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Cheap Tiling Options for Bathrooms

There are many reasons why you may want to consider revamping your bathroom floor; you may be looking for a completely new style, add a specific feature to your bathroom, or simply want to replace an old floor with an affordable, durable new floor. This is where affordable tiling options come in perfectly for any bathroom. 

Not only can you save a lot of time and money by installing these bathroom tile yourself, but you can choose from various popular options such as metro bathroom tiles, marble effect bathroom tiles, or patterned bathroom tiles. They create a unique space for your bathroom while also offering the ability to be creative and choose a style that is unique to your home and your personal preference. 

A bathroom is a personal space, yet also a space where you can be creative and turn it into a real stand-out area in the home. This is exactly why you should choose the perfect combination of walls and floors, to create a style that is versatile and tiles that are long lasting and durable. Of all the options available, metro bathroom tiles, marble effect designs, and patterned tiles are among the most popular options home owners love to go with. 

Metro Bathroom Tiles

Metro bathroom tiles have gained a lot of popularity, especially in modern homes. They allow you the ability to mix various colours and create a lasting look that is perfect for your bathroom space. There are many different colours and finishes you can choose, including ceramic and glass – and you can go for a stone effect, mosaic effect, wood effect or a beautiful marble effect when you choose metro bathroom tiles. 

With a beautiful selection of metro bathroom tiles, you can create a variety of styles. You can go for a vintage look with muted colours that can create a unique environment, or a bevelled look in a variety of soft pastel colours to give a more consistent, natural look for your bathroom. How about adding a twist to your design with a range of classic, retro glossy bathroom tiles to add a splash of colour.

If you have a mostly white bathroom, you can use metro tiles to break the clinical look and add another shade of colour into the mix. You can easily add one or two rows of colour with these tiles keeping the look simple but blending in a second colour as an accent in the room. Or you can go for a deep-toned metro style with dark blues and greens to create a striking, yet classic effect. If you position your tiles vertically, you can create the illusion of a higher space, which is always a great idea in a smaller bathroom. 

Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

Marble has always been a very popular and highly desired look in any home. It often indicates class and wealth, which is why you’ll see so many marble effects in homes all over the world. Marble is used in many bathrooms and it brings a level of sophistication that hardly any other stone can bring. Marble effect bathroom tiles are beautiful, practical and very versatile to use in a bathroom, especially since you can create your own unique space

Marble effect bathroom tiles are available in beautiful black and white, as well as grey, and a whole selection of colours. You can create a variety of styles in your bathroom and this includes various patterns and materials. Whether you want to choose a bright and bold colour combination, or stick to traditional greys or even a little gold, these tiles are perfect for any bathroom. 

Unlike real marble, marble effect bathroom tiles do not need sealing, and they do not have to be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners. They are resistant to scratches and modern tiles are designed by taking multiple images of real cut marble then digitally printing them on to the surface of tile for a very realistic finish. 

Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Patterned bathroom tiles are another popular option for any home owner who want to create a beautiful look in the bathroom space. Patterned tiles for your bathroom come in a variety of options, including wood effect, hexagon tiles and various bold colours. A patterned bathroom floor is always a hit, as it allows you to create a unique look that fits in with almost any style you want. 

Patterned tiles were originally seen in Morocco, where patterned effects have always been a fashion statement. Originally, the creation of patterned bathroom tiles required the use of crushed concrete, stone, glass and marble, modern tiles are made from ceramic and porcelain. This is because they are now more durable and they also offer waterproof capabilities – making them perfect for any bathroom floor. 

You can choose from a wide variety of designs for your patterned bathroom floors, including pastel coloured patterned bathroom tiles for a space that doesn't get much natural light, or bold colours with powerful landscape impressions to add age to the property. Your options are virtually endless. 

These are just some of the great options you can choose from when you want to revamp your bathroom walls or floor. With so many options available, you can use tiles to create a personalised look, or add a popular style that will be perfect for decades to come. Whether it’s metro tiles, marble effect tiles, or beautiful patterned bathroom tiles, you can be creative, avoid expensive prices, and benefit from a durable solution for your bathroom. 

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