Create A Cottage Retreat In Your Kitchen

Create A Cottage Retreat In Your Kitchen


Nowadays English countryside cottage patterns are storming their ways into the world of interior designing. Don't worry! we are not asking you to purchase a stone home to achieve this look. You can relish the English countryside feel by including a newly introduced range of stone-like tiles. This also has another plus point that you wouldn't have to revisit the countryside each month of the year, instead, you can bring the feel at your home itself.

Country home or a cottage structure, as well as its beautification, is all about making witty use of the available space to add character to your home. We would take care of even the slightest details in reinventing your home into the country-side heaven. Get ready with a watchful eye to see some of our remarkable cottage-look motivated designs.

(1) Give your Kitchen an Antique Look with Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles:

Before knowing more about Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles, let’s take a look at concrete’s production. A very interesting fact about concrete is that it has retained its position as the material of choice since the Roman era. It was largely in demand and had a high commercial value during the rebuilding procedure that took place after the war. 

Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles if produced cautiously can appear to be as beautiful and as natural as real stone tiles. And now this material is being made use of swankily a cleverly by interior designers, especially the polished look touching heights and hearts. Therefore it would be true to state that it is being commonly accepted by several people worldwide in order to give their cookhouse a classy look.

One has to possess audaciousness before adding the Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles made of porcelain as they are relatively new in the world of designing. This minimalistic appearance can be applied to domestic or professional environments if used artfully. You can give a sharp-looking, stylish and wonderful touch to your floor by adding these.


(2) Go Traditional by adding Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles to your Cookhouse:

Show some love to your floor by adding Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles to your cookhouse which offers them a traditional, farmhouse-like, rural, warming as well as a rustic look. Although they do need a little maintenance, they truly are worth it all. Allow your eyes to take a quick glance at the list of Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles we’ve got to offer.

At present day, terracotta and clay tiles have come to be seen as ‘traditional’ because their production has been dated back to the 19th century. Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles offer a warm tint to an area when colors like brown or orange are used.


(3) Recreate your Kitchen with Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles for a Natural Look:

With the help of Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles, you can give your kitchen a natural and true-to-life appearance. By using Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles you could solve two problems with one action because these tiles cater to the requirements of both walls as well as floors. Ranging from lavish, warm hues of cream to soothing, light grey hues, an individual could find everything they need to modify their kitchen or lavatory from our range of Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles.

Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles are an excellent alternative to real stone tiles as they are comparatively cheaper than real stone tiles. Another reason behind the increasing popularity of Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles is because they require less maintenance than real stone tiles. These tiles also provide a touch of elegance and help the room appear bright.


(4) Achieve the Statement Look by using Patterned Kitchen Tiles in your Kitchen:

Patterned Kitchen Tiles are one of the simplest means of attaining a feature wall or a statement floor look in a cookhouse, lavatory, or in a living room. These tiles are accessible in ceramic as well as porcelain alternatives. Patterned Kitchen Tiles are versatile enough to be placed on the floor or the wall. Several patterns ranging from colorful patchworks to black and white geometric designs are available.

You can opt for a chevron design or a traditional brick wall design fabricated from Patterned Kitchen Tiles which are the current designers' favorite. Or you can opt for a completely different linear design where all the bricks are perfectly stacked in a column. Spoil yourself with a wide array of Patterned Kitchen Tiles that we’ve got to offer!


(5) Create an Old Brick Wall Effect with these Kitchen Brick Slips:

Want to give the wall behind your sink or cooker a makeover by adding a splashback? Fear not! We are here to solve your modern-day problems with our modern-day solutions: our broad array of Kitchen Brick Slips. These Kitchen Brick Slips never fail to add character to your kitchen and we're sure that they wouldn't disappoint you. As a result of their versatility, they are apt for being used on all walls of your kitchen.

Kitchen Brick Slips will add a rustic feel to your cookhouse and will fabricate something so mind-blowing which you can boast about.

Kitchen Brick Slips hold a one-of-a-kind appearance which will make your kitchen stand out from the others and your kitchen will turn into the center of attraction of your house. Now your kitchen won't look boring or outdated.


(6) Add Elegance to your Kitchen by using Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles:

Try the formulation of an illusionary brick wall by the use of our exclusive range of Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles. If you’re willing to transform your home, then why not start with adding these Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles in your cookhouse for giving it a cottage-like appearance. It’s all about rustic floor covering and plain brick walls.

Using these Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles as the splashback of your kitchen sink is one of the emerging trends these days. Due to their increasing acceptance by kitchen owners, one could say that Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles are ideal for being used as kitchen backsplashes. Using Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles in this area will revive the appearance of your kitchen making it look exquisite and agreeably superior. 


(7) Give your Kitchen an Early 19th Century Look by adding Metro Kitchen Tiles to it:

The use of Metro Kitchen Tiles has gained popularity and has also maintained its position in the world of designing since the early 1900s after the introduction of underground subways in London and New York. These tiles had gained popularity due to their sturdiness and eternal look. This is why they were titled as Metro Tiles. Another reason for Metro Kitchen Tiles' increasing notoriety is merely because they look plain, smooth and hold a minimalist look. All thanks to their emblematic sources, they can also be considered as the synopsis of modern style.

Metro Kitchen Tiles are a great means for bringing out our artistic side as these can become the centerpiece of your cookhouse when added as a backsplash. They can prove to be a star attraction of your house and the best part is that all of this can be achieved at a small cost. Or you can lay it in an elusive means so that it brings the other space’s beauty to one’s notice.


At times there exists a room to which least attention is paid while renovating your house. It sadly happens to be your cookhouse. But an individual should bear the importance of a fascinating kitchen in their mind. Without owning a cookhouse that pleases a person’s eye, cooking won’t seem as fun as it should be.