Changing The Way Your Home Looks

Changing the Way Your Home Looks

We all like to change the looks and setting of our rooms from time to time, but making large expenses- is not the answer every time. We look at comparatively cost-effective options for renovations; we paint the walls and put up an old family picture frame.

There are so many ways by which you can do seasonal and festive changes to your homes without making loads of expenses on the décor.

Tiling can be tagged as one such process, but since we step back from spending cash it remains the same. The wallpapers change so does the paint and appliances; but tiles, well they are left intact. Below listed are the two top tile changes that you can use without causing a huge budget hit, and these are going to be ideal for all looks and requirement lists.

Brick Slips

Also called Brick Tiles or Veneers; these Brick Slips are like slices of real bricks or specially made bricks that are used to substitute the real bricks in an open-brick-wall look; they are perfect for interior and exterior decoration and are generally 12-20mm thick.  

Generally, these are selected for artistic creations, for a fast, simple and affordable replicator of brick finish. They do not demand lots of upkeep and pampering and provide durable service.

No other wall clad options provide such high serviceability. They look like bricks, are durable, reusable, and power-saver products. 

What can brick slips be used for?

Brick Slips can be used inside as well as outside the house. Ranging from fire-mantle to accent walls, full-wall cover to abstract art design; there are so many ways in which you can incorporate these Brick Slips into your house designs. 

Also, the demand for these Brick Slips is hiking up in all the construction sectors. From apartments to villas, these Brick Slips are ruling all spots. Covering the walls of building exteriors to dainty pathways on floors, you will find these Brick Slips everywhere. 

We all know the craze of exposed brick wall gaining so much attention worldwide. If you are one among the fans- then these could be money-saving and long-lasting components for you to use in your next remodeling project. And if you think red is not in- then these Brick Slips come in various different shades, enabling you to try something new.

Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding is used just like Brick Slips but designed to emulate real stone cladding. They are ornamenting cladding elements that should not be used as load carriers. Brick Slips is used on walls or similar structural frames made by other building materials; not stone. They are used on concrete and steel structures at times to infuse these in the main form of the architectural design.  

Stone veneers are made by extracting natural rocks and grinding them into small pieces however ours are manufactured based on the shape and colours of natural stone but without the heavy weight or cost. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and shades along with varying thicknesses and patterns.

    Where can these can be used?


    If you have a fireplace in your living space; then it's obvious that each cold season, you spend most of your day around it. Your fireplace provides you comfort; hence it's necessary that you maintain this comfort-spot. Brick Slips are perfect for remaking a fire-mantle with burn-marks into a designer centerpiece. Use the Stone Cladding on the outside boundaries of the mantle to make a personalized fireplace to spend your next winter. Use these together or with other tile options; you will never be disappointed. Your fireplace will become a showoff piece each time you have guests over.  


    Kitchen- one of the most entered rooms in anyone’s house. Brick Slips could be the perfect solution to add a little pizzazz to your kitchen walls. So forget the plain old tiles, and go for these! By using these in your cook-space you can make a rustic yet modern look; and with apt accessories and highlights, your kitchen might end up on someone’s pin-page. 

    Your kitchen will become a work of art with these Stone Cladding. Spanning from splashbacks behind the stove to the wall area near sinks, you can use these wherever you wish. Or maybe go for a full wall cover on the opposite wall of the windows; for sufficient lights. 

    Using these in your kitchen designs, your cook-area will stand out from your neighbors or peers. No more torn and bubbled wallpapers or chipping paints. Recreate your kitchen into the focal point of the house. 

    Feature Walls

    We all know how well a feature wall concept and the Brick Slips concept blend; let’s accept this- exposed brick wall idea was meant to be an accent wall. Using these in your house can turn the boring look upside down. But you should be careful while choosing the tiles; it should be according to your desired final look and effect you want. 

    On the other hand, Stone Cladding can be used indoors and outdoors due to their durability. Create an organic natural and earthy looking feature wall outside your house with some plants; it will catch the attention of all passerby’s.  

    Create warm to contemporary, all kinds of feature walls for your home. All room designs will have an edge with the inclusion of these tiles.

    Wall Cladding

    Ideal replacement for original bricks is Brick Slips; proving to be the best explication for facing tile types. They are super-easy to use, just have to assemble the puzzle pieces. A simple add-on of these can save your walls from any external force, and give out stunning decorative looks.

    Stone veneers are specially crafted to survive both indoor and outdoor surroundings. The longevity feature makes them ideal for remakes of any house space. You will look at the walls and be filled with pride.