Creating A Feature Wall With Brick Slips

Creating a Feature Wall with Brick Slips

Its official, brick slips have become the new big thing from feature walls to a décor item; they are being used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even as exterior walls. There is a growing trend to use these aesthetic pieces as a feature wall, which accentuates its unique and rusty look. When choosing feature wall brick slips, it is important to remember your needs and the aesthetic you're going for as it can make or break the final thing.


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Create the Perfect Brick Slip Feature Wall

One of the biggest and most important steps of choosing the perfect feature wall brick slips is picking out a location. It can be a bit frustrating as you might not have the proper space or an empty wall. You do not need the whole wall to be empty, make it a feature wall; rather, what you need is creativity within the space you have.

Choosing A Wall: 

You can choose to feature a wall in the kitchen, living room, or your bedroom, or anywhere, brick slips are natural feature so work with all interior and exteriors, given that it can suit the aesthetic of the room. You might need a relaxing warm-coloured feature wall brick slips in your bedroom, or you might need a dull colour in accordance with the colour aesthetic of the room. Choose the best wall that can accentuate the décor of the room that has its personality. 

Choosing the Feature Wall Brick Slips: 

There are a variety of brick slips ranging from modern, sleek, rustic and, traditional. The wall chosen for the brick slip may also play an important part in choosing the best brick slip as some may need additional insulation or finish. You can even buy samples of feature wall brick slips to check what best fits your feature wall.

Adding Personality: 

A brick slip feature wall needs to be vibrant and bold. However, it needs to match with the already present aesthetic of the room. Try mixing in bright colours with rustic and cool colours with the modern feature wall brick slips; oftentimes the most versatile mix looks the best. 

Why Install Feature Wall Brick Slips?

feature wall brick slips offer a fun and creative option to renovate your home; you can easily pick out the colour and texture that you want in your home. Moreover, feature wall brick slips offer an authentic natural finish. Just by adding feature wall brick slips, you can make a huge impact and bring out subtle personality traits in your home. However, it is important to remember certain do and don’ts that can make your brick slip feature wall pop out and become a focal area, let’s have a look:

The Do’s

  • Make sure the colour of your feature wall brick slips matches the décor and wall paint of the room. Bright colours make a good fit; however, it should be a bright colour that accentuates the room.
  • Feature wall brick slips can be used to define the room; however, do not make it the centrepiece and over-crowd it.  It should be used to highlight a room.

The Don’ts

  • The feature wall brick slips should not be the end of the room’s aesthetics. It highlights and accentuates the focal points of a room; it is not the end line.
  • Do not put a feature wall brick slips in an already crowded space as it creates a sense of chaos in the room. The viewer doesn’t know where to settle their eye.
  • Dont be afraid to experiment, bold is best!

Benefits of Using Feature Wall Brick Slips

One of the best space to use brick slips is the surrounding the fireplace, and it can bring out a rustic look to the room with the addition of a fireplace feature wall brick slips. In olden times, the fireplace was surrounded by bricks as it was frost-proof, fireproof and waterproof. The modern times have adapted this traditional architectural ingenuity to provide a new solution.

Brick slips can be used as a cost-effective alternative to bricks in modern fireplaces. Most modern brick slips are hydrophobic, so they are water-proof. Whereas, natural feature wall brick slips are made in fire-kiln are fire-proof and can stand high heat temperatures. This type of feature wall brick slips is often used in kitchens to create a modern feature wall behind the cooking area because of their fire-resistant qualities. Feature wall brick slips are hydrophobic, which naturally makes them perfectly frost proof as they will repel any water on their surface.

These fire-proof, water-proof, and frost-proof qualities allow feature wall brick slips to be used as feature walls to create rustic feature wall inside of houses. They are also used to inside of fireplaces and outside of fireplaces as they can stop frost from forming and keep the maintenance of smoke tunnel relatively easy.


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Categories of Feature Wall Brick Slips

There are various categories of feature wall brick slips that can be used to create a feature wall. The categories are divided in accordance with the materials used to create the feature wall brick slips, which also gives it different properties as well.

Hand-Made Brick Slips: 

This type of feature wall brick slips are perfect for the interior of the fireplace as they have various natural qualities. This type of slip can create a naturally rustic brick slip feature wall as it has naturally occurring texture and colour that is very similar to real bricks. They are hand-made from clay, after which, they are cooked in a fire-kiln to solidify them. It gives them a hardened quality that can resist high temperatures. 

Modern Brick Slips: 

You can create several feature walls with this type of feature wall brick slips as it has a number of properties. Modern industrial material is used to create this brick slips, which provide certain properties. They can be water-resistant, fire-resistant, and frost-resistant due to the material used. Modern brick slips have a large variety of colours and textures; however, they appear quite different from the hand-made brick slips as their colour is artificially achieved. 

Reclaimed Brick Slips: 

This type of feature wall brick slips uses old material found in ancient homes; this material has gained weathered properties and colour that gives a unique finish. It might enhance furnishing and finishing to add resistant qualities if modern brick slips.

Set Your Own Trend

Brick slip feature walls have a unique quality, where they can highlight certain aspects of the room. Their brick-like appearance gives them an expensive appearance, which allows them to highlight the room and everything in it. The brick-like allure comes from the material used as they are the same as in original bricks. However, brick slips are cut thinner, which makes them a cheaper and better alternative to creating your own unique blend of designs and colours.

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