Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Effect Tiles

What is there to know about concrete effect tiles? This blog is designed to give you inspiration, fresh ideas and a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best concrete effect tile!

In the last 3-5 years, we have seen quite the change in tile fashion. More and more people are striving to achieve the urban/retro look in their home, and no tile is better suited than our grey concrete effect tiles. This range of tiles have an industrial inspired design and come in plenty of different styles from a fresh polished concrete finish to a rustic and worn tile.

If you go through our shop, you will see we quite often like to stock different and unique tiles, which is why we love being able to offer this new urban trend through our range of grey concrete effect tiles. The prices of our tiles are the best online, ranging for just £24.99 per m2, to the more premium collections up to £100 per m2. So whatever your budget you can be assured that we will have a tile to meet your urban desires!

We're quite often asked, 'how are concrete effect tiles designed?'. Despite common belief, they're not a slab of concrete cut up into tiles! Although they look completely authentic, they're actually designed by taking impressions and images of actual polished concrete floors, which are then printed onto a ceramic or porcelain structure to offer the perfect replicant.

There's no denying that a polished concrete floor offers a grand and seamless finish, and is widely used in high end offices, homes and hotels. However, a polished concrete floor isn't easy to achieve, and the costs soon add up. This is why we boast the largest range of concrete effect tiles to make a concrete effect floor or wall accessible for all.

When picking the right concrete effect tile, there are a few things that we would advise:


Some may argue that size is not everything! And it isn't, except in the tile industry. The size of tile you wish to use has to work well with the space available. Contrary to popular belief, if you have a small bathroom floor, don't get a small concrete tile! smaller tiles cause more grout lines (remember you want a seamless finish). Not just this, but a lot of tiles can make a space look busy; it means a lot of tiles will have cuts, and it can just make the bathroom look hectic rather then a place to unwind.

Therefore, we find that these are the best concrete effect bathroom tiles:

Above - Sketch Concrete Effect Tiles

If you have a large open space, or even multiple spaces such as a ground floor installation, we would avoid going down the small tile route. A popular size for this area would be a 60cm x 60cm tile or above; it gives you a more seamless finish and it makes it look more classy. The install time is also reduced when using this size of tile. Within this size guide, there's quite the pattern emerging about larger tiles. Going through our collections of concrete effect floor tiles, you will see there are not many tiles smaller then 60cm or 45cm, and this is just the way tiles are heading at the moment; tiles are getting larger as more and more seek a seamless design.

Now, if you're considering concrete effect wall tile, you're not overly-limited as to what size you can use. The only thing to consider is that your wall is strong enough for your desired tile and your tiler can help you with that upon quoting. With regards to size, we would advise a slightly smaller wall tile to offer contrast and to break up the design without ruining the interior design.

For example, with a 60cm x 60cm tile like our Euphoria Concrete Effect Tile, it could be complemented by these 60cm x 30cm tiles in the same range. But, you don't have to stick to the same range; with over 300 concrete effect tiles, the site is your oyster.


In this instance, you really have just a choice of two, and these two choices should be firstly based on what you want to achieve, what grabs your eye more and what finish you're going for. The two finishes as standard with our tiles are Gloss/Polished and Matt.

Matt Tiles

For a natural look, matt tiles are going to be the right tile for you. These tiles often have a light matt sheen or a slightly rough texture to further replicate real concrete. Matt tiles also have the added benefit of anti-slip properties which is incredibly important to consider in busy homes or wet areas alike, and for those looking to use these tiles for an outdoor area. Using a polished tiles in the presence of water can become extremely slippery.

Above - Fenish Medium Silver Concrete Effect Tile

Gloss/Polished Tiles

Our range of polished concrete effect tiles look incredible once down. Although concrete effect tiles are predominately grey, the polished finish of the tile can still allow the tile to reflect natural light around the room.

Above - Latch Polished Concrete Effect Tile


The style of your concrete effect tile will determine the finished look of your interior! For those seeking an urban yet contemporary finish, you should stick to a larger tile with rectified edges. Rectified edges allow for a sharp and consistent grout line, which when creating a modern interior, makes a world of difference.

For those looking to create a more natural and rustic finish, we would say lean towards rustic concrete effect, darker colours, rounded edges and a textured surface. This will give you a finish that makes the concrete effect tiles look like they have been in their natural setting for decades!

We have touched on grout briefly, but this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to finish your concrete floor. The colours of our concrete effect tiles can vary. Believe it or not, they're not just grey but instead include silver, light grey, charcoal, brown, cream, ivory, etc, so getting the grout right is imperative! 

Amongst our products, you will see in the description the advised grout colour for that tile, the closer you match the grout to the colour of the tile, the better and more seamless the finish!

Grout is one thing, but the grout join is another! Do not space these tiles 5mm apart as it doesn't look modern; it won't give you a seamless finish and it can look messy! Stay on trend and keep these grout lines under 3mm; we would advise 1.5-2mm to get a really smart grout line.

Other things to consider


The cost of concrete effect tiles can vary massively, and although a budget is important, it is not worth compromising when it comes to a floor covering that you will probably live with for 10+ years! So, find the tile tile you love and then consider budget. We try to be as flexible we can in terms of pricing, We have 60cm x 60cm concrete effect tiles for just £29.99 per m2 and these work in all applications (including external). For those looking for a larger 90cm x 90cm concrete effect tile, with rectified edges and plenty of variation, you can look at spending £59.99+

We understand it is very hard to balance between budget and style, but with 300+ concrete effect tiles, there will be something for everyone regardless of budget!


Installing concrete effect tiles is no different to installing any other type of tile. They are designed to blend naturally, so it's just as important to consider the grout joint and grout colour.

Stay tuned as we will soon be releasing our comprehensive guide of tile installation, which will feature our concrete effect tiles. This guide will be designed and written by our customer service team, all of whom are previous tilers!

We hope you have enjoyed this short read; if you have any questions with regards to anything written in this blog, or would like any advice on picking out the best concrete effect tiles, then feel free to head over to our live chat in the bottom corner of your screen, or give us a call and we will be more then happy to assist you.