Get The Most Out Of Red Kitchen Tiles

Get The Most Out Of Red Kitchen Tiles

When we think of the colour red, we can think of all sorts of things .. the colour red can even be perceived as daunting, but rest assured, it is not!

It can turn a dull decor into a vibrant, powerful, fresh space. Red kitchen tiles definitely have a place within your kitchen or in fact anywhere within the home, the bold, fiery tones can give a kitchen space the character it deserves to reflect the individuals living in the home - it doesn’t have to be a solid bold colour of red either, you could choose a patterned tile for that extra edge!

From the floors to the walls, or just a feature space - there are so many ways to have fun with our range of playful Red kitchen tiles.

Possibilities are endless, it’s finding what works for you that is the challenge.


Creating A Feature Wall

If you’re aiming for something unique within your kitchen, or perhaps you want to go ahead and dedicate just one wall to the red kitchen tile, then you can!

You could create just one feature wall that would be the focal point of the room, where all attention is based, perhaps along the back of a kitchen where most of the hustle and bustle takes place, cooking all different types of meals and snacks. Or perhaps you’d prefer to have the feature wall where you could all wine and dine together alongside socialising, having a feature wall could take away the stress and anxiety of trying to dress the room up with lots of other bits and pieces to ‘complete’ the space that could easily cost you a lot of money.

You could look to use a mixture of both Red kitchen tiles and  patterned tiles, or perhaps you could create your own shape on the wall with the tiles using one of our many shapes such as the ‘Red metro tile’, or the ‘Red hexagon tile’. The only thing that will be limiting you is your imagination!


Contrasting Red Kitchen Tiles With White

With bold colours such as our Red kitchen tiles, they will look fantastic in contrast against white tiles, you could opt for a feature wall, as we have touched upon above, or, combine white and red kitchen tiles together to create your own pattern to individualise your space.

Staying with the contrast theme, you could have a kitchen area that is completely white washed in terms of your counters, your cupboards and all your appliances that are within the space, meaning that you can then appease the area using red kitchen tiles on either a half or full wall and the results will be stunning to marvel at. A clean, fresh look with the white, sterile beautiful space then having to look at the striking, explosive, red on the walls. The two colours complement each other perfectly, especially within the kitchen it will create a spectacle most would be jealous of.

We have the perfect red tile to match your space and to match the use of it you require, we have Red kitchen tiles that come in gloss finish, matt finish or the all important anti-slip.

Red Kitchen Tiles For The Floor

Anti slip tiles - this is a definite must have if you were thinking of placing these tiles within your kitchen that perhaps, as with most layouts, leads on to an outside space. This ensures that any wet shoes/boots that come scrambling in from the elements to join the family for a feast or get together will not be caught slipping over!

Should any family members or guests bring any unwanted debris or moisture in from the outside, these incredibly versatile tiles are easy to clean up quickly and effectively with minimal effort therefore ongoing maintenance need not be a worry when it comes to choosing these tiles.

Choosing a floor tile can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be, once you’ve decided on the colour then decided the shape and pattern that you are wanting, what’s the effect you’re going for? Relaxed? Bold? Making a statement? Or do you want it to contrast the walls?

If you were feeling a little bit more daring, you could also opt to use Red kitchen tiles with another patterned tile, that is the beauty of using a single bold colours such as red, it is easily entwined with other bold colours, or for the more vivacious, captivating, patterns. How about staying with the contrasting theme and choose a red patterned floor tile such as our ‘Encaustic Red Star’ tile for something different? Instead of the focal point being one of your walls, make it the floor, it’s always good to be a little different!


Red Kitchen Tiles For A Kitchen Splashback

Another great option would be to opt to have a kitchen splash back with these Red kitchen tiles, perhaps by having this space the only focal point of the room; with these tiles it will create a focal point where it should - right where you are conjuring up your next meal. Getting the kitchen splash back right can be of particular importance for smaller kitchens, as certain colours and materials can make the kitchen appear larger than it actually is.


Have you had a look through the range of Red kitchen tiles that we have? We have so many to choose from and so many different shapes.. for example, we have the well loved and well used ‘’metro’’ tile, these are perfect for the kitchen splash back you desire, or for use on the wall, whether that be a half or a full wall, they are on-trend at the moment - but not too over the top hence the popularity.  They are also unlikely to break the bank when it comes to cost which of course is so vital for most.

However we have a red kitchen tile for all budgets - big or small, there is guaranteed to be something for you and your project.

Placing these tiles for you kitchen splash back will mean convenience when it comes to cleaning up all this spillages from the food you’re cooking, opting for a red kitchen tile will eliminate the dullness of colour fading over time say if you were to choose a standard white or lighter coloured tile instead. It needs to withstand its element within the kitchen and for a long period of time with its constant uses.

We have lots of different tones of red available that you are literally spoilt for choice. Be sure to check through the range that we have, explore the different patterns that we have to offer and be as creative as you like.

For example the red metro tile, with this particular tile you should know there is so much more than meets the eye - did you know that the metro tile is a common theme in the London underground and New York Subway plus other iconic ‘Metro’ station, lacing the floors and walls? So how about taking that theme and incorporating it into your kitchen using one of the Red kitchen tiles such as the ‘Cardiff Red’ metro tile, the deep red colour of this tile is perfect for setting off an upmarket theme in your home, it oozes inveigle, warmth and depth. You can dress this colour up or down depending on the theme that you are going for, which such bold colours you have the versatility to be matched with other striking bold colours or bold patterns, if statement is what you’re after then look no further than a red kitchen tile.