Contrasting bathroom ideas

Contrasting bathroom ideas


A bathroom is a place, where most people enter first thing in the morning or after a tiring day, where people take long bubble baths to unwind. A bathroom in the modern times is considered more of a personal space. 

But for someone who doesn’t compromises with luxury and comfort, having a boring bathroom in the house could be a huge turn off. So if you has got some old, faded tiles sticking on your walls, you know it’s time to change them for good.   

“Thou shall put up with your dull bathroom for the rest of your life” - Nobody ever proclaimed. Why? Because nowadays, the market has so much to offer, there is so much you can do to shake things up and to take your bathroom to the next level. 

While its great to have a minimalistic bathroom with monochrome tiles, mixing some colour for contrast can help you give your bathroom more personality and colour. Weather you are looking for a calm, serence vibe for a  resort like experience or you want to make a bold lifestyle statement, a little contrast will just do the trick. 

Contrasting colors on the wall or floor makes your rooms pop. Not only they give your bathroom a fresh timeless look but also keep them a more playful persona. Combining 

But since there are so many options available in the market, picking up the right combination of contrasting colors can easily make you anxious. Before making the investment, it is important to know which colours will complement each other and which style will suit your taste. 

And hence we have curated a list of contrasting bathroom ideas which will help you make the right decision. Read on, we are sure you’ll find something helpful. 


1. Red bathroom tiles

Red bathroom tiles represents energy, passion and desire, which makes this fiesty colour perfect for people who are love bold design.  Red bathroom tiles can be mixed and matched with larger portions of white and small portions of black and these both colours can be used to create beautiful patterns on the wall. 

If you want to use only Red bathroom tiles, you can pair it with white grout lines, for creating a calm pattern and adding a deapth, or you can sprinke some red tiles in between your white tiles for creating a mesmerising pattern. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this colour.

Pairing Red bathroom tiles on the walls with neutral coloured bathroom tiles like white or pearl grey will give help you achieve a calmer yet lavish look.




2. Blue bathroom tiles

Blue bathroom tiles offer the colour of the sea and sky, which represents freedom and imagination is perfect for creating a serene yet playful bathroom. Available in many shades, you can pick a neutral colour for a tranquil vibe or you can pair darker shades of Blue bathroom tiles with white grout for the highlight.

The best trait of blue is you can use it for flooring or you can use it on the walls. You’ll achieve a great look in both ways. Coupling small blue tiles with white floor tiles will help you achieve a lively pattern. Blue bathroom tiles look best with white, aswell as grey. A neutral shade of blue on the walls with white flooring will give your bathroom a serene, composed vibe.  


3. Green bathroom tiles

Green bathroom tiles , a colour of life, safety and fertility is perfect for someone who loves escaping into the nature. The colour green can be paired with lighter as well as darker colours and in addition to this, Green bathroom tiles complement the rustic look. 

White or cream flooring complements neutral as well as darker shades of green. You can also add black patterns on the cream flooring and pair them with Green bathroom tiles on the wall and having white grout lines for depth. This kind of wall tile also enhances the beauty of dark bathroom furniture and hence can be coupled with rustic wooden furniture for achieving an earthy look. 


4. White bathroom tiles

The best trait of white bathroom tiles is that it is not only a great team player, but also works great alone. Whether you want a serene backdrop to make red, blue or green pop or you want to complement your bathroom accessories, white bathroom tiles are the easiest and safest choice. 

While other colours equip you with endless choices, white is no less. With so many patterned and textured choices, you can make your bathroom more tranquil while keeping things simple. 

A patterned white floor tile, which is a combination of cream or grey coupled with white bathroom tiles on the wall helps you achieve a more traditional look. A perfect minimalistic look can be achieved by pairing a designer textured white floor tile, white furniture and, white wall tiles. 


5. Patterned bathroom tiles


Patterned bathroom tiles, in lighter or darker shades work best with neutral colors. A beautiful, artistic pattern on the floor embellished with a neutral coloured wall gives your bathroom a more vintage vibe. 

You can also use Patterned bathroom tiles on a small area of a wall, as backdrop of the mirror or in the bath area, to make the areas pop. You can also use patterened tiles for a small portion of the floor, to achive a fancy carpet like effect. There are hundreds of Patterned bathroom tiles available right here to choose which will give you unlimited options as per your taste.  

Gone are the days when bathroom tiles were used just for functional benifits. Today, these bathroom tiles define the personality and the spirit of your bathroom. And hence, market is offering tiles in all shapes and sizes with diverse colors. From subtle soft hues to dark gutsy bolds, there is something for your unique taste. 

Whether you are living in a small studio apartment or living in a lavish house, you can easiliy customise your bathroom with above simple changes. The beauty of mixing contrasting tiles together is that it gives you unlimited options. You can either use these tiles for flooring or you can either go for the walls. Whether you are looking for a sturdy vibe or a gracious feel, a spunky pattern or a minimalistic look, the possibilities that are rendered by these contrasting tiles are infinite.