Get The Most Out Of Brick Slips In Your Home

Get The Most Out Of Brick Slips In Your Home

We have seen our brick slips collection grow from a mere 10 different ranges to over 120 different brick slip designs, shapes material and sizes! This makes Applebys Tiles the largest single retailer of brick slips. We often get customers ask a variety of detail regarding brick slips so we have created this simple yet extensive guide on brick slips to answer some of your questions!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve the look of your home, create a feature wall or you are interested in changing the interiors of you walls inside or outside of your home then brick slips are the answer, they are modern way of adding instant character and charm to your home!

A brick slip in its most basic from is either a slither of masonry (real previously used brick or new brick cut down to 15-20mm thick) which perfectly replicate real brick or, they are a pre-cast man made brick veneer that look and feel like real brick but are made from composite materials.

With a range of well over 150 different brick slips in different colours, sizes, styles and formats they offer a truly excellent option for both modern and traditional projects alike.

Below are just some of the areas we see our brick slips being used but if you have an area in mind that you wish to use brick slips then go for it, they are the most versatile wall and (not forgetting) floor covering available so experiment, be bold and be unique!

Fireplace Brick Slips

Almost every home had a a fireplace at some point wether it has now been covered over or is still a staple point within your home you can transform it to make it a true feature both traditional or modern within your home!

We believe the best way to create a feature our of your fireplace is with the use of brick slips it is a product that is naturally associated to the construction of a fireplace as they are hard-wearing, non combustible and age perfectly well with those smoked embers from an open fire!

With the use of our range of brick slips your fireplace will no longer be a practical necessity to warming up your home instead, it will become a beautiful feature within your home that you can adore for decades to come!

There is no limit to where in or outside a fireplace you can apply brick slips should you wish, you can even apply different colours in different areas for example, you could use a rustic red for the inside walls and hearth and the choose a light mixed colour brick slip for the breast and walls either side!


Above: Our Rustic Cotswold Blend Brick Slips

Kitchen Brick Slips

Probably the second most popular use for our range of brick slips is within the kitchen! Offering a perfect and more charming finish then the likes of traditional tiles or glass splash backs, our brick slips offer warmth and charm within the kitchen> Its important to consider that the main design and desire to use brick slips is to add character to your home and the kitchen is one of the busiest most loved and well used rooms in the house and it is important that the room be warming and charming to family and guests a like!

Many people use brick slips in two main areas of the kitchen the first being the Splashback area. This is the area along between the worktop and the bottom of the kitchen wall units. The second most popular is of course the arga surround many victorian homes still have their original arga and we believe nothing suits and arga better then traditional brick slips.

Do not feel limited to use brick slips in just these two areas, for a complete re-look of your kitchen install on all of the walls floor to ceiling it creates an authentic looking aged period interior finish in your kitchen.

The additional benefit of using brick slips in the kitchen is their low maintainability. These are bricks at the end of the day and they (just like house bricks) will be subject to all sorts of kitchen abuse and no matter what happens it will just add to the desired rustic finish of the brick slips.


Feature Wall Brick Slips

Fast becoming the latest trend of 2019 is the use of brick slips to create a mesmerising and captivating feature wall within the home. We have customer who choose to use our brick slips to create feature walls every where from the kitchen to the bedroom and home offices the options are endless and there should be no restrictions! A feature wall is what you make of it and it should become the talking point or at the very least the focal point of your home and that is what brick slips can offer that the likes of paint or wall paper can not.

Brick slips open up to the senses, it is not just a pretty wall covering its textured and tactile and should be embraced! By carefully choosing the brick slip you want to use, you can effectively create different effects. For example a new build house can instantly become a home that offers a cosy living room or vibrant bathroom or, for those looking to create a modern finish in an aged house then go for it use a flat faced brick slip or an urban grey brick slip and, with all of our brick slips having a sample option there is no excuse not to get looking!

If you want to create look as the one in our image, then you will need to purchase our Audley brick slip.


External Brick Slips

There are many reasons people choose to use brick slips externally and mainly it is to create a brick effect wall wether that be a feature of to change to complete brick work of your home!

For home covering we find that our brick slips are mainly used for extensions, it is very hard to find bricks that match or closely match the bricks that were originally used to build your home therefore, an alternative to this is to build that extension with block work and then clad the exterior to help blend in naturally with your home.

The other uses include creating a feature wall in the garden, pond construction and summer house cladding. The uses are truly endless with our brick slips and because of the materials they are made from they are completely frost and whether proof so there is no excuse.

We hope you have found our blog useful and encourage you to explore our full range of brick slips! In the meantime should you have any questions feel free to head over to our contact page were one of our specialists are always more then happy to help!