Everything You Need To Know About Tiles

We all know that tiles can made a massive difference in your home and are a great and cost-effective way of bringing your property up to date with the latest trends. Some of the best things about tiles is that they are long lasting, so many options, easy to maintain, easy to install and now their online, easy to buy! We have completed this guide to hopefully make understanding them and their trends a little bit easier.

Encaustic Tiles For Kitchens

Above: Falo Blue Hand Painted Effect Encaustic Tile


Endless Possibilities

Going back some decades and certainly in the UK, tiles have been used in areas that needed protection against water such as bathrooms and kitchens but now in the last decade we have seen that the industry and taste of homeowners has completely changed.

This is part down to the convenience of tiles, their ease to keep clean and the fact that they always look new, coupled with their high level of durability.

We owe our thanks to the advances and investment in new tile technology for the designs and tiles that are possible today. The latest leap in advancements is the ability to print patterns in high definition on to surface such as porcelain and ceramic, this is what has allowed us to be able to create stunning encaustic effect floor and wall tiles and wood effect tiles that actually feel and look like wood.

Because of these advancements, tiles have not only become acceptable to be used in areas within the home and garden, but they have also become a statement and a focal point within the home. Regardless of the room, there will always be a tile to suit!

Encaustic Effect Tiles For Walls And Floors

Above: Circle Repetition Encaustic Effect Tile 

Picking the right tile?

Its not the easiest job in the world as there are thousands of designs and shapes and in normal circumstances you can choose any tile that you wish. You can even combine different styles of tiles together to create your own unique tiling. Below we have a small list of advice per room, just to give you an idea of tiles that really fit in each room.

Choosing Bathroom tiles

We believe that the bathroom is the most under appreciated room in the home! But it should be the most important as we spend such a great deal of time in them, especially after a long day at work. There is nothing better then locking yourself away in the comfort of your sanctuary that is the bathroom.

Current trends show home owners are still big fans of stone effect tiles in the bathroom, which can be used to create a modern yet natural spa like feel to the room. There are some examples of this tile below:

Above are our new Leather Brown Anti-Slip 80 x 80 Tiles these are ideal for those looking for a modern luxury floor and wall tile within the bathroom.

Above are our new Off White 600 x 300 AntI-Slip Tile these are great for creating a more traditional relaxing room but with great anti-slip benefits.

Along with these, we see 2 other popular trends for the floor at the moment which include Wood Effect Tiles and Encaustic Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles offer a great bathroom floor covering. Wood is a natural product so can never look out of place regardless of where they are used within the home. We find the wood effect tiles to be an incredibly inviting and warm product which make them perfect for bathrooms.

See our stunning examples below:

Above is the Asian Elm Wood Effect Anti-Slip Tiles part of our Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles Range

The Encaustic Effect tile is fast becoming the leading tile for bathroom floors and we see that this is for a couple of reasons. The first being the beauty that encaustic effect bathroom tiles offer; they are eye-catching, colourful and full of character. And, because they are designed to replicate encaustic effect tiles, they are mostly anti-slip tiles, which is always important in wet areas.

Check out this encaustic effect bathroom floor tile:

The above tile features our  Harika Tatlı Geometric Encaustic Effect Tile

For walls, the Metro Tile is and always has been a very popular tile in the bathroom. It's modern, easy to install and gives a very classy finish to your bathroom. If metro tiles are not for you then our range of Marble Tiles are also very popular.

Pattern Metro Tile

Above wall is our  Mono Patchwork Encaustic Metro Tile part of our Patterned Bathroom Tiles

There are important things to consider when putting tiles down in your bathroom and one of those things to consider is, how wet does it get? if your floor space directly gets wet, we would highly suggest using anti-slip tiles (not all tiles have this special coating so always read the description!). If high gloss is your thing, don't let us put you off these can still be used but we would advise using a bath matt just to prevent slipping.

The best thing to do when considering what tile to use is to order a sample first so you can feel and see the tile before committing to a larger order.

