Creating a stunning Feature wall in the wet room

Creating a stunning Feature wall in the wet room

How about planning for a feature wall to set in your bathroom, en-suite or wardrobe area? This idea of adding a feature wall to one of these recommended areas can provide a complete makeover to your room which will make your guests go ‘Oh Wow’! And they too would want to pay a visit again.

The fact of adding some kind of storage space into your bathroom, en-suite or wardrobe room has turned into a need that has to be addressed. Be it a space for storing bulky amounts of various cosmetic and body-hygiene products, or maybe a space for keeping toilet paper rolls and cleaning products out of sight, the necessity for owning pieces of furniture has become a must.

Furnishings in your new lavatory usually implies that the entire interior pattern should be fairly angular by nature, specifically in a room where there is often a rectangle-shaped shower-bath and tiling. By the Accumulation of captivating features, it will facilitate in granting a softness to the structure of your lavatory. This can be accomplished by developing a ‘feature wall’ or a central-point.

Your Judgment about which wall could become suitable for turning into the center of attraction is very crucial. It generally is the wall that has the basin attached, but that can’t be applicable in all situations. The wall with the basin tends to be the one that is situated on your opposite-side as you make an entrance into the room. Lavatory designers will cite the bathroom in an unnoticed spot or somewhere lost in the corner so that the loo is not the initial thing to be seen by you or the visitors as you make an entrance. The position apt for creating a lavatory depends on two major factors that are an unspotted and commodious area.

To add a lavish and convenient look to your bathroom, you should be in desperate need of stylish tiles. They need not require a decorative surface to look amazing, what really matters is the arrangement of tiles or what is popularly known as patchwork.

An uncomplicated brick or ‘Metro’ style can help you create a marvelous feature wall, especially if it is counterbalanced with a contrast-setting feature grout. A common tile, fit for both wall and floor can be installed in varying patterns.

1. Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Even if your tiling needs are different, or whether you have some issues like sorting out your priorities such that you prefer practicality or style. Then why not use a combination of both of your priorities. Then do not fear to experiment with Mosaic Bathroom Tiles as these tiles never go out of fashion, are durable and are long-lasting materials. 

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are perfect for creating a durable and lasting feature backsplash or a kitchen or for bathrooms for giving them a luxurious look.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are composed of a variety of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass, this is why they are perfect to be set in your bathroom or your kitchen.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are perfect for granting your bathroom a calming, and cozy appearance. Moreover, these tiles are effortless to clean and maintain, are waterproof, are economical, and are multipurpose too. Mosaic Bathroom Tiles develop an expanded illusionary space because of their design and visual appeal. 


2. Gold Bathroom Tiles

Give your lavatory a speedy transformation if it has turned dull and requires a little tender loving care. It may not require you to bear exorbitant costs which may empty your bank account. You can simplify and make this process more cost-friendly by merely introducing a new attention-drawing feature wall in your bathroom. Gold Bathroom Tiles are ideal for accomplishing an eye-catching look. 

One can add style, class, and trace of opulence by accumulating our broad array of Gold Bathroom Tiles! Crafted to blend smoothly and to become a perfect mate for your bathroom, fit for both the walls and flooring.

The use of metallic tiles in the lavatory is gaining popularity day-after-day. This is becoming a trend for both the categories of people who either want a feature wall or on the floor and even for some who are bold enough to turn everything golden with our Gold Bathroom Tiles like the greek king Midas. The additional advantage of Gold Bathroom Tiles is its capability of adding a metal-like finish that permits light to bounce around the bathroom while offering a touch of extravagance.

We are well aware of the fact that not all bathrooms are same and do not go with the same style and color of the tiles, therefore, we can assure you that we would possess the perfect set of Gold Bathroom Tiles which would appear like it was made for your feature wall.


3. Bathroom Brick Slips

When you have decided to design the feature wall of your bathroom using clay Bathroom Brick Slips, it requires an in-depth thought-process. The decision of installing Bathroom Brick Slips requires acknowledging several important factors. 

The first decision to be taken to while designing a bathroom is its feature wall, the phrase "fewer is better" might fit best in case of your lavatory if it has small foot space. This is mainly because you will require plenty of room for your mirrors to make space appear open and wide.

Commodious bathrooms can adapt to Bathroom Brick Slips the same way a chameleon adapts to its surroundings.

Bathroom Brick Slips can be fixed on any base as long as the wall has a fine construction. Individual selection and liking plays a key role in any design and in all cases.

Bathroom Brick Slips possess a naturally robust surface and will be lasting for years if compared to other wall covering ideas.


4. Copper Bathroom Tiles

Add an elegant gleam to your bathroom by adding Copper Bathroom Tiles on its feature wall. It grants a warm and stylish appearance to your bathroom and is at the top of the chart of interior designing trends at present. Copper is a metal that was discovered by humans thousands of years ago had has been adored ever since.  It has a super classy appearance that may never go down the trend-setting limits and is often found as a decor piece in multiple modern houses. The "opulence" of the copper itself grants an extravagant touch to a room full of antiques or a room comprising of a contemporary design.

Copper Bathroom Tiles can grant your lavatory a ‘wow’ factor when accumulated on your feature wall. This metallic touch and glaze of vintage copper makes any room appear one of a kind and welcoming, no matter whichever style of furnishings have been used.

Copper Bathroom Tiles require the least maintenance which is a great benefit for humid regions. Copper Bathroom Tiles have moistureproof properties and keeps imperfections on the wall out of sight when necessary. Another advantage of Copper Bathroom Tiles is that they do not crack as easily as ceramic or stone tiles, this makes them long-standing. 


5. Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles

Nowadays, individuals prefer personalizing their living areas with options that are realistic and make them sense relaxation, welcoming and calmness. Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles are an economical alternative to develop breathtaking residential areas. Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles possess designs that are elegant and this makes them the ideal pick that would be required to fabricate a feature or accent wall apart from a flabbergasting flooring. Developing your own personal space with the chance to make your own choices is an extension of your personality!

This is the reason behind the increasing trend of Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles. They are not just seen in bathroom feature walls nowadays but are also being used for fabricating mind-blowing home interiors. Their fundamental skill of personalisation is also another reason behind the increasing popularity of Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles.

The reason for the swiftly increasing fame of Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles dates back to their primary use. However, these tiles are still constructed and are hand-crafted using crushed marble and quartz.