Bathroom Tile Inspiration!

5 Tile Ideas for your bathroom!


For us, tiles should always be your first choice when it comes to renovating or, re-decorating your bathroom! there are many reasons why tiles take the front seat when it comes to bathroom decoration and a few of these include their water-proof abilities, Anti-Slip Qualities and Beautiful designs!

We have complied a small list of 5 bathroom ideas that we are in love with! below the images of these stunning bathrooms you will find the links for the tiles for each project.


Parisian Retro Bathroom



The Bathroom Metro Tiles are our - Crushed Crackle Teal Metro Tiles

The Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles are our - Victorian Black And White Encaustic Effect Tiles

Metro tiles are a classic wall covering and now they come in many shapes, sizes and finishes. These are the latest take on the metro tile that we offer, they boast a stunning deep ocean blue with a crackle finish to really emphasises the Parisian vibe. These metro bathroom tiles will instantly give your bathroom a colour up-lift whilst holding on to the victorian era thanks to the sharp colouring. With these wall tiles (depending on the finish you hope to achieve and how much use your bathroom gets) we would recommend a grey or white grout.

The floor tiles used in this bathroom are part of our “encaustic effect bathroom tiles” range, a range that has gone from 50 tiles to over 300 different tiles! Encaustic effect tiles have proven their popularity over recent years and the designs are beautiful, it creates a focal point within your home whilst still offering a retro finish. These tiles in particular boast a geometric effect in a mix of stunning monochrome colours.


2)  Natural Wonders Bathroom


The Bath Wall Tiles are our - Lapping Green Scale Wall And Floor Tiles

The Marble Effect Wall Tiles are our - Hyde Polished Marble Effect Tiles

The Bathroom Wood Effect Tile are our - Maryland Rustic Stain Wood Effect Tiles

We believe there should be no limit to the amount of different tiles one decides to use in their bathroom and this project shows exactly what is achievable! To deconstruct this project we take a look at the stunning choice of bathroom wall tiles.

The wall tiles used above the bath are our Lapping Green Scale Wall And Floor Tiles, these tiles are brand new for 2019 and we expect them to really take off over the course of the year! These tiles work particularly well in wet areas due to their close design connection to fish scales, they offer a shimmering scale effect closely linked to water making the tiles become more of a relation to your bathroom and look completely natural whilst still offering a stunning feature tile.

The main wall tile used in this project is a marble effect wall tile, these have been used in bathrooms for decades and they are used to bring a calming, spa atmosphere to the bathroom. After all, its a place to relax, unwind and wash the day away! Marble effect tiles should always be at the forefront of any tiling project and its due to their versatility, marble effect tiles work with any decoration, any feature tile and floor tile. The ones used in this project are 59cm x 59cm which is quite large, the reason to use larger tiles is to create a space that appears larger then what it is by reducing grout lines.

The floor tiles used are a classic wood effect floor tile, Finished in a brown oak with a rustic haze they perfectly compliment the rest of the bathroom design while adding Anti-Slip abilities to ensure no nasty falls.


Modern Italian Bathroom Design


The Marble Effect Bathroom Tile In Black is our - Slim Black Marble Plank Tile

The Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles in White is our - Slim White Marble Plank Tile


Both of these stunning marble effect bathroom tiles offer a stunning and modern take on marble effect bathroom tiles! Crafted in to small planks allows for homeowners to use their imagination in placement of these tiles and pattern, seen above is the herringbone pattern in a constructed design but the tiles are open to the brick bond or stacked pattern as well.

These tiles have been designed to be one of the most versatile marble effect tiles within our collection this is thanks to their solid porcelain build, mixed veining design and matt anti-slip qualities.


4) Geometric Bathroom Design



The Marble Effect Hexagon Tile is our - Large White Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles

The 3D Feature Marble Effect Tiles is our - Encaustic 3D Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles

Again touching on marble effect tiles (as they are stunning) these tiles offer a modern twist of the hexagonal tile shape. The leading fashion in tile design in 2019 is the demand for geometric design. The project above combines two stunning tiles, this is done to break up a tile design and offer a subtle yet eye-catching finish within a bathroom.

Both tiles can be used on both the walls and floors allowing you to make a design that suits you requirements and your imagination.


5) Concrete Effect Bathroom Design



The Main Bathroom Wall Tile is our - Wicklow Soft Clay Concrete Effect Tiles

The Floor Tile is our - Wicklow Soft Clay Concrete Effect Floor Tiles

The Decorative Bathroom Wall tile is our - Wicklow Soft Clay Encaustic Effect Wall Tiles


These tiles come from our range of concrete effect bathroom tiles, a range, that perfectly suits those looking to achieve either a modern/urban finish or an industrial rustic finish. Applebys now have a range of over 300 different and unique concrete effect tiles and this project consists of just 3 tiles that work perfectly together to create a very neutral finish within the bathroom.

The additional benefit of using concrete effect tiles within the bathroom is their ease of maintenance and anti-slip properties it makes these tiles one of the most favoured floor and wall coverings of the past 2 years. When deciding what concrete effect tile to go for we would always advise bigger is better. The design idea for these tiles come from the moving force of having polished concrete floors the only difference is the cost! Using a larger concrete effect tile means less grout line and a more complete finish!


All these designs boast something quiet unique but remember they are just our ideas! This is your home so make it about you! Pick your favourite colours, favourtie shapes and take it from there. If you need any help in choosing the right bathroom tiles head over here for our full range of over 2000 bathroom tiles or get in contact with us on live chat an one of our tile experts will help you!