Are Hexagon Tiles Easy to Install

Are Hexagon Tiles Easy to Install

If you are in the market to revamp your home, you will have a lot of different tiling choices to go with. This is what is important to always make sure what exactly your requirements are and plan ahead to that you can get the perfect design and colour for your home.

Of all the different options available, hexagon tiles are very popular and they offer beautiful designs for any room in the house. Hexagon tiles can be a great way to upgrade any room, including your bathroom and kitchen, with a refreshing look that is modern and sophisticated. Modern shaped tiles are always popular as they provide a unique design and a very interesting characteristic to every room. 

Hexagon tiles have a rich history, going back to the streets of Morocco where geometric shaped tiles have become popular for many decades ago. These different -shaped tiles were created using a mix of concrete and crushed materials, and they are handmade and hand-painted. They are also individually fired and this process is used till today.

But as unique as the process is, it is not ideal for manufacturing large quantities of tiles, which is why hexagon tiles have significantly improved over the years. Modern technology makes it possible to now produce hexagon bathroom tiles, as well as hexagon kitchen tiles using either ceramic or porcelain, a variety of designs printed on them.

There are so many different designs if you are looking for a hexagon shape, making them very versatile and also very durable for any room in your house. You can create a beautiful unique look with these tiles or you can choose one colour to create a feature wall in your bathroom, kitchen, or any popular room in the house.

Some of our popular hexagon tiles include the Hexagon Matt Pink Mosaic Tiles, which gives you a soft pink colour, ideal for any kitchen area. If you are looking for something more modern, you can go for the Gold Hexagon 3D Mosaic Tile, which is perfect for upmarket homes and any room where you want to make a stylish impression. 

These are just some of the great options that you can go for if you are looking for a beautiful design for your kitchen, bathroom or any other area in the house. Hexagon tiles make for a beautiful shape and size, is since they are so versatile and hard wearing. They can provide you with a great design that will definitely make an impression on your guests, and they are also perfect if you want to create a feature wall in a popular areas such as the living room or an open kitchen.

Many modern homes have hexagon tiles, which makes them ever more stylish and impressive. This is why you need to buy your hexagon tiles online at a leading store like Appleby’s. you’ll get a variety of options to choose form, including many different sizes and designs, which is great for any modern home. 

Installing Hexagon Tiles

installing hexagon tiles can be fairly easy, especially if you have experience in installing tiles in your home. So many different designs available, as well as a wide variety of installation accessories and products, you can create a beautiful hexagon tile wall for any room in the house.

When you install hexagon tiles, it is important to make sure that you buy the right amount of tiles to cover your specific wall or floor area. You can also choose from a range of designs, making sure that you have the perfect layout for your room.

A good idea is to request samples of the specific hexagon tile you are looking for. This is so that you can easily determine whether or not you work in the room, and giving you a chance to see the quality of the tile and the specific colour and pattern it offers.

When you install hexagon tiles, especially in areas that may be damp or moist such as your kitchen or bathroom, it is important to have them installed professionally to make sure that they are sealed properly to prevent any moisture from sifting through. However, this can be possible as a DIY project, providing that you have the right equipment and accessories available.

This is what always important to get expert advice when installing hexagon kitchen tiles, or any other tiles in your house. It will allow you to complete your installation professionally, while making sure that your tiles are fitted perfectly and that they are properly sealed and protected to last for years at a time.

At Appleby's we provide a wide variety of affordable hexagon kitchen tiles as well as bathroom tiles and any other shaped tiles you want for your home. We can help you choose the right tile, the right size, as well as guide you in terms of all the accessories you may need. We can also provide you with some products, which you can test out to determine exactly what you need before you get started tiling project.


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