Are tiles hard wearing?

Are tiles hard wearing?

There was a time when people used to invest huge sums of money on flooring materials which required the most maintenance. Every season, these flooring materials would demand massive attention from the home owners and would make them spend big bucks on the repair. Imagine, spending your hard earned money on your dream house and then again spending loads of money on the repair every year. Sounds dreadful, doesn't it?

But all thanks to the modern marvels and the innovative manufactures, the industry has been taken over by storm by two tile materials. These materials are Ceramic and Porcelain, which today, are widely used materials when it comes to walls and floors.

While picking out the perfect tiles for the floors and the walls, most people find themselves in a dilemma. The dilemma of picking out the right tiles made with the right materials.

Hence, in order to help you out with the tile materials, we have compiled this article to equip you with deep insights about both the materials.

Not only both of these materials are hard wearing and easy to maintain, but these are also ideal when it comes to interior and exterior flooring. Both the tile materials differ from each other in terms of manufacturing, price, uses and cutting.

But before we get to the point, it's important to bust some myths and address some of the bad practices. Lately, many people, as well as interior decorators, have been advocating the use of wood and carpet. While both options might sound tempting and can also transform your home into a warm and cosy space, they come with a huge set of drawbacks and can lead people in a dreadful situation as discussed above. Hence to save you from the pains of repeated repairs, we are going to discuss both in detail. 



More and more people have started to get inclined towards hardwood when it comes to flooring. While it is an extremely tasteful choice and gives a traditional look to your home with a touch of modernism, it can burn some serious holes in your pocket. 

Hardwood is extremely expensive as compared to other materials which you can easily afford. Even if you decide to go ahead with this choice, you'll have to spend big bucks on refinishing to keep the hardwood shiny and new.

Not only this, hardwood is highly vulnerable to water and moisture and it also gets easily damaged, which makes it completely unsuitable for wash areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Hardwood also becomes an easy victim of termites, which can easily eat way your huge investment.



Most people love to have a cosy feeling in their house. The soft beautiful carpet not only come in diverse designs, styles and textures but also makes your home more warm and comfortable. But just as there is a bright side to this option, there are plenty of downsides as well.

Carpets can get easily stained and when washed, they also require a lot of time to dry. Needless to say, they are extremely heavy and are difficult to handle. If you have pets in your house, cleaning your carpets could become a nightmare because of all the hair and waste, which can also lead to pungent smell in your house. Carpets can also deteriorate easily over time and are not long lasting. As per the statistics which surfaced in the year 2016, more than 65% of carpets are discarded every year.  

Since both of the most popular choices come with serious drawbacks, what are the healthy alternatives you can opt for? What are the investments which can save you from the pain of repeated repairs and high maintenance?

The answers are Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles. Although most people use both the terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two. Now we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both materials, so that you can effectively choose the most suitable option for yourself, as per your requirements.


Ceramic tiles 

Ceramic tiles are made from white, red or brown clay, which makes the material less dense, softer and easier to cut. Because of these traits, these tiles are available in beautiful shapes, sizes and designs. So if you are someone who loves customized designs and unique shapes, Ceramic tiles will be perfect for you. Ceramic tiles are not only chemical resistant and provide great electrical insulation but are also lightweight, which makes the installation process easy.

Though these tiles are highly durable and easy to maintain, these are not suitable for the outdoors as they tend to crack in winters. If you are looking for a cost effective option, you can incorporate Ceramic tiles inside your home and these tiles are ideal for floors as well as for walls. But if you are looking for a much more stronger material for the indoors as well as outdoors, porcelain will be the perfect pick. 


Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are made with sand, feldspar and clay, which makes these tiles much denser and hard wearing. Since these tiles are extremely strong, it becomes highly difficult to carve custom shapes out of them. But still, there is no doubt that these tiles are extremely gorgeous. Porcelain tiles come in endless colours, patterns as well as sizes and can be used to achieve the look of hardwood, granite, limestone etc.  

Porcelain tiles also absorb a minimum amount of water, which makes them highly suitable for high traffic rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, wash areas as well as for the walls and the floors. Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles but they are more hard wearing as well, so investing in these tiles won't hurt your wallet in the future.

While there are many bad practices that are still lurking around when it comes to walls and floors, investing in porcelain and Ceramic tiles is an ideal option. Though traditional old ways sound lucrative and tempting, they are not only highly expensive but demand more attention from the home owner repeatedly throughout the year. If you are someone who is looking for tiles that are hard wearing, long lasting, easy to install and maintain, ceramic and porcelain are perfect choices for you.