Creating a victorian bathroom

Creating a victorian bathroom


You've built a beautiful opulent home in the town or countryside. A lavish house designed by the best interior designers with exceptional taste in design and proportion. Everything in your house is well balanced and luxurious. Even your bathroom, your private heaven, reflects the detailing and thought behind the designs and your guests can't stop praising you for your tasteful choices. 

But a year later, you find out that new trends in the interior design industry have taken over the design trends by storm. Your designer bathroom has gone out of fashion and now interior designers are advocating the newly arrived fashion. 

Quite frustrating, right?

No matter how much you spend on your bathroom to make it a heavenly place, there are times when even the most expensive bathrooms become outdated and need renovation. And if you are someone who is passionate about modern design trends and love having a classic vibe in your bathroom, it might be heart-wrenching to see your designer bathroom going out of fashion. 

But what if you don't have to worry about this? What if your bathroom stays trendy, no matter what interior designers preach? In this article, we are going to discuss the solution to this problem. We are going to talk about the timeless design and many ways you can incorporate these designs into your bathroom. 

Victorian designs have always been in fashion. Belonging to the era of Queen Victoria, these designs have managed to acquire a special place in the timeless design catalogues. These designs have been in the industry for more than hundred years and are known for their bold colours, fine garnishment and elegant romantic elements. 

When these traditional designs are fused skillfully with contemporary designs, they create an everlasting look with extraordinary beauty. Available in diverse patterns, you can either implement a single pattern or you can mix and match different patterns and styles to create your own Downton Abbey in the bathroom. The choices are endless. 

The best trait of Victorian/Retro design is that these modern, as well as vintage patterns, can be incorporated effortlessly with bold as well as light colours. Let's see how.


1.  Blue Bathroom Tiles

Blue bathroom tiles can include victorian patterns incorporate beautifully with white and cream coloured tiles. Darker shades of blue patterns, when mixed with neutral or white coloured background, give a bold look while putting the details of the pattern on display.

You can also use white victorian design tile in the centre and implement different layers of the border, created by using different shades of Blue bathroom tiles.  You can also use a lighter shade of blue as a backdrop on the tile and a darker shade of blue for the pattern.

If you are looking for a tarnished look, you can also use shades of copper with royal blue, for achieving a rustic look in your bathroom. 


2.  Green Bathroom Tiles

Green victorian patterns also complement neutral coloured backdrops. The floral patterns with dark, detailed outlines or artistic green paintings on neutral coloured tiles give a vintage vibe. These artistic patterns can be used throughout the walls or you can alternate the patterns with varying shades of green. The shades of green bathroom tiles give you a more calm, traditional space and when paired with victorian patterns can turn your personal space into an old fashioned themed bathroom.

The darker shades of green enhance the beauty of cocoa-coloured furniture, rendering a more woods like effect to your bathroom. So if you prefer your bathroom furniture in darker shades of brown, you'll make the most of the investment by incorporating these timeless Victorian finishes using  green bathroom tiles.


3.  White Bathroom Tiles

The beauty of white bathroom tiles is that it goes with everything. Not only the combination of white with darker shades make your choices infinite but also white while standing alone looks elegant and beautiful. 

If you are looking for an all-white bathroom with subtle patterns, you can opt from diverse raised Victorian patterns, available in matte as well as a glossy finish.

But if you are a fan of colours, you are in for a treat! You can pair darker shades of brown and black with white bathroom tiles for creating Carron Victorian patterns for the complete floor or you can create a pattern on the smaller portion of the floor with bold, vibrant colours to give a carpet like look, highlighting your favourite areas. With Victorian tiles paired with white bathroom tiles, you can let your imagination run wild.  


4.  Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic bathroom tiles are made by combining materials like ceramic, stone, glass or porcelain, which are then set on a mesh sheet in small format for making the installation process easy. Available in diverse shapes and sizes, these are widely used for creating beautiful backdrops or to enhance the beauty of a section of the wall or an area. 

Mosaic bathroom tiles, when paired with Victorian design, give an elegant periodic vibe to your bathroom. And due to their availability in infinite shapes, these can be used to create beautiful and traditional geometric patterns on the walls and floors. From patterns ranging from hexagonal, kaleidoscope and geometrical mosaics, you can be sure that with the addition of  Mosaic bathroom tiles render you an endless array of choices for every mood and taste. 


5. Bevelled Metro Bathroom Tiles

Metro bathroom tiles are typically brick-shaped and were found mostly in metro stations in old eras. Even today, these timeless tiles are widely used for achieving a timeless elegant vintage look. 

These tiles work with Victorian patterns effortlessly. Glossy dark coloured metro tiles can be paired with victorian patterns on the floor and white Metro bathroom tilescan be paired with light as well as dark coloured Victorian floor. These can be further customised by experimenting with the grout lines. White grout lines give a visible bold lift to the dark coloured tiles and also give a subtle minimalistic look to the white coloured tiles. 

6. Chequered tiles

Most people picture a black and white chessboard pattern on the floor and walls during the discussion of chequered tiles in Victorian design. While it is one of the most common pattern used, there is so much these tiles have to offer. 

Victorian chequered come in diverse shapes and sizes and contain clear geometric patterns with elegant borders swatches. Some of the classic checks include symmetrical patterns, diamonds and hexagons while some of the more elegant checks might also include patterns like Braemar, Eltham, Blenheim, Lindisfarne etc. Available in a wide range, these grand designer chequered tiles are perfect for creating a lasting impression. 


It is evident that victorian designs have something in store for everyone who is looking for a timeless design. And the best part is, you can pair bold as well as neutral colours with victorian patterns. You can pair beautiful artistic victorian borders with vibrant metro tiles, or you can pick a chequered pattern for the floor with dark coloured metro walls. The combinations one can create are infinite, with each combination offering something unique and timeless.