Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Brick Slips

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Brick Slips

Making the perfect kitchen is every cooks dream, they want to keep it clean and put-together at the time. Often, some setbacks can cause the whole area to look awry. However, one addition can make it the perfect place to cook. One such addition is the kitchen brick slips that bring a beautiful rustic aesthetic to the area as well as providing various uses as well.


Above Is Our: Wellington Red Rustic Kitchen Brick Slips

Kitchen Aesthetic on Point

When you think of home-cooking, you immediately remember a warm cosy place where you can cook and eat with your family. However, this place needs to look homey and inviting, which is why kitchen aesthetic plays an important part in building the perfect kitchen. A quick way to improve the overall cosy aesthetic of your kitchen is to add kitchen brick slips.

Kitchen brick slips create a cosy feature wall that can improve the overall look of the kitchen drastically. They are thin masonry pieces that are designed to look like real bricks, usually used to bring the rustic aesthetic to an area. They can be used to bring a more traditional look of brick houses into your home; you can place it beside a traditional oven to make it look more authentic. On the other hand, kitchen brick slips can also be used to show off a certain contemporary aesthetic as a feature wall in the kitchen as well.

By adding this unique aesthetic into your kitchen, it can be transformed into an elegant and comforting cooking area. The warm look of kitchen brick slip can accentuate the backside of your cooking range, or a cool-coloured kitchen brick slip can beautify your sink area as well. Moreover, you can create various antique blend designs depending on your needs and the type of kitchen brick slip that is available to you.

Uses of Kitchen Brick Slip

Kitchen brick slips not only bring a splash of life to your sombre kitchen, but they can be remarkably useful as well, especially in the kitchen as, they are easy to maintain.

Easy Installation: 

Our range of kitchen brick slips are easy to install, they may take some precision in the beginning; however, once you get started, it's all downhill from there. Moreover, they make an easy and stunning addition to the kitchen areas that you want to beautify. 

Low Maintenance: 

Kitchen brick slips hold a rough aesthetic that allows them to be easily upkept. You don’t need to clean them or re-install them again and again. Brick slips are often made to be highly durable even under heated conditions of the kitchen.


Various kitchen brick slips are made to stand high temperatures so they can be used as backdrops of the cooking range. They can easily stand splashes of oil or smoke from a once-in-a-blue-moon burnt meal. They look just as beautiful as they were in the beginning after such disasters after all, think what the bricks on the outside of your home have been exposed to over the years!



Simply put, we aren't hear to lie, brick slips are more expensive then most tiles but when you consider what you get is a handmade and completely unique product the cost is justified! With advances in technology and thanks to their slim design and easy handling, kitchen brick slips are available much cheaper than custom made bricks. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to handle and easy to acquire when needed.

Different Styles and Materials of Kitchen Brick Slips

Brick slips have a variety of types depending upon their origin and an even larger number of designs based on colour, texture, and various other properties. Some brick slips are specially made to look modern and sleek, while others hold a more rustic look. Let us look at some of the major types of kitchen brick slips that are available in the market:

Traditional / Pre-Cast Brick Slips

This type of brick is the cheapest and largely produced, oftentimes, it has a large number of designs available. They are a perfect option as a kitchen brick slip because they can resist heat. They are hand-made from composite materials making them eco-friendly and moulded into proper shapes. On the other hand non pre-cast brick slips are hand cut or made from clay.

Moreover, this type of brick slip does look completely natural! The mix of composite materials give them a variety of textures and properties. They also give natural colour to the final product, and no additives are added to change the colour. Composite brick slips are often used as kitchen brick slips because they can remain crisp and unchanged for a very long time. Their natural properties allow resistance to heat as they are manufactured through kiln-fire.

Modern / Classic Brick Slips

Modern brick slips are often time used to install feature walls, they can look stunning as kitchen brick slips because of their smooth and sleek appearance. They are made from modern building material, which allows a variety of options and designs to appear. They can be easily mass-produced, which makes them cheaper than buying bricks.

The material used in the modern brick slips allows them to be resistant to various pesky issues that can appear in other types of brick slips. Modern Kitchen brick slips have a low water absorption rate, which allows them to be resistant to lichen, moss, and other types of algae that grows in humid areas. This type of kitchen brick slip is a perfect option to be used as a backdrop to the kitchen sink.

Reclaimed Brick Slips

Being one of the most expensive types of brick slip, it is no wonder that it combines all the best qualities of traditional and classic brick slips. Reclaimed brick slops are taken from old 19th/20th-century buildings and re-invented to produce a better and durable version. The material used in these reclaimed kitchen brick slips is mostly clay, which is dried in kilns and the sun to produce natural hues. They can be used inside or outside to create a modern, yet rustic feature wall.

These slips can re-invent any room, especially the kitchen as it makes it look rustic and warm. This type of kitchen brick slip has plenty of natural character and style, which is why they can work best on a feature wall. You can bring the traditional feel of a 19th century home with these uniquely cut and textured reclaimed kitchen slips as they bring an antique and authentic quality to your home.

Re-invent Your Home

Kitchen brick slips might be a small addition to your home, but they have a lot of character. Just by adding a simple, yet sleek brick wall behind the cooker, the kitchen can look more authentic and unique in its own right. Feel free to extend brick slips in to the dining are to create a cosy and warming back drop for those all important family get togethers!

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