Best Patterned Tiles for the Floor

Best Patterned Tiles for the Floor

At Appleby’s we have a very wide range of beautiful patterned tiles for your walls and floors available. Whether you need to revamp a kitchen floor, or want to completely revamp your entire home’s floor space, we have the perfect patterned tile selections for you. Here are some of the best options for patterned floor tiles.

Patterned tiles are very flexible and versatile as they can help create just about any effect of a floor. They are durable and hard wearing, especially if you choose the right material and design. This means you’ll add value to your home and add a beautiful floor space in your home, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. 

Buying Popular Patterned Floor Tiles

When it comes to beautiful patterned floor tiles, you can easily go for the Vintage Grey London Encaustic Effect Tile. Made from ceramic, it still offers all the hard-wearing properties of porcelain that you want for floor tiles. With a subtle design to give the appearance of much smaller tile but with the ease of a large tile, it saves you hours of installation time. These very beautiful Vintage Grey London Encaustic Effect Tiles are suitable for all applications within the home both walls and floors.

Then you can go for a very modern Blue Chic Vintage Pattern Tile as this is one of the most visibly inviting patterned tiles from Appleby’s. No matter their application, they are stunning patterned effect floor tile and are perfect to go with just about any patterned floor tile. These tiles can create a feature no matter where their application is. Having a unique tile in your home is both bold and daring but these ones specifically have a very vibrant floral blue.


Embrace the latest trend of encaustic effect patterned kitchen tiles with the Pink Diamond Stripe Patterned Tile boasting a consistent diamond stripe pattern, when placed together offer an encaustic and geometric diamond design. Unlike authentic concrete encaustic tiles, these do not require sealing or regular maintenance and thanks to their soft matt finish they also offer great anti-slip properties. Made from hard-wearing ceramic with a soft white and pastel pink these tiles are perfectly suited to use on floors with underfloor heating.

Our Blue and White Triangle Pattern Encaustic Effect floor tiles have a beautiful Victorian finish with a geometric triangle design made up of aged whites and rustic blues. If you want to add a feature floor in your room, this is the way to go! These patterned kitchen tiles are machine made to a high specification with the design printed on to the tile using HD print technology to ensure a seamless finish.


The Octagram Heritage Encaustic Wall & Floor Tiles are definitely one of our most popular sellers. They are highly versatile as a wall or floor tile, and the tile design takes its inspiration from Spanish encaustic designs. They have been manufactured to boast a worn appearance as if, they have been reclaimed from an old tapas bar.

In the mood for a flowery design? Our Flower Patterned Tiles are ideal to create a stunning floor for your bathroom or kitchen. These flower patterns fall in to our beautiful encaustic range of tiles and they certainly pack a punch when it comes to character. These tiles also offer a great floral impression that is lively and inviting, with mainly black and white, but with a subtle hint of blue in them which really makes these tiles their own.

Sometimes you want to stick to a familiar colour, of which blue is always a winner. Our Blue Port Pattern Tiles takes its inspiration and design from the history of Portugal, with a unique yet striking design. Many centuries ago, the Moors started creating these hand-painted ‘azulejo’ tiles to the Iberian Peninsula and over the centuries, almost every conceivable surface was decorated in captivating works of tiled art. 


We also have the beautiful Colourful Patchwork Encaustic Metro Tiles available for your bathroom floor. These patchwork tiles are a stunning feat of tile design and modern living. The tiles are rectangular in shape and consist of a variety of eye-catching geometric patterns - all in a mixture of colours. These brick shaped tiles have a defined bevelled edge. There are 16 pattern varieties. They have a gloss finish on a 15cm x 7.5cm ceramic body. 

These Lapping Green Scale Wall and Floor Tiles are perfect for your kitchen floors, especially if you are after a durable tile. These Lapping Green Scale Wall and Floor Tiles offer a stunning visual geometric effect, the panel is made up of individual small tiles, when place together the colours of these tiles stand out among any other tiles. The tiles have a vast mixture of green tones that bounce off one another.

Finally, how about something in a Victorian style? the Blossom Antique Victorian Wall and Floor Tiles add a sense of character and Victorian age to your home with their rustic edges, worn colours and seasonal warmth. added to all of that the tiles have a gentle mix of blue and white in a in a corner led floral pattern giving an encaustic appeal to the tile. Each tile measures 33cm x 33cm are made from ceramic (for easy and quick installation) and have a matt finish.


When you order hexagon tiles from Appleby’s you can easily get the best prices and the best advice. Ask us for samples and compare different options before you buy brick slips for your home’s floors. 

For more information about our available selection of tiles, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.