Creating A Traditional Kitchen With Tiles

Creating A Traditional Kitchen With Tiles

When it comes to designing your home, kitchen design is one of the major tasks which takes a hell lot of time. From choosing a layout, appliance, color schemes to selecting appealing tiles for the floor, whether you want to make your kitchen more rusty, cozy, modern or sleek we have some ideas which will help you out in making your kitchen floor more traditional. 


Metro Kitchen Tiles

If you want to give your kitchen a classic vibe then Metro kitchen tiles will be the best choice. It may be a white or bright color like cobalt these designs of tiles are relevant for any style of kitchen. Distinguish these everlasting kitchens with Metro kitchen tiles designs. As far as backsplashes are considered, subway tile is the crowning glory of the kitchen. Plus it is classic,  affordable and suits with a variety of kitchen styles. If you use Metro kitchen tiles with little creativity, it can become one of the most alluring components of your kitchen or it can be put in a way that highlights the beauty of the rest of the space. Nevertheless, Metro kitchen tiles are not going out of style, anytime soon. 

Nonetheless, subway tile looks good with all colors of cabinetry, it's an appealing way to complete an all-white kitchen look. 

Besides, the pop of subway tile surrounding the vintage farmhouse stove gives a new look to space, it's even very useful (splashed spaghetti sauce will not harm this tile). 

Kitchen Brick Slips

Creating a feature wall or if you are interested in earthing your home then you should go for kitchen brick slips, which is one of the best and simplest ways to upgrade the look of your home. kitchen brick slips are the thin portions of masonry that copies the look of conventional bricks. 

kitchen brick slips are supplied in distinctive styles and colors and best to use when it comes to contemporary and traditional projects. Nonetheless, it is an exceptional product which is why we have listed some of the best places to use these. 

Brick slips are the best replacement for tiles and can be installed in the kitchen as well. It can give a new look to your kitchen and can be fitted in any wall like sink splashbacks, the wall behind your cooker or on the kitchen walls. It can give an illusion of an old brick wall if installed in your kitchen,  which will give a provincial feel to your kitchen which you can show off. When you use kitchen brick slips to design your kitchen it will isolate your kitchen from other people's. Your kitchen will no longer look boring and tattered, rather, it will become an attractive core of your house. You can recreate the same look as shown in the image with the help of an antique blend brick slip. 


Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles

You don't have to buy clay quarry tiles to create a terracotta effect in your house. Use terracotta effect kitchen tiles as a substitute for it. terracotta effect kitchen tiles are made from ceramic and porcelain, which makes it easier to clean them as compared to natural terracotta, but gives an exact terracotta look. Terracotta floor reminiscence the smell and heat of Mediterranean countries which will make you forgot your sensations. terracotta effect kitchen tiles give naturalness and the expressive power of the natural material of new-generation ceramics along with resistance and practicality. The texture of the terracotta effect kitchen tiles has a natural beauty and gives an emotional feel. All-natural clay shades, subtle gradation of tints, irregular characteristics of the surface are some of the characteristics. These tiles fill the space with warmth and restfulness. On the other hand, the unglazed hand made terracotta tiles have several drawbacks and weaknesses. Firstly, they cost more than conventional ceramic tiles.  

A beautiful, well-delineated house starts at a foundation level – ultimately, the floor is the establishment on which the house is built. So why not use our terracotta effect kitchen tiles which can pass all trends.

They have a great versatility when it comes to different house styles, they make it alluring as a natural fired earth. Because they are made up of porcelain, they are highly resistible and practical easy to live and use even for the underheating floor. Terracotta tile has been known for its eternal beauty and because of this quality, it has been used to accessorize houses even in the Victorian and Edwardian era. 

Terracotta stone has embellished appearance and warm shades because it is a natural material. In previous times, terracotta tiles were used to cover a wall or floor to improve the appearance of the room. Terracotta tiles were made from baking clay into fire-kiln, due to which they have burnt brown, orange shades. With time terracotta tiles became a key design in rustic houses because they used to give a traditional and warm look to bathrooms. 


Stone Effect Kitchen Tiles

Stone effect kitchen tiles are perfect for creating a natural look in your home. It can be used for both walls as well as for floors, which is just as good as having two strings in a bow. Stone effect kitchen tiles have got a wide range of variety, from rich, warm creams to cool, light greys which will be needed to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. With Stone effect kitchen tiles you can get the look of natural stone along with the benefits of porcelain, and of course, it will turn your room spectacular space where you would like to spend your time. Stone effect kitchen tiles are hardwearing and stain-resistant because they are made of porcelain and they are available in a wide range of variety from graphite slate-effect or in classic marble look. 

At the end of the day, the kitchen is the place where family dines and you teach your kids to cook, therefore you must make sure that its a serene and calm place and if you are conventional, these tiles would do wonders to your kitchen!