Brick Effect Feature Tiles

When considering creating a feature room in you front room, bathroom or kitchen, Brick effect tiles are a number one choice. traditionally brick slips were used however due to advances in tile technology these are quickly becoming a thing of the past due to the maintenance costs, installation costs and usability. Nowadays we have brick effect tiles seen here. Decorating your home doesn't have to be difficult, and a lot of our tiles can be installed by yourself. 

Brick Effect Tiles have been around for a long time, and before the tiles, people would strip back the plaster and paint to reveal the exposed brick to bring the outside inside. There are so many variations of brick effect tiles to look for that it can be confusing, Applebys Tiles stock a large range from our interlocking brick effect tiles to our single brick tiles. When considering what ones to buy its important to think about their application. where are they being used? if you are planning to tile the internal of a working fireplace then avoid ceramic! Ceramic tiles don't take to well to extra temperatures and thats why most of ours are made of porcelain. Porcelain brick tiles can also be used for floor applications.

You don't have to stick to using tiles only in the Lounge or the kitchen either. Why not brighten up your plain office walls with a modern brick effect tile, they can also be used in retail stores and, full bathrooms.  

If you have outdoor space, our beautiful tiles can be used on an exterior wall (providing the right materials are used) They can create a follow through design from kitchen tiles to an external wall or outside alone to brighten upshot was a dull space before.

When the everyday customer thinks of these tiles they think of a red brick tile, however there are many variations such as a mixed grey brick effect tile to create a contemporary space or, even Gold brick effect tile to create a centre piece within your home.


If you'd like some help, give Appleby's a message by pressing the contact us button! and we'll be happy to talk you through some options, or even to fit your tiles for you.