Bold Tiles for the Bathroom

Bold Tiles for the Bathroom

When it comes to changing up the interior spaces of your home, some people often choose to start at the bathroom. It’s easy to personalise and it’s very practical too, so it’s always great to add value with beautiful walls and floors. Bathroom brick tiles make it very easy to install and you can use a variety of coloured tiles to create a very creative, personalized and beautiful space for your bathroom. 

Bathroom brick tiles are a very popular option, especially if you want to create a beautiful, yet unique look in your bathroom area. Since your bathroom is a very personal space, you can reflect your own unique style and this is easy to do with beautiful brick effect bathroom tiles. 

They are excellent in handling moisture, as they are water-resistant and the perfect option for a bathroom. If you are considering installing bathroom brick tiles as a splash back for your sink and you are worried about its durability, these tiles are perfect. They have been designed to suit any room in the home, whether it be for a shower wall enclosure or a traditional brick slip floor covering. 

Pink Bathroom Tiles

The use of pink bathroom tiles is very popular and it has been around for decades. In fact, it was one of the first breakthrough colours that were used as opposed to normal white tiles. Traditionally, a pink tile would be of a peach colour and usually not have much character or flare to it. It would simply be a square cut colour breaker that was used in bathroom to create an essence of luxury in an otherwise mundane room. 

Pink bathroom tiles have now become a growing trend in bathroom tiles, especially for those seeking to create a retro and colour filled home. Pink bathroom tiles can be installed anywhere in the bathroom you want. With such a large selection of designs and colour tones available, there is no reason why you can’t mix and match either.

One of the great options you can go with when you choose pink bathroom tiles is the Bold Medium Pink Hexagon Tile. This is a solid colour that can be mixed with other colours too, making it perfect for your bathroom. 

Green Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking for a great green bathroom tile, consider the Fired Glass Green Metro Tile. These chic style metro tiles make for an impeccable wall covering and can be mixed with other metros to create a unique design or even a feature within the home. Green is a great colour for a bathroom, especially for modern spaces where you want to make a great impact with a bold colour. 

Red Bathroom Tiles

Red bathrooms tiles are definitely one of the best-looking colours on the market. The bold, in-your-face colour is a great way to make an impression. A red bathroom tile can consist of a patterned red tile with a simple red strike through the centre, or even a patterned tile with an off-red hue to it. These tiles don’t always have to be bold – they can be used in different ways to really bring out the most of your new or existing bathroom.

The Bronze Charred Slate Effect Tile is ideal for any bathroom and it will definitely give you a stylish look. Install these tiles in modern bathrooms to really make a great impression with your guests. 

Yellow Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking for beautiful yellow bathroom tiles, you have plenty to choose from! The beautiful Yellow Sherbet Metro Wall Tiles give you a bright and bold colour that is ideal for any room. These large style metros are not exclusive for the bathroom or kitchen, they can be used anywhere in the home including the entrance, boot room, utility or even to create a stunning back drop in the living room.

Blue Bathroom Tiles

Our Bold Medium Dark Blue Hexagon Tiles are perfect for any modern bathroom. Incredibly well designed with calibrated edges, these tiles also have a matt anti-slip finish. They create a perfect wall or floor covering that is easy to keep clean. As the tile is constructed from porcelain these can be used on both walls and floors, with the use of underfloor heating and even as an external hexagon tile.

Another great option for a blue bathroom tile is the Blue Port Pattern Tile. Getting its inspiration from Portugal, the tile themselves are of a hexagon shape which is very popular due to their modern flair and character. The tiles have various patterns which have been designed to mix and match with one another to create a display of nothing more than modern art.

Orange Bathroom Tiles

Orange bathroom tiles are very popular Vibrant Orange Glass Mosaic Tiles. Mosaic tiles have always been at the forefront of interior design as, they offer a compelling stylish and modern approach to covering wall spaces. Mosaic tiles work as a brilliant feature piece, complete bathroom wall covering and kitchen splash back tile.

Another great option is the beautiful Bevelled Starburst Orange Mini Metro Tiles. They are ideal for a modern bathroom as they offer a bright and bold design. They are ideal to be used as a splash back in the kitchen or bathroom or even a feature wall, their finish includes a bevelled edge design and a soft finish, this means they are easy to keep clean whilst still offering ample protection from the many elements of everyday life.

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