Creating A Tiled Porch

Creating A Tiled Porch

When it comes to tiling the porch within our home, we believe here at Appleby’s that it is important to make a lasting impression. Porches are the entrance to your humble abode, so be sure to pick a perfect design to give that ‘wow’ factor to entice people into your space and leave them wondering how the rest of the house unravels.

Patterned Wall Tiles

There’s a hugely popular design for porches, a common theme that has stuck for a long time - and that would be the use of patterned wall tiles. We agree that they do look fabulous and we are huge fans of these, but we also like to pride ourselves on the fact that our patterned wall tiles range is huge! There are so many options when it comes to tiling the walls of your porch, we literally hundreds of ways you could add some spice to this small space that it would be rude not to take a look at our online range.

We have tiles that really do fit every individual and their taste, patterned wall tiles are one of the most popular coverings of 2019, as we spoke about briefly above victorian style tiles are hugely popular for making that all important first impression in your home. Our Victorian Joust Black patterned tile have an incredible antique finish, they make these tiles timeless like they have been down for decades, that is of course if this is the particular theme you are going for! They work both on the walls and floors, but as always you’re free to mix it up a bit and use different tiles for either, there are lots of amazing combinations you could create.

Sometimes using patterned wall tiles with a patterned floor tile can be quite overwhelming in certain spaces as there can be a lot going on; this in turn is sometimes too much for our minds to take in and process - this doesn’t mean to say that you need to be boring or plain with your choices, just sensible!

You could be more inclined to inject some colour into your porch, you may be the vivacious type in which case you might be well suited to a bolder, more unique pattern tile. We have a huge range of different coloured and patterned wall tiles that are worlds apart from each other that would just look just as fabulous as a standard black/grey pattern.



Patterned Floor Tiles

When tiling the walls and floors of a porch you are pretty limitless with the specific tiles that you are able to pick from; however, that doesn’t mean to say that it doesn't pay to be smart.

What we mean by this for example, is ensuring that you pick an anti slip tile due to the likelihood of wet shoes being brought straight from the outside into a porch. The last thing that you need would be for your guests to take a tumble!

Patterned floor tiles are so much fun to work with, there are so many options and oodles amount of character and colour to choose from. For example, how about a pink striped patterned style - yes, it’s an extremely bold tile, and ‘out there’ in terms of an option for your porch, but, why not?!  You also don’t have to stick to just a square tile, there are are different shapes to choose from as well.

What we would advise here at Appleby’s is that by identifying features and characteristics within your home that are perhaps already present and echoed in the architectural elements of the building, this will then help to choose the best Patterned floor tiles, that will have the most aesthetically pleasing effect.

What we mean by this is if you had a modern home, or a plain space that is square a geometric style Patterned floor tiles would work well. On the contrary, if you have a space that is more rounded with slightly more detailing a rounded more organic pattern would work best.


Hexagon Wall Tiles

Hexagon wall tiles are an excellent choice when it comes to tiling the walls of your porch, they create a trendy honeycomb design right at the entrance to your home.

Not only do we have endless colours to choose from within the hexagon wall tile range, we also have many different patterned ones, there are also Hexagon wall tiles for you and your budget, we have a broad range of higher end tiles, as well as tiles that are better suited if you’re on a budget won’t quite extend that far, there’s no need to fret though, as we always ensure we use the best quality materials when sourcing and supplying our products.

You are not obligated to choose a full wall of tiles, you could opt for a half wall if that is what you wish and then have the other half painted, this helps to lower costs if this is something that would appeal to you, but also ensures you get that hexagon tiled theme in there too.

We also have an incredible selection of quality and finish for our Hexagon wall tiles.

Remember you can combine multiple Hexagon wall tiles and coloured hexagon wall tiles together for your own bespoke design.


Hexagon Floor Tiles

When it comes to using hexagon floor tiles, it is the same as when using them on the walls, of course you may however wish to opt for a different finish purely for safety reasons.

You could combine a hexagon floor tiles design with with a half wall design, or a full wall design, elongating from the floor all the way up the walls giving the effect of a larger space.

Using them on the floor rather than walls shakes things up a bit and perspectives change in terms of how we view them, choosing a simplistic hexagon floor tile such a plain colour can also work really well. It can appear less daunting or over powering when entering your home, sticking to warm, homely colours such as oranges and browns can create a calming effect before your guests settle indoors. Simplistic, rustic, authentic, or statement, there is a hexagon floor tiles for your porch that we have in stock for you today.


Brick Effect Wall Tiles

Rather than trying to jazz up your porch area, perhaps you want to incorporate the external features to the indoor space, if so then brick effect wall tiles are an excellent choice.

brick effect wall tiles are deceptively realistic in mimicking external bricks that you would find your house made of, they don’t just come in the typical ‘red brick’ effect either, unless that is your inclination! There is something naturally alluring about the look of bare bricks inside the home, exposing brickwork can add a chic industrial feel, or that of warmth; they can bring both modernisation and heritage to a house as they are so versatile in their look.

There is literally a world to explore with brick effect wall tiles, here at Appleby’s we boast the largest range of bring effect wall tiles with over 200 collections, therefore you can be assured that whatever your desire we will be able to fulfil your needs in the satisfaction that we are extremely experienced in dealing with them. The designs that we have are all unique and tailor-made to every aesthetical appease, this includes all colours and textures.

brick effect wall tiles are incredibly easy to install and there are no complications or special measures that have to be taken, they are also  easily maintained, they can simply be wiped down which is so important given the nature of a porch and the demands it will come under daily, especially if you are a larger household.


Brick Slips

If you wanted to stick to something authentic, and extremely life like, as if you were stripping your walls back to the brick just like the outside of your home, then brick slips are the one for you. They are made of clay - the same material that bricks are made from. One thing to take into consideration when installing these brick slips, it is slightly more tricky due to not only the material, but the fact that they are also 15-20mm thick, this is thicker than an average porcelain/ceramic tile that you may have in your home already.

The brick slips that we have here at Appleby’s are cut using a variety of methods, this depends on the desired finish. Brick slip tiles that are wire cut offer a typically modern finish, brick slips that are cut with a rubber mould is typically used when created a rustic/reclaimed look, this allows for imperfections and age related marks.

These are an excellent choice for your porch, both inside and outside as they will not need cleaning, they age, and change over time which is the beauty of using brick slips, of course you may want to wipe away dirt etc, but it’s not glaringly obvious as it perhaps would be against another tile. Have a look through out extensive range of brick slips, we are positive you will find something that you will like.