Creating A Grand Path Way

Creating A Grand Path Way

The pathway is the first part of your home a new guest, family or even a friend sees when approaching your home! Every home is a gateway to the owners personality and style choices and therefore we believe the path should be an extension of your home, an extension of your personality and should be in keeping with the rest of your interior choices.

When deciding to use external tiles to create a stunning pathway the most important thing to consider first is to make sure you have a place to lay the tiles! Tiles need a solid, level and flat base to be able to be laid on to.

To achieve this this needs to be done using either concrete or cement to ensure the base is strong and will last for years and decades to come (at this point we advise appointing a professional). If, you already have a solid base for your tiles to be laid on to then get it checked by your tiler to ensure any cracks are just superficial and that the base is level and suitable to hold your new stunning exterior tiles!

Once the above is all done, it is finally time to choose your tiles! this can be hard but we like to think this little guide should help you choose the most suitable exterior tiles. The below guide is depending from the most popular to the less popular.

Furthermore, when choosing exterior tiles please do remember it is important that the tiles have certain characteristics such as having a matt or textured finish, this will ensure no slips and falls. Having a gloss finish will make your path extremely slippery and unsafe! Secondly ensure the tiles have an anti-slip rating of at least R9 although R10 and R11 are better. These R ratings mean just how high their anti-slip qualities go and the higher the better! Last but not least check the material of the tile you plan on using, Ceramic is not a suitable material to be installed externally due to its low frost protection properties these tiles will be sure to crack.

Use only clay, composite or porcelain tiles for your pathway these are non porous and will avoid costly repairs etc.

Just to recap:

  • Solid concrete base that is level and flat
  • Matt or textured tiles only
  • A minimum of R9 Anti-Slip rating
  • Not ceramic.

Now you have read all that let us inspire you with some of our favourite path way ideas!

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are the favourite choice at the moment and certainly our favourite choice! They are stunning and incredibly varied to include just some of the below designs:

Moroccan Patterned Path way Tiles

This type of tile is often used externally originating from the streets and market halls of Morocco they are now widely used both inside and outside the home! These tiles will really create a unique and spectacular finish to your path way thanks to their bright colours and bold patterns.


Parisienne Patterned Path Way Tiles:

Again very similar to the above tiles but offering darker tones such as blues and blacks to create a spectacular tile with less visual impact. The colour range with these Patterned tiles are described as minimalist yet modern.


Geometric Patterned Path Way Tiles

Geometric tiles offer a really spectacular design usually consisting of abstract deigns that make the tiles appear 3D with the use of geometric shapes such as cubes and hexagons.


Patchwork Patterned Path Way Tiles

These tiles can either be deuces in colour or in a monochrome palette, either way they are packed full of variations to create an authentically perfect patterned path way tile.



Terracotta Effect Tiles

Terracotta effect tiles offer a perfect path way tile this is due to the natural appearance of them and they are going in their modern setting, in the 20's and 30's terracotta and quarry were used nationwide for gardens and pathways due to their versatile and protective properties.

Tiles have come a long way since then and now we are able to offer Terracotta effect tiles which look and feel as spectacular as real terracotta but without the maintenance or labour involved with traditional terracotta.

For those seeking a traditional finish then the use of terracotta is going to be the best option to achieve that!

There are many variations of Terracotta effect tiles to suit the needs of everyone! From brick-bond style terracotta effect tiles to hexagon quarry tiles we have them all so feel free to experiment and go beyond the ordinary!


Concrete Effect Tiles

Lastly we have Concrete effect tiles are the latest trend in exterior tiles due to their natural properties and super low maintenance due to their colourings! Over the past two years concrete effect tiles have replaced the use of tiles such as slate effect tiles due to change in interior fashions.

Both inside and outside the home Concrete effect tiles are taking the industry by storm, here at Applebys we have a collection of over 300 different concrete effect tiles again, in all shapes, sizes and colours to ensure there is a tile to suit everyones preference.

If it is a modern or contemporary finish that you wish to achieve outside of the front of your home then we would strongly advise the use of Concrete effect tiles, they are tieless, bold and at the forefront of landscape design!


This is just our opinion if you have ideas you would love to share then please do hit us up! we would love to hear them and work with you to ensure you get the perfect finish to your exteriors!