Creating An Aga Back Drop

5 of our top tile ideas for an Aga backdrop

More than just a cooking and eating space, a kitchen is a special place where most of the activities take the room. From entertaining visitors to doing get-together on Sunday mornings, it can be considered the spot-on place of the home. Thus, one thinks a lot before making any sort of changes in this true heart of one's home. 

Be it anything like changing backsplashes or getting the entire makeover done- these changes bring an unexpected impact, giving a striking look to your cooking space.  

And, if you too want to bring that wow look then get the best of the Aga backdrop. It is the most wanted thing in today's modern world. 

AGA cooker has taken the center stage in almost every kitchen. To be specific, the kitchen has progressed beyond the extent.

Earlier, the AGA was just considered a simple cooker for the country's homes, but now it is more popular in urban areas. Whereas formerly it was just seen in old-fashioned kitchens, now in high-gloss modernity space it is available. 

Thus, keeping these changes in your mind create an AGA backdrop by bringing Hexagon Kitchen Tiles, Metro Kitchen Tiles, Mosaic Kitchen Tiles, Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles, and Kitchen Brick slips along in your kitchen. And, illustrate the real-world and easy-to-steal attractive touches. 


How Hexagon Kitchen Tiles will look in your kitchen?

Hexagon kitchen tiles are timeless and stylish; they can be used in any area of your kitchen. The availability of a lot of shades and sizes will help you to create that wanted look. These tiles can be used on the walls as well as floors. You can craft patterns as you wish. 

Hexagon kitchen tiles can be used as backsplashes by helping you to make a bold statement. These tiles on the backsplashes as well as on the walls are a very famous choice. The geometric shapes make them look very stylish. 

What They Have To Offer You?

Kitchens are becoming modern with every passing day. As the kitchen is a very busy area, its floor always suffers from spills and messy spots. So, getting porcelain Hexagon kitchen tiles over ceramic tiles will finish a non-porous floor casing that isn't scratched or stained easily from the spills. Even, with the walls, it is the same thing.


How Metro Kitchen Tiles will look in your kitchen?

Metro tiles are rectangular-shaped ceramic tiles. They are present in all places. Because of its versatility, they are being loved by many people. Metro tiles be used almost anywhere in your home from hallway, washrooms, and kitchens. But, that classic look will look extraordinary only in your kitchen. 

What It Has To Offer You?

Metro tiles offer great value for your hard-earned money if linked to stone or wood options. These tiles are easy to keep clean with just a wipe cloth. 

Moreover, they can adjust to any style. These tiles can offer the perfect canvas.


How Mosaic Kitchen Tiles will look in your kitchen?

Just as it is significant to have a well- working kitchen, it also reflects that flawless style and sense of taste. Thus, mosaic kitchen tiles are taken as the best choice to get that warm as well as awesome feeling.

Thus, the mosaic kitchen tiles have been providing the prominent surface appearance for your space side by side promising durability of gelling well in a damp atmosphere. 


What It Has To Offer You?

mosaic kitchen tiles offers a stain-resistant facility that is regularly used for creating the best flooring and backsplashes, which help you to protect your walls behind the cooktops and sinks. 

You also get many shapes, designs, and colors. So, be imaginative. 


How Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles will look in your kitchen?

With brick effect kitchen tiles It doesn't matter whether a new kitchen is being set up or you are renovating the existing one; these massive ranges of brick effect kitchen tiles offer the picture-perfect way to style your kitchen. 

From various shapes, sizes and colors you can craft your very own classic kitchen floor or wall. Make your space practical enough.

What It Has To Offer You?

  • Striking splashback with the combination of style and practicality 
  • Industrial-style kitchen with glazed porcelain and vintage wood-effect
  • It gives the walls an attractive and ravishing retro look with the beautiful combination of fashion and purpose.
  • With proper selection of brick effect kitchen tiles, you can enhance the depth and character to your walls.
  • brick effect kitchen tiles are easy to wipe clean the surface which as a result charmingly mirrors the light

Add that best feeling with the addition of white beauty in your space.


How Kitchen Brick Slips will look in your kitchen?

Are you in search of a quick and stress-free way to enhance the look of your home, craft a feature wall or want to clad your home with something different, then getting Kitchen Brick slips could be the same thing that you are eyeing for! Kitchen Brick slips are thin parts of stonework which are generally used to duplicate the look of the conventional bricks. They come in a wide range, styles, and colors. You can try them in both modern-day and traditional projects. 

What It Has To Offer You?

Kitchen Brick slips are brilliant for changing the boring chimney-corner into a thought-provoking one. The brick slip surface will give your fireplace a unique feature in your home. They are the best alternative to tiles that adds real attractiveness to your kitchen 

Placing Kitchen Brick slips on the walls of your kitchen will give a feeling of rustic look Thus; including a brick slip wall into the kitchen can craft an attention-grabbing feature for your home. 



There is so much to look for in the world. With the help of different types of tiles that come in various shades, sizes, patterns, and colors, you can give that charming effect to the Aga Backdrop that's specially included in your home to get everyone's attention.

The Aga backdrop also gives the benefit of bringing the effect of the heater into the room. Colors such as White, Black, and Beige are frequently used in townships, but a plain simple color too can work just well for creating that wow look in your kitchen.