and stunning glances. These Mosaic kitchen tiles are manufactured in numerous patterns; making it hard for you to choose. They can be used everywhere in your house; indoors, outdoors or any other room of your home.

Intricate and detailed designed are also printed on these tiles to personalize the look of your room. Instead of going for the traditional white walls for your bathroom, take the advice and try something new; use these on the walls and floor of the kitchen. The focal wall in a kitchen should be kept intriguing; these Mosaic kitchen tiles will help you in doing the same. Why use these? Well, mosaic tiles can be used in creating a framed look for the house décor and does justice to the complicated patterns.

You can also use these to add a highlight to the whole room by making a design pattern with these tiles; like framing the doors and windows. Also, these can be sued to create a long-lasting rug like the pattern for your kitchen island.


Kitchen brick slips

Another perfect form of design meeting practicality is the Kitchen brick slips. These are not just used to create a focal wall for your kitchen but also, they are resistant to daily splashes and stains of food. Kitchen brick slips are easy to clean; which is like one of the most enquired questions during making tile purchase for the kitchen. They give the old dull space a contemporary touch with a slight rustic rugged hint.  These can be used in all types of kitchens and looks; they won't overpower your desired look but help in enhancing the look. Kitchen brick slips are an ideal substitute for bricks; which can break even a light contact spoiling the look. They look just like a brick wall after being installed and give you a blank canvas to expand your thinking and create something customized and special in your daily use kitchen space.