Best Tile Colours For the Bathroom

Best Tile Colours For the Bathroom

When we decide to give our bathroom some attention, whether that be to refresh the existing tiles or to renovate the whole suite, choosing the right colour is vital. Sometimes it can just be too overwhelming to think about how you might refresh the old faded bathroom that once was, so here we will go through different colours and how and why they can work in the bathroom for you.


White Bathroom Tiles

Let’s start with the classic white bathroom tiles - boring and mundane to some, even too ‘’clinical’’ looking, but to others an endless opportunity which creates oodles of character and dimension. Clean and sterile to look at some would say, - but, this may just be the look you are aiming for, opting for white bathroom tiles instantly makes a room feel spacious and airy which can only be a good thing when considering the size of an average family bathroom, it isn’t very big at all!

Some may be concerned that with white bathroom tiles comes grime and dirt that will be on show, or easily marked, especially if you’re raising a busy family with lots of little people in and out of the bath and shower, or the elusive teenager!  However, this isn’t the case, simply wiped or mopped clean you will be able to keep on top of your forever white space keeping it just as it looked, just like the day you decided to renovate.

white bathroom tiles give you so much scope to accessorise, the room could need something as simple as a household plant against the backdrop on serenity in the sheet of white to bring to life, or you could adopt a theme, such as wood. Wooden storage units, wooden shelves and even a wooden toilet seat, the sand coloured wood against the sharp aesthetic white bathroom tiles is a great contrast to one another, the white tiles will complement any accessory that you put in there.

How about adding texture to the bathroom? This will definitely alleviate any concerns that the bathroom will be looking too impersonal, it doesn't have to be much, but perhaps decorative books, candles, or a stone collection.

Perhaps lace the window seal in a velvety material with some thing unusual and endearing to look at, this will surely stop the white tiles from looking too bold or stark.

You do not have to stick to the standard ‘’square’ shape either, how about a different shape of white tiles on your floor to shake it up a bit? Include some grey grout to really make the shaped tile stand out and have that as the main feature of the room.

However if you decided to shake up your white bathroom tiles, there is a tile out there waiting to be encapsulated by you and endless choice of white bathroom tiles to choose from.


Red Bathroom Tiles

Red bathroom tiles are one of those colours that we are never too sure on, people are often afraid to go for bold, ‘in your face’ colours, but in fact they don’t always have to be that way, there are so many variants of red to choose from that it can be a bold colour, or a warmer, more earthy tone, it totally depends on what you’re going for. This is the same for the shape of them too, you do not have to be too afraid to experiment with different shaped Red bathroom tiles.

Red bathroom tiles can be used to set the scene on whatever your heart desires, perhaps the bathroom that you are wanting to revamp is the master bathroom to the bedroom, only likely to be used as an escape from the children as they may have their own.. you could perhaps create a sensual, seductive adults only space, with the rich calming tones of red a secluded area away from the day to day tasks of everyday life just for you.

The use of Red bathroom tiles may seem to overheat a room too much so you can always add in extra things to cool the room down, - white and red together create an amazing contrast, or perhaps you like the overheated feel and want to take it even darker by adding in dark colours such as black, creating an opposing contrast to the red. Have a browse through our collection of red bathroom tiles and see if any in particular take your fancy.


Blue Bathroom Tiles

The colour blue can be associated with so many calm and tranquil things, and that is certainly the case when we think about using blue bathroom tiles.

One of the many things we pride ourselves on here at Appleby’s Tiles is our collection of blue bathroom tiles, we have an extensive range of over 400 to choose from, there is unlikely to not be a tile that catches your eye.

If you were to ask someone what the colour blue means to then we can bet the majority of people would say the ocean, the sea or something of equal serenity - and we believe this too! One offer of advice that we would always give when considering blue bathroom tiles would be to use white grout, this will finish any bathroom off perfectly making the space feel and look fresh and new.

We have some outstanding shaped blue bathroom tiles that can be used, you could even use them to create feature floor instead of a wall contrasting a colour of blue and white together if this is what you desire.

There are lots of different styles of blue bathroom tiles that are trending at the moment, we have the classic blue metro tile, blue hexagon tile or our extensive range of exquisite blue mosaic tiles.

Take a look through our range of blue bathroom tiles and submerge yourself in the breathtaking choices.


Black Bathroom Tiles

Black bathroom tiles are another one of those colours that frightens a lot of people, the colour itself can be associated with a lot of dark, demonic things .. when actually black bathroom tiles can be charming and enticing when used in the correct context.

We have a huge range of Black bathroom tiles that will take you by surprise, we have some simplistic tiles, but for the more adventurous we also have patterns and even sparkly black - how could you not love those? Black bathroom tiles are a lot like our white bathroom tiles - they are bold, striking, and captivating. They can also act as a neutral backdrop where by you can use different coloured furnishings or decorative items to inject some life and character in the room.

Remember, we don’t just have different coloured bathroom tiles, we also have a variety of materials that they are made from, for example glass or porcelain, all could look fabulous in the bathroom.

Black bathroom tiles are bang on trend no matter what seems to be up and coming, there are just so many different possibilities when working with them, dare to be different!


Grey Bathroom Tiles

Grey is the new white! Grey bathroom tiles are the refreshing alternative to white bathroom tiles and tantalisingly soothing on the senses. A Lot of modern day or newly built houses often have grey as the running theme flowing through the home, it’s inviting, friendly and gives the opportunity to personalise in your own way.

A light brighter Grey bathroom tiles is equally as chic as it’s dark moodier sibling, but it works with almost every other colour in the spectrum, making it your perfect choice to use.

You have so many choices when it comes to Grey bathroom tiles, you can look to get different effect tiles, such as stone, marble, or wood effect. They all look great, are easily maintained and there’s a variety of options when it comes to your own personal budget.

For the ultimate grey scheme, try using a darker shade or grey bathroom tile on the floor and then opt to use a lighter grey on the walls, this means you’re free to spice up the room anyway you like with a variety of different bold colours in furnishings etc.

You can be bold, plain of adventurous with our range of Grey bathroom tiles, take a look and get creating today.


Mixing The Colours Together

Mixing the colours together is a great way to add dimension to a room, bold colours to add a contrasting effect, or subtle subliminal colours that will compliment each other. Sometimes, it’s hard to picture certain colours together, but in fact they actually work really well side by side, it’s just a case of being brave enough and going for it.

Think about mixing and matching tiles to create a bespoke bathroom, use a combination of textured tiles with coloured tiles to create something personal to you, mix together patterned and plain coloured tiles, you’re sure to create a grand masterpiece.

White bathroom tiles go with pretty much any colour so you literally have no limitations when it comes to mixing white with another tile. If white is too basic for you, try mixing blue and black bathroom tiles together for a real edgy look. Experiment and play around, enjoy dressing up a room and you’ll be sure to find the combination that works for you.

We have a huge selection of coloured bathroom tiles, make sure you browse the collection, remember, we also offer a sample service, so if there is something that you are not too sure about, how about ordering a sample first so you can have a look yourself in real life?