Colour Or No Colour - Rules Of The Kitchen

Colour Or No Colour - Rules Of The Kitchen

It becomes conflicting when it comes to deciding whether to go for classic black and white tiles or alluring colorful tiles for the cooking space.

Colour or No Colour is the question that troubles us while planning our house and at a point restricts our thinking too.

We are here to eliminate your doubtful thoughts about color combinations and whether to use color or just keep it simple, i.e. black and white.

We are going to create a comparison between black and white v/s colorful kitchen tiles to clarify your doubts related to adding color to your kitchen or leaving it monochrome.

Let’s first have a look at what Black and White Tiles can exactly give to your cookhouse.


Black and White Kitchen Tiles

The color Black is an eternal shade that goes with any color it is paired. It's renowned for its timeless look and class adding qualities. It is also known to be a designers' favorite color when it comes to interior designing and adds an edge when paired with almost everything surrounding it.

If it is such a chic color then why not add them into our cookhouses? Using a combination of Black Kitchen Tiles Paired with White Kitchen Tiles is going to gift your kitchen with the most commendable look you could ever think of. Using a classic palette of color could sometimes work wonders and could pay all your efforts off. The combination of  Black Kitchen Tiles coupled with White Kitchen Tiles could grant your kitchen a stylish, sleek as well as a contemporary look. And we think it definitely can turn into an inspirational cooking space.


Red Kitchen Tiles 

Red Kitchen Tiles are ideal for creating a splash of color and depth and are a perfect contrast against a white kitchen or bathroom. 

Red Kitchen Tiles can achieve a range of bold looks, glossy appearance as well as a rustic feel and warm appearance too but if you’re a person who loves to keep it simple as well as classy then Black Kitchen Tiles should do the trick.

Orange Kitchen Tiles 

Orange Kitchen Tiles are ideal for drawing the glances of several visitors towards your kitchen. So if you are planning to give your kitchen a makeover, then try choosing an amber hue of orange for decorating your cookhouse. If not orange then go with a classic shade. On the contrary, if you feel like adding class as well as appearance all in one then you can opt for the Matte hue of Black or White Kitchen Tiles to grant an ornamental as well as elegant appearance to your kitchen. 

You can also create a fascinating backsplash with the help of a warm color that is orange. Try using Orange Kitchen Tiles to accomplish this design pattern. Well if you're not a vivid hue loving individual then you can opt for white or Black Kitchen Tiles over these vibrant tiles. 


Gold Kitchen Tiles

When the question of giving your kitchen a metallic appearance has stuck your head, then why not give it a look so that it appears like it was touched by the Greek King Midas? Gold Kitchen Tiles, from golden mosaics to burnt gold metro tiles, boast their unique metallic look. And when added to a person’s kitchen, it proves to be a win-win situation for them. But what's the case when you're not a person who prefers just metallic? In that case, Black and White Kitchen Tiles will be your savior.  They will bring up a beautiful yet elegant contrast. You can even opt for plain black if you wish so.


Thus, while Gold Kitchen Tiles possess commendable lustrous qualities and eye-catching features, for those who think that golden would become too flashy, black/ White Kitchen Tiles might be an optimum choice for you. 


Green Kitchen Tiles:

Modernize your kitchen and make it appear seasonal, farmhouse like, as well as marine looking by adding diverse hues of Green Kitchen Tiles to your cookhouse for a vivid appearance. 

The presence of Green Kitchen Tiles combined with its diverse hues fascinates a person's eyes, but the choice of opting for black might also give an adequate variety of hues for you to choose from. We are well aware of the fact that for some people black is a whole universe of colors itself.


Blue Kitchen Tiles

Have you ever thought of giving your kitchen a Mediterranean summer feel or a glistening peacock blue look? Then maybe its time for you to give this idea a shot by adding diverse hues of Blue Kitchen Tiles to your cooking space for a little inspiration. This color gives your kitchen a vibrant as well as a harmonious look. If not such a bold choice then gives a try to something you would love going for.

Nowadays Blue Kitchen Tiles have become one of the favorites of an interior designer because this shade adds a calm and stunning appearance to any area it fits into. If you're looking forward to giving your cookhouse a bright and appealing look then you probably should go with Blue Kitchen Tiles. Whereas for people whose happy color is a darker shade, then they can opt for something like Black Kitchen Tiles contrasted with White Kitchen Tiles to give their kitchen a monochrome look.


Pink Kitchen Tiles

Pink is a shade that appears to be fragile, gives a hint of sophistication, as well as a ceramic look. Due to its diverse appearance, Pink Kitchen Tiles are suitable for providing a modern as well as a classic look to your kitchen. 

The shade of pink could be put at its best use if decorated as a feature wall in your kitchen for and eye-drawing look. On the contrary, darker hues like Black have their appearance as well as eternalness. But for people who prefer sophistication as well as a class without wanting to add a shade of pink can opt for Black Kitchen Tiles coupled with White Kitchen Tiles for enhancing their cooking space.

The Bottom Line:

Each house varies and so does the personality of the owner. With this piece of content, our objective was to highlight the significance, perception, and advantages of each color. 

So color or no color? What is your take, do let us know in the comment section below.

Well! If you still aren't clear about your choices then visit our website and take a look at the variety of tiles offered by us to get a clear picture of upgrading your kitchen.