Contemporary kitchen wall tile ideas

Contemporary kitchen wall tile ideas

In a kitchen renovation, various factors are to be looked upon several times. Proper planning and implementation of every small detail are needed; covering every space with efficiency so that it becomes a cohesive part of the final look.  Moreover, all the components of the kitchen should be utilitarian while managing hygiene; no one likes a messy kitchen. From choosing the perfect cabinets to appliances; a real kitchen makeover requires a lot of time and attention. The countertops, storages, and flooring are major parts of an accessible and systematic kitchen.  

Remodeling a kitchen is like making a painting. And for every painting, we need a blank canvas or base; which here, are the wall tiles. The walls of the kitchen should be both eye-catching and practical; they should be designer and durable simultaneously being stain-resistant and functional. 

The kitchen walls should go in sync with the color and design scheme; to make the cooking area interesting and inviting. There is a wide range of tiles available which are made especially for being used in the kitchen; modern or rustic, monochrome or colored, there is so much to choose from. There is no restriction in trying something new with your kitchen; many on-trend ideas have emerged because of out of the box thinking. 

You can go for plain white or cream tiles and pair them with dark wood cabinets and a contrasting shade for adding highlights. Or you can make a pattern on the wall and balance it with plain countertops and storages. There is a lot of designing scope within the four walls of a kitchen. 

Kitchen Brick Slips

If you wish to give your kitchen an old-school rustic look but still coincide with the modern looks; then, without further thinking, you should go for Brick Slips. Kitchen Brick Slips are like thin pieces of bricklayers to give the industrial brick look while still being connected to the traditional patterns. 

With increasing popularity, these Kitchen Brick Slips are manufactured in various styles and shades; making them even more apt for being used in all sorts of designer recreations. The real bricks were used for these kinds of projects, but due to their fragility and short-term life, they weren't the first choice of the people.  

Kitchen Brick Slips are an excellent substitute for the original bricks; they are very durable and very flexible in usage. You can use these on the wall in a full-fledged manner or create a special focal point/ feature wall behind the prep-area or the sink. The Kitchen Brick Slips gives the kitchen a spirit, that speaks for itself and elevates the overall look; they sit on the walls very easily. 

You will not have to worry about changing them again and again; as they are like “blank canvas” on which you can create and recreate your preferred designs. These tiles, for sure, will make the kitchen the center of attraction in your whole house.


Metro Kitchen Tiles

Looking for perfect tiles to make your kitchen look brighter bolder and better; then Metro Kitchen Tiles is exactly what you might need. Whether you want to cover full-walls or just a part of it, or even to make a feature wall, these tiles are ideal for an interior contemporary makeover.

If you want to be a little crazily innovative, then you can create abstract wall art with the Metro Kitchen Tiles. These tiles are super-versatile and classy; to give your cook-space look like it’s a conventional piece of art. Metro Kitchen Tiles give a one for all solution to your kitchen wall idea requirements and designing confusions; renews your kitchen.  

Another of the amazing qualities of Metro Kitchen Tiles is that they can be cleaned without exerting a lot of pressure; well now you won't have to worry about the walls being stained by your favorite food. With winning good looks and serviceability, Metro Kitchen Tiles diminish the up-keep concerns that come up during choosing the tiles. 

They only concern of the people while using these tiles is that the grout space eventually gets filled with dirt and similar sticky substances. Well, we have a solution for that too. You can fill these gaps by stuffing then with colored cement or adhesive mixture to give the tiles a demarcated outline and enhance the look. These colors may or may not be from your kitchen color palette; hence you can add a zing to your kitchen by these tiles and hacks.


Brick effect Kitchen Tiles

Most renovation aspirers get head over heels when they go out to find their desired look being sold at sky-high costs. And above all this, if they want to get their kitchen wall look like exposed brick, they will need to give a lot of time, energy and money into this. One will have to employ expert contractors, the temperature insulation will get harder, and lastly, bricks are very feeble; they can break easily spoiling the whole look. 

To get away from all this hassle, you are advised to use Brick effect Kitchen Tiles which are efficient replacement of the exposed brick wall idea. Brick effect Kitchen Tiles look just like the actual brick and without causing a lot of fuss they can be put on walls; easier option to go for. Brick effect Kitchen Tiles are available in different colors to suit your design demands and can be cleaned easily because of their ceramic making. 


Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

In conditions of kitchen renovation or backsplash change; if you are willing to go with colors this time then Mosaic Kitchen Tiles are the best tiles to choose form. Mosaic Kitchen Tiles provide vibrant shades to the black & white patterns; they are highly in demand now because of their easy adaptability of the theme. The Mosaic Kitchen Tiles provide its customers with a varied range of loud to classic options of tiling patterns to be used according to the expected design. These Mosaic Kitchen Tiles can be used for creating feature walls or covering one wall of the kitchen as well as for outlining specific spaces. 

Mosaic Kitchen Tiles are available in glass, ceramic, stone, wood and plastic formats; which can be selected from, depending upon the budget flexibility. These tiles can add a cultural feel to your cooking-area along with refinement and status to space. Clients of these multi-functional tiles have claimed that they are easy to install if compared to its counterparts. The Mosaic Kitchen Tiles give the users a chance to leave the basic norms behind and try out something new and innovative.