Get the Honey Comb Design

Get the Honey Comb Design

Embellishing one’s home with the best of the things is the dream of many but fitting the right type of material that compliments one’s home is not everyone’s cup of tea. With the changing world, there come changes in everything – be it different styles, colors, patterns or shapes and sizes of anything available in the marketplace.

Today, here we are talking about how you can get that desired honeycomb finish for your home by making use of hexagon tiles in different colors, shades, and finishes and how they can be incorporated into different effects such as hexagon mosaics, hexagon anti-slip tiles, and unique hexagon tiles.

What is a Honeycomb structure?

Honeycomb structures are man-made constructions that have got the geometry of a honeycomb to permit the minimization of the quantity of the recycled material to reach its minimal weight and low material cost. Its geometry may vary extensively but the collective feature of all such constructions is an arrangement of the hollow cells which is formed amongst the thin vertical walls making hexagon tiles the perfect choice for recreating this.


How you can get that Honeycomb finish for your space?

hexagon tiles are one of the best sources of nature. Today, being inspired by the picture-perfect shape and awesome design with great durability more and more designers are selecting to assimilate the gorgeousness of hexagon tiles that comes into a wide range of tile designs. Contrasting the typical concept of square and rectangular tiles, the hexagon tiles portray as an appealing pictorial differentiator not only on the walls but also embellishes the floors. Moreover, they are earnest of creating a collection of the fabulous pattern of honeycomb material. They are commonly used where there is generally a touch curve or even a flat surface.

If you want to mix-match unique things up in your home, hexagon tiles will surely prove to be the golden ticket for creating that high decor.  So, let us find out how honeycomb material can create that wow look for your space.


How you can use Hexagon Tiles in different shades, colors, and finishes with great effects?

An intrepid and colorless hexagon pattern on your floor can impart depth to a low-key space. It then becomes the central point and becomes the statement décor. And, in this, if you add a touch of orange then it is sure to give that bold and concrete cake of color which in return balances the floor design successfully.

Just keep a note of how the boundary crafts an exact border for creating that honeycomb masterpiece. A polished area of elegant hexagon tiles, hexagon floor tiles, hexagon wall tiles, hexagon kitchen tiles, and hexagon bathroom tiles are sure to add superiority and that wanted attractiveness to the minimalist space.

Moreover, the six sides of hexagon tiles can prove to be the perfect breakaway from the traditional shapes one is used to notice on the doors, walls, and ceilings. One of the most important things that you should not forget is the laying part of the tiles. In this process, do pick your cement’s shade a little duskier than the hexagon tiles.


Multicolored hexagon tiles

Bring that desired life to your honeycomb pattern by spreading multi- color. You will notice how an interconnecting pattern of grey, white and maroon color brightens up your space.


Explore the latest designs that will dazzle up your bathroom as well:

Mixture of Tan

Mix up the desired space with hexagon tiles, diamond as well as rectangular tiles. It is sure to provide filmic inspiration within an unvarying color pattern.

This tanned bathroom displays the best of the styles. With the honeycomb-patterned floor and involvement of hexagon wall tiles lined up with rectangles and diamonds, space is capable to avoid dullness with different shapes.


Dotted sandbox-style

With effect such as dotted sandbox-style, the hexagon mosaics can change the space into a dazzling hideaway. Each piece of the tile placed in the bathroom brings that oomph factor under the warm illumination with the brown spectrum.


Bronze with Charcoal

Fill the miracle of granite world by incorporating the hexagon tiles to earn that customary luxury in an up-to-the-minute pattern.


Hexagon wall tiles highlights

Announce by emphasizing the importance of hexagon tiles with the combination of intrepid rimmed tiles which is arrayed in white and grey colored tiles. This gives a lift to the honeycomb style and raises its design by bordering it in jet black and dark grey. It’s considered best for creating the honeycomb effect for the wooden flooring.


Geometric patterns

This cloud-colored floor features two-toned patterns that please everyone’s eye.  The diamonds of hexagon tiles in colors such as dark grey and pale pervade variation into the clean white bathroom space.

Nonglossy Vanille effect

Mix-matching the unique hexagon tiles can craft a thought-provoking layered effect.  You just need to pick two dissimilar sizes in perhaps two altered materials and contrast them in a collected form.


Are you still confused about what kind of tile you should use and where should it be used?

Alright then, do try the below options.

Go for the Midnight monochrome

This midnight stimulated hexagon tiles with the inclusion of honeycomb floor effect gives that required attention it asks for.

Try out the Silver pattern

Inclusion of Pastel-grey hexagon tiles laid against a background of white can make a beautiful demonstration for your space.

Profound blue sea effect

Splash sunny color into your desired space with the inclusion of hexagon tiles which lengthens across the walls and the floor. You just need to select limited colors and restrict the rest of the tiles to a low-key color to get that awesome look and feel.

With the inclusion of the honeycomb design, it magnificently isolates itself from the framework of white color.



So, as Tiles play the biggest and the important role in giving your space that lively feel; you must act smart in choosing the right tone with the right style. They act as a noticeable step in the renovation of your home.

So, if you are in the mood to modernize your space try these tips out to get the best out of them.