Creating the perfect shower enclosure

Creating the perfect shower enclosure

One of the most important appearance enhancers in home décor is the bathroom. Each day starts with a quick trip to this transient utopia and getting ready to slay the day. A bathroom should always be made according to the user’s preferences. And when it tots up to bedecking the perfect shower cubicle; one can afford to be choosy. Each look ranges from choosing the latest tile designs or taking it the classic old fashioned way; it should be pacifying. 

The reason behind imposing so much attention to the smooth operational bathroom is to make it look appealing each time you step in. Once you've decided to remodel your bathroom; you are open to a wide range of luxurious choices like a walk-in shower. Every time you set your foot in the walk-in shower; you will be lost for words. 

We have solutions to all your bathroom demands; be it large walk-in closets or compact bath-areas.

If you are looking for mosaic bathroom tiles for flooring in showers then remember to check: easy up-keep, the sturdy grip texture, and brimmed up striking designs. Porcelain mosaic bathroom tiles are mostly used for shower floors and are highly demanded in the category. 

On one side glass walls have proven to be the highlights of the bathroom, glass mosaic bathroom tiles might be a bit slippy hence used only for adding accents to the shower floor. Stone tiles have emerged out as the saviors of style and bathroom; they provide well-enough grips to bare feet and no opinion differences in the final view of the bathroom. Marble and stone tiling is majorly liked by the wealthy homeowners; as they can be seal in every few months giving them an everlasting look. Marble might ask for extra work input, but the final result appears great and cool. 

Entrancing Porcelain 

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles provide plenty of design opportunities, which can be conjoined to make patterns or used repeatedly to prevent any design disaster. If you wish for finding extra peace and relief then go for the basket-weave pattern; across the whole bathroom (including shower cubicle), to create a delectably mesmerizing look. The floor mosaic can be kept crafty by recurring square tiles in various shades; to bring a soothing effect like rejuvenating spa at home!

Stunning Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

On dreaming or imagining a perfect bathroom; everyone tends to go for plain and boring glass or marble tiles. But are delighted to see the pebble detailed flooring tiles which give out the perception of each stone placed by handwork, one after another intricately. Felling of a rough surface beneath your feet is, rustic and refreshing. It gives out the look of being somewhere outdoors amidst nature and its beauty while still being in four-walled safety of your home.

White with Dark Shades: Elegant and Contrasting

Using dark-toned mosaic tiling for the shower flooring provides better radiance and depth if compared to dark porcelain or ceramic tiles. Glass tiles in the hues of dark green and blue; which are close enough to black, can be used as well. Such creative applications create a new color palette to play within your bathroom and shower. If you find yourself staring at dark-colored tiles; be fearless include them and use them in your bathroom. One such innovation can be done by using mosaic tiles for flooring in showers and mixing them with a gray or darker shade of brown, with Soho strips on walls and floors.

Textural Tiles: Intrinsic Comfort

For enhancing textural patterns on a stone or marble floorboard, the design is generally made up of numerous small stone fragments; rather than using big tiles as a whole. Utilizing mosaic tiles has many advantages; like, they give a sleek and grand look with persistent foot grip even if there is water splashed all over it. It also opens the gateway to countless design options; the only limit is your imagination, you can create various patterns and designs on the floors and walls you just have to visualize it. 

Theatric Tiles

If you are earnestly sell-bounded by the large stone tiles; you can utilize them in creating a base for your bathroom look. Marble mosaic bathroom tiles can be used in combination with ceramic or glass to devise dramatic and attractive flooring. Few people wish to use all they could lay hands on; hence using stone mosaic bordered with larger stone pieces is one option to opt for. This causes a low rug effect which is exciting and practical. Luxurious homeowners are found to be using stone mosaic bathroom tiles with bigger striking tiles for the edges to create an outline.


Styles gaining Popularity

Hexagonal tiling pattern which was used years ago; and now has entered the bathroom vogue again; gaining a lot of popularity due to its handy usage. These hexagon bathroom tiles were said to be highly pragmatic and offered rugged gripping while looking quiet and fashionable. At present, these tiling patterns are upgraded and have been equipped with resplendent floor heating. It gives out no reason to be ignored or to be listed among the top few choices. Review the old and lost retro styles for motivation. A little mix and match of materials, textures, and shades; add these to the inspiring classic ideas. These hexagon bathroom tiles can be matched with glass enclosures and framed mirrors with dark brown wooden cabinets for bathrooms.


Easygoing Shelves 

Built-in shelf is an indivisible part of an ideal bathroom; it is utility storage to access toiletries when needed. The metro bathroom tiles are classic for these serene shelves. The metro bathroom tiles come usually in the basic rectangular shape; though the shape is not the limit. Recently, they have been manufactured in various shapes and shades; making it easy to pair these with any contrasting bathroom décor. 


Why is it important to keep an eye on the shower stall design?

We hope that after reading about different types of tiles and their uses, you must have decided about choosing the tile type- mosaic, hexagon or metro bathroom tiles- which you adore and create shower design around it. It can pacify the busy working mind with patterns and soft color shade. It pleasures your senses the moment you step in and feel the amazing satisfaction the textures and materials give out. You will be left astounded the moment you walk into the shower and left gaping at the masterpiece your choices created. The raised drama and enigma will showcase its creative spirit to the people. It might also become a place where you could flaunt your style sense and personal choices; to fascinate the visitors.

If you have made your mind about creating bathroom bliss with new shower enclosure and flooring, what do you think fits your style? Are you feeling inspired by any of the above-listed designs? Or is there something else going up in your creative mind?

Make sure to let us know if you are willing to get free advice or to let us design the perfect bathroom getaway just for you.