Can wood tiles be used on bathroom walls

Can wood tiles be used on bathroom walls

Have you ever wondered why fancy antique items, gorgeous show pieces, some of the most classic furniture and picture frames are made of wood? Have you ever wondered why even after having an endless choice of materials, designers still opt for wood?

The reasons are many. 

Tiles made from wood not only look elegant and classy but also look antique and timeless. When an article exhibits exceptional woodwork and detail, it becomes more valuable and it's worth also increases in the market.

But is it possible to bring the magic of the wood to your bathroom? Is it possible to incorporate this gorgeous design element into your private oasis?

Yes, it is.

There was a time when people used to stay confined to a limited set of designs and styles. When people had to pick from a predefined set of colours and styles and put up with it for the rest of their lives. But all thanks to the innovative manufacturers, the horizons of design have broadened and boundaries have been stretched. People nowadays get more choices than ever when it comes to interior design. Today,  people can not only use wood for their bathroom cabinets, but they can also use it for walls and floors!


Incorporating wood in your bathroom not only increases its value but also gives it a more luxurious look. Adding Wood effect bathroom tiles in your bathroom gives it a more tropical feel. So if you are someone who loves escaping into nature on the weekends, these Wood effect bathroom tiles will give a forest-like vibe to your bathroom.  

The best thing about wood is it's timeless, classy and elegant. These tiles are the perfect fusion between traditional and contemporary design. Once installed, you don't have to worry about changing design trends or being outdated. The Wood effect bathroom tiles blend in with your bathroom seamlessly without overshadowing other bathroom accessories. They give a subtle lift to the other elements of the bathroom and put them in the spotlight.

There are two families of Wood effect bathroom tiles you can opt for if you are planning to incorporate this elegant element in your bathroom. Wood effect bathroom tiles and Mosaic bathroom tiles. If you are someone who is confused between the two, keep reading. We are sure you'll love this.


Wood effect bathroom tiles

Wood effect bathroom tiles look exactly like wood, but unlike wood planks and timber, they are highly durable and hard wearing which makes them perfect for the bathroom. The beauty of Wood effect bathroom tiles is that they not only provide the perfect contrast to the bathroom but also add a farmhouse and country look to it.

When paired with white bathroom accessories, these Wood effect bathroom tiles make them stand out and bring balance to the room. When wood effect tiles are paired with pastel coloured walls, they make your bathroom a relaxing and tranquil place.

If you are willing to bring the beauty of nature in your bathroom, you can use wood effect tiles and incorporate green plants and earthen pots to create tropical heaven in your bathroom. Imagine taking a bath in the middle of this paradise. Wouldn't it be great? If you want to take things to the next level, you can also bring in some stones, some green sceneries and paintings in your bathroom. If you don't want to incorporate plants, you can pair the Wood effect bathroom tiles with green bathroom furniture and accessories.

The best thing about Wood effect bathroom tiles is that these are available in diverse shades, colours and textures. All thanks to the modern marvels, these tiles are available in dark, walnut, teak, burnt cream, cherry, congo caramel and so much more which gives home owners an array of choices.    


Mosaic Bathroom Tiles  

If you are someone who is looking for something unique yet classy, mosaic bathroom tiles are perfect for you. Mosaic bathroom tiles are not only practical and durable but also they are ideal for floors as well as walls. Unlike Wood effect bathroom tiles, mosaic bathroom tiles are a perfect and well balanced blend of diverse shades and textures of wood. Whether you are looking to create a contemporary, traditional, luxurious or classy look, these tiles will serve every purpose.

Mosaic bathroom tiles can be used to create beautiful backdrops or for highlighting an area. If you want your shower to stand out, you can incorporate Mosaic bathroom tiles. If you want to highlight this area on a tight budget, you can use these on the floor instead of the walls. Mosaic bathroom tiles can be also used as a backdrop for your mirrors and cabinets. When paired with big chandeliers and ambient lights, these tiles give your bathroom an elegant personality.

The best part about these tiles is that these are highly versatile. Not only these tiles complement pastel colours but also look gorgeous with dark coloured furniture. You can pair mosaic tiles with dark cabinets and bathroom accessories to create a luxurious looking bathroom. You can also pair uneven Mosaic bathroom tiles with white bathroom accessories to create a traditional effect with a dash of contemporary design.

But if you are someone who is willing to create something mesmerizing an beautiful, something that will not only demand the attention from the eyes but will also look amazing, you can create a feature wall. The best thing with feature wall is the freedom, you can be as subtle or as bold as you want. 

You can use dark shades of mosaic tiles on the walls and pair them with pastel coloured walls or if you want to be bold, there are many ideas that you can explore. You can either use light coloured mosaic tiles on a smaller portion of the feature wall and paint the larger portion of the wall with dark colours to create contrast or you can use luxury colours like gold, silver or copper on the walls to create a lavish looking bathroom. The choices are endless. 

Doesn’t matter which one you choose, you cannot go wrong with both tiles. Both tiles can be incorporated in your bathroom to create a lavish and luxurious effect. Not only these tiles are less expensive as compared to the real wood but are also highly versatile. The Wood effect bathroom tiles can be paired with any colour, any style and are available in diverse shades and textures which gives you tons of options to choose from.