Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles – The Choices

Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles – The Choices

Brick tiles have indeed become very popular over the last few years and many home owners have chosen to install them in their homes – especially in the kitchen area. With so many different textures and colours to choose from, you can create almost any look in your home and have a cost-effective yet durable wall in any room in your home. 

Brick effect kitchen tiles have become very popular in recent years, especially since they allow you to have the same brick-like look inside your home than you have on the outside. Plus, you can match it with almost any theme you have in a room. They are also excellent not only for new buildings, but also for retrofitting or renovation projects. With the rend of exposed brick becoming more popular every year, the demand for these walls are growing and as such, a wide variety of materials, designs and colours are available.

What Are Brick Slips?

Brick slips are primarily used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer a quick and practical alternative to conventional bricks. You can now have a brick-like finish on your walls – indoors and outdoors.

Brick slips are also called brick veneers or brick tiles and they are essentially thin cuts of brick, or purpose-made brick tiles that you can use throughout your home – inside and out. They are commonly used to mimic the appearance of a real conventional brick wall and can be used in internal and external environments.

They are a very popular choice and quite common in many modern homes. The demand for them has been increasing over the last few years and there is a wide variety of options available to cater for any home owner’s preference. Brick slips are also breathable, durable and non-combustible. They are made from durable, recyclable materials, making them energy efficient and the perfect solution for an area that needs to be beautified.  

They come in many different sizes and they can also be custom-made to fit your specific requirements. There are many different finishes that you can choose from, but popular options often include a weathered look, as this gives you the same rustic feel inside the home as you have on your outside face brick walls. With the right adhesive and primer, you can create a beautiful, durable and long-lasting appearance for your home.

Brick Slips vs Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect kitchen tiles are effectively made from original reclaimed bricks to help create a stunning brick-like wall. It is made with the surface of real bricks, to mimic the appearance of a real brick wall. Brick effect tiles come in a variety of style, meaning that you’ll be able to create almost any look and feel in your home.  

Whereas brick slips are made from thin cuts of bricks. They essentially offer the same effect and are perfect for interior and exterior walls. Brick slips are cut to specific measurements, and it is mixed with natural colouring agents to provide the perfect finish for your walls. If you want to make a great style statement in your home or business without having to pay expensive prices, you need to purchase real effect brick tiles or brick slips for your walls. 

Both of these make for excellent interior wall covering and it’s a great way to add style to older homes, without losing its original feel. Brick slips and brick effect tiles are both becoming very popular and best of all – you can use them inside and outside, as long as you choose the correct material type. 

Choices for Kitchen Brick Effect Tiles

With beautiful kitchen brick slips, you can create a stylish wall that will definitely attract attention. Kitchen brick slip walls are modern, practical and perfect for an environment that may become hot at times, and even become damp. They can be used on one feature wall, or they can be used for all the interior kitchen walls. They handle heat well and are quite easy to install for experienced builders and designers. 

Brick effect kitchen tiles can offer a similar feature, with a range of beautiful design options to choose from. You can have the same rugged look inside your kitchen, as you have on your exterior walls, while keeping it fashionable, very stylish and a perfect complement to your current décor. Brick effect tiles are gaining popularity every year and this look is no longer reserved for exterior walls – they look amazing on interior walls as well.

A great option to use is the Interlocking Grey Brick Effect Wall Tile for your kitchen. The tiles measure a generous 33cm in width and 66cm in length, they are made from hard-wearing porcelain so although predominately a brick effect wall tile these do work just as well on the floor and can be used indoors and out!

Or, you can go for a brighter colour, like the Red Stone Brick Effect Tile. These tiles make are an amazing choice when considering brick effect tiles for fireplace's, feature walls, kitchen splashbacks and so much more. This brick effect tile offers a stunning mix browns, reds and pale oranges to create a beautiful replica of vintage red bricks.

Finally, how about the very popular Chester Brown Brick Effect Wall Tile for your kitchen? This is an extending large and slim brick effect wall tile. The tiles have been produced to look and feel as a real brick would but with the added benefit of being oversized to allow for a quicker installation and reduce the grout lines. The brick effect tile measures 32.5cm x 8cm and are made from hard-wearing porcelain making them suitable for inside and outside and coupled with underfloor heating.

If you want to make a major style impact in your home, you can benefit from the affordability, convenience and modern look of brick slips or beautifully designed brick effect kitchen tiles. With such a wide range available, you are sure to find exactly what you need at Appleby’s!

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