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Best Tiles for a Kitchen Splashback 

Many home owners choose to revamp their kitchen areas and one way to do this is to add a brand-new feature wall in your kitchen area. You can really be creative with brick tiles, and you can choose to even completely revamp all the walls in your kitchen to provide not only a new style but also the perfect solution for splashbacks.

When it comes to the kitchen, you need a practical, durable tile option and Appleby’s Tiles have a lot of different tile options to offer any home owner or designer. This is why our range of kitchen tiles are so versatile and perfect for any kitchen space – they offer value for money, a lot of versatility, and the ability to have a beautiful kitchen area that can handle stains, scratches and splashbacks with ease. 

Whether you are looking for kitchen brick slips, stone effect tiles, porcelain tiles or metro kitchen tiles, we have you covered. We have a wide selection of kitchen tiles that will suit your every need. We also know that you need a tile that has a long lifespan to offer real value for money. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home - from cosy family meals to Christmas dinners and entertaining - it is a busy room that is susceptible to many elements. Whether it’s wet, muddy boots, spills from the odd glass of wine, accidents from the dogs, or toys being dragged in and out, your kitchen sees it all and has to have wall and floor tiles to handle it. That’s why we stock affordable, reliable and stylish kitchen tiles at Appleby’s Tiles. 

Hexagon Kitchen Tiles

Our range of hexagon kitchen tiles are extremely popular. Around 80% of our hexagon tiles are made from porcelain, as a kitchen is an incredibly busy area and the floors will always be exposed to spills, dropped items and messy shoe prints. Using a porcelain hexagon tiles over ceramic, allows for a non-porous floor covering that is not easily scratched or stained from spills. 

A great option is the Metallic Gold Hexagon Tiles that are nothing short of luxury, classy and eye-catching with its multi-dimension effect the gold tile looks as though it is making the wall come alive. The hexagon tile incorporates a brushed like texture in an array of patterns making them perfecting for creating a feature where definition is key. We also have the Hexagon Gloss Crystal Blue Mosaic Tiles for your kitchen, offering a stunning crystal blue finish. These tiles work superb on their own on your floors or wall or are perfect in breaking up the interiors in your home when used as a feature piece.

Modern hexagon kitchen tiles have come along way, thanks to the advances in tile technology. These modern hexagon kitchen tiles are now produced using either ceramic or porcelain, with the designs and/or colours printed directly on to the surface of the tile. This offers both a low maintenance and affordable alternative to more traditional methods. Walls can also benefit as these kitchen tiles can easily handle splashbacks. This means your walls can easily be cleaned and made to always look brand new and stylish with no damage at all.

Kitchen Brick Slips

Kitchen brick slips are perfect to use in any working area as they offer you everything you want in a kitchen wall. They are durable, easy to install, affordable, and can handle damp areas and water with ease. Our kitchen brick slips are a very popular option, especially if you want to create a beautiful, yet unique look. 

If you are considering installing kitchen brick slips as a splashback for your sink and you are worried about its durability, these tiles are perfect. They have been designed to suit any kitchen environment perfectly, whether it’s for a feature wall, or a traditional brick slip floor covering. 

One great option you can consider is our Blemished White Brick Slips, as they have a fantastic white coating that allows light to bounce around the room. However, they are not solid white! They have a slight peachy haze to them to ensure they are packed full of character. Or how about our Milhouse Rustic Blend Brick Slips for your Kitchen? These brick slips take their inspiration from old watermills around the country. Constructed from real bricks, they can give any home a true country and period feel to it. The tile can be used to cover the complete exterior of your home to add character and charm or just to create a feature within your kitchen.

Our kitchen brick slips are excellent in handling moisture, as they are water-resistant and the perfect option for a kitchen. You can also seal these brick slips to ensure that they can handle water and that there will be no leaks, leaving them with the same beautiful colour for years to come.

Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

We have a selection of beautiful mosaic kitchen tiles available, that can easily handle spills and splashbacks. They are durable and can handle moisture with ease, as they seal perfectly on your walls. Or Hexagon Matt Pink Mosaic Tiles are ideal for this, as they offer an urban shape, urban colours and urban design.

Mosaic kitchen tiles can be primarily used for walls or flooring to give it a stylish look. These kitchen tiles can make any kitchen floor look pristine and clean. They can offer a practical and sophisticated solution for backsplashes and accent walls, plus they can also be used for fireplace tiling in kitchens as suited. Modern mosaic kitchen tiles offer a long list of designs that are quite different in their looks.

Metro Kitchen Tiles

Our metro kitchen tiles support the needs of home renovators and designers as there are almost endless design choices available. We offer metro kitchen tiles in all kinds of shades, from dark to light, from pastel to bright, so you can create awe-inspiring looks for your kitchen area with ease. We can recommend the popular Yellow Sherbet Metro Wall Tiles, which have been inspired by the rich citrus colourings of those exact sweets. Instantly light up and bring your room to life with these stunning tiles. Adored by many thanks to the rich colourings and flat design these ceramic metros will be a winner in any room within your home.

No matter how big the kitchen space is you are renovating, metro kitchen tiles can add an interesting touch. They can be used for tiling fireplaces or as kitchen backsplashes, or simply as accent walls. Metro kitchen tiles have remained a go-to choice for home owners and designers alike, as they offer a sleek and designer finish. 

With these great options for your kitchen area, you’ll have plenty of stylish kitchen tiles available that can easily handle splashbacks and anything else your kitchen can deliver. From brick slips to metro tiles, you have plenty of options when it comes to revamping your home’s kitchen area. 

For more information about stylish kitchen tiles for your home, contact Appleby’s Tiles today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online