External Brick Slips and Their Uses

External Brick Slips and Their Uses

Brick slips have become a popular renovation option because of their ingenuity; they have the ability to offer a rustic, antique and even modern look to your home. The contrast creates a fascinating allure to homes that signify a unique personality of both the owner and of the house itself. In the past, brick slips were not used, rather their predecessor, the brick was used externally and internally to build insulated and rustic homes. Now, in modern times, external brick slips are used similarly; however, their installation is much easier, and they have more benefits than ever. 

External Brick Slips Installation and Process

External brick slips are an easy option to renovate your house quickly; however, this process can be made easier and harder with the type of external slips being used. Generally, there are two ways of producing external brick slips; they can be manufactured using industrial material, or they can be hand-made with natural materials. Let us look at some brick slip variations and properties:

Pre-Cast External Brick Slips

This type of brick slip is made from industrial materials; these materials can provide a lot of good properties. When manufactured external brick slips are installed, they might not need additional insulation layers. They will also be more durable to weather conditions such as humidity, frost, or rainfall. Manufactured brick slips are also available in a variety of colours as artificial colouring is used to give it glow. The cladding system used in this type of brick slips has low-maintenance and installation cost. Most of our pre-cast external brick slips are made from 60% recycled materials.

Clay External Brick Slips

Hand-made brick slips offer a more traditional look. Moreover, they may cost more than the pre-cast external brick slips. They are made from naturally occurring materials such as clay, whereas, its colour is achieved by baking it in a fire-kiln. Various rustic colours can also be achieved in this type of brick slip by adding other natural materials such as charcoal. This type of external brick slips may need additional insulation layer and cladding systems to keep the house secure during harsh weather conditions.

The Perfect External Brick Slips Cladding Option

External Brick Slips, be it pre-cast or clay, offer a variety of cladding options that can provide insulation and many other benefits such as

  • They offer a low-maintenance and installation option as they have their existing substrate.
  • Modern external brick slips have a slim cladding system that allows a genuine finish; the result is the same as traditional brickwork.
  • External brick slips also allow houses to be easily insulated from the outside by adding a cladding system underneath, which conserves energy and heating bills.
  • It can give ideal rain-screen and protection from stormy weather. Moreover, eternal brick slips can be hydrophobic, which allows them to become dry very quickly.
  • As a modern solution to a traditional design, external brick slips provide a complete cladding system with different options that allow variations in its properties and results.

Why install External Brick Slips?

External brick slips provide excellent results as they give an authentic and traditional finish. Even small wooden out buildings or timber built pons can be transformed to give rustic and warm appeal, which makes it as inviting from the outside as it is from the inside. These provide an aesthetic twist to your modern home while providing cheap alternatives to insulation and harsh weather conditions. 

Varieties of External Brick Slips

External brick slips are used to add a traditional flavour to your home, which is why it becomes increasingly popular. The rustic finish originates from its antique roots, as it is made from the same materials that were used to build antique 19th-century brick homes. There are several ways to make external brick slips depending upon the material and its process, let us look at some popular varieties of external brick slips and their advantages:

Traditional External Brick Slips: This type of brick slip is made from traditional material such as clay; it offers rustic colours and natural textures.  Traditional external brick slips have a brick-like appearance as they are cut from brick before they are baked in a fire-kiln. The colour ranges from brick red to charcoal black depending upon the amount of charcoal used.

Glazed External Brick Slips: They are made from original glazed clay bricks, they are cut down as external brick slips into headers, slips, and corner slips. Unlike traditional external brick slips, these type of brick slips are baked in the firing kiln twice, once to harden it and to glaze it. It provides easy maintenance and weather protection as they are extremely hydrophobic. They are an ideal choice for buildings that need to withstand smoke, chemicals, and changing weather conditions.

Reclaimed External Brick Slips: These slips are made from bricks taken from antique buildings. Over time, these bricks acquire a durable quality and natural texture, which provides a contemporary finish. They offer a genuine colour choice, where all the colours range in hues of red as they are made from old hand-made clay bricks.

Modern External Brick Slips: This type of brick slip does not have one finish; there are various versions of it, such as modern feature brick slips, linear brick slips, wire-cut brick slips, etc. They have various additional properties that allow them to be frost resistant, hydrophobic, and heat-resistant. These properties will enable the cost of a cladding system to be very low, which is why they have become a popular choice.

Creativity Has No Limit

External Brick Slips have different types, finishes, textures, and colours, which you can use to create personalized areas. They can be used in gardens to create external brick slip feature walls, which will accentuate the natural beauty of the garden. External brick slips can also be used to create revamped patio or pavement as well. They can also be used to create unique home looks, which suits your aesthetic.

You can go all black with beautiful white windows, or try the rustic red option to create an antique look for your home. External brick slips provide countless choices of style and colour, which, when combined with its excellent cladding system provides various benefits. You can also insulate your home while renovating without messing with the original bones of the house. Moreover, external brick slips can also be just as easily be removed if you want a change after a while.

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