Now, the bathroom walls are pretty much limitless (providing the walls are strong enough). It's important to check with your builder whether a plasterboard wall can support the weight of the tiles. If so, then the world is your oyster! The only tile to avoid is split-face mosaic tiles, this is because the joins are almost impossible to grout so water would be likely to get through.

You can check out our full range of bathroom tiles here: Bathroom tiles.

Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

Above:  Adore Smooth Velvet Concrete Effect Matt Tiles

Kitchen tiles

The heart of every home is the kitchen! So, it's important that it looks as great as the rest of your home, and we think we have the latest tile trends down to a 'T'. Although mainly used as a place to prepare meals, the kitchen is also a place to socialise, catch up after a days work and unwind. Here are few ways to keep the kitchen stylish and modern using tiles.

The first thing when you think of when it comes to kitchen wall tiles are the Splashbacks. Splashbacks are the most common area within the kitchen that are tiled. This includes behind the hob, sink, under the wall units and windowsills. Tiles are the ideal wall covering for this area as they are easy to keep clean, and make the space look a little more exciting.

For the kitchen walls, we are seeing 3 big trends at the moment:

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles have been used in kitchen heavily in the last few years, and this is because they offer a retro design, are cost effective and are also easy to install.

Red metro wall tiles for kitchens

Above: Claret Metro Wall Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have been used for centuries. They are the more expensive choice, but usually contain a high amount of detail and give the kitchen wall area a completely unique finish.

Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

The latest trend with tiles is the Hexagon Tile, a truly intricate and mesmerising tile design that will have your kitchen looking its best. We have the largest range of Hexagon Tiles which can be seen here.

Above tiles incorporate the following:   White Gloss Mini Hexagon Wall Tile

And what should you use for the floors? The whole shop is your oyster. We think it's best to consider a practical tile, but more importantly have something you are going to love! One of the core things to consider is how busy your home is. If you have pets, children, etc, we would recommend steering toward porcelain tiles as these are generally harder wearing and are scratch resistant.

 Wood Effect Tiles For Kitchens

Above: Rustic Blue Wood Effect Tiles

Hallway tiles

The hallway for us at the moment is all about Encaustic Tiles. Nothing welcomes a guest better than a distinctive hallway tile! That is what encaustic effect tiles offer. They offer a unique, eye-catching entrance not achievable by any other tile. They become a centre piece or a focal point within the home. That's why to us, in 2019, they are the must have and you can see the full collection here!

Mono Geometric Encaustic Effect Tiles

Above: Mono Geometric Encaustic Effect Tile

We're here to give a comprehensive guide, so we understand patterned tiles may not be for everyone. As the hallway is often the first area that greets us when we arrive home, an increasingly popular hallway trend is the idea of creating a charming period look.

These can be created using one of two methods the first is as above, creating geometric patterns using victorian style tiles. The second is to use quarry tiles.

These have been around for years, so are not going anywhere fast. However, they are a very practical tile as they are anti-slip and constructed from heavy duty materials.

Traditional Red Quarry Floor Tiles

Above: Traditional Red Quarry Floor Tiles

Bedroom tiles

Not usually the go to place when deciding to add tiles to your home, but its worth considering that although packed full of design and features, tiles also offer practicality! Rather then hoovering day in day out to keep the floors clean, this is just a sweep, its easier to move furniture and it can add character to the home.

The bedroom is the first place we think of after long day at work; it's the place where we rest our heads after a tiring a day - but also a place for breakfast in bed and lazy lay-ins at the weekends.

There are no restrictions, which means nothing important to consider. We see from our customers all sorts of inspirational projects, from creating headboards out of mosaics, putting down a wood effect tile on the floor, creating an amazing feature wall out of our brick effect tiles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to bedroom tiles.

Brick Effect Wall Tiles

Above: Red Panel Brick Effect Tile

We hope this blog has given you some ideas and inspiration when picking out the best tiles. Feel free to head over to our live chat if you have any questions otherwise feel free to browse our collections and maybe order a sample!

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