Gloss Tiles Vs Matt Tiles

Gloss Tiles Vs Matt Tiles 


While building an opulent home or even renovating a small studio apartment, people spare no expenses. Everything is carefully picked out. The vibrant colour combinations, the plush furniture, the beautiful show pieces and everything else. And while picking out all the elements which contribute to a beautiful home, people generally look for one time investment. They are more inclined towards investing in something durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain.


But one of the biggest dilemmas that home owners face is the dilemma of picking out the right tile. You can change the show pieces, you can change the colour of the walls, even you can change the furniture, but when it comes to tiles, it has to be not only highly durable but also perfect. 


Most people adore the shiny surfaces as these give a luxurious look to the rooms of your house. Most people like subtle and muted surfaces as they give a minimalistic and classy look to the rooms. These are the two tile variations which create most confusion among buyers as both are appealing and alluring to the eyes.


Hence, in order to assist you with the confusing task of picking out the right tile, we have created this article to help you take a deeper look at both the variations so that you can pick the right tile for your home. So keep reading.


Gloss Tiles


Gloss tiles can be easily spotted in many luxury spas, malls, showrooms and resorts. We are certain that you must have spotted these tiles in some place similar. And why not. When it comes to achieving a luxurious look, gloss tiles are to go for. And the best part is, not only Gloss tiles look astonishing in lighter shades, but also look breathtaking in the darker shades.


Gloss tiles have the shiny, lustrous and smooth surface which allow these tiles to bounce light around the room. Because of this reflective property of gloss tiles, the eyes get tricked into believing that the room is larger than it really is. So if you are living in a studio apartment or your house has a small bathroom or kitchen, gloss tiles will be the perfect pick.


Many people live in apartments and homes which receive the maximum amount of natural light. The natural light also helps in enhancing the beauty of the rooms in your house. But what if your house or apartment doesn't have enough windows to brighten up the room? What if your house is surrounded by trees which block all the natural light? In this case, you can easily opt for Gloss tiles, as they reflect every amount of light they receive and make your rooms brighter.


Another pro of gloss tiles is that they are easy to maintain and can be cleaned without any hassle. Since the surface of the gloss tiles is slippery, all it takes is just a wipe to make them spotless. This trait of Gloss tiles make them perfect for areas like bathroom, kitchen and even fireplace, which demand most attention from the home owners.  


While gloss tiles have many pros and they look extremely luxurious, there are few things a home owner should keep in mind before opting for these tiles. Gloss tiles are slippery as compared to matt tiles. So if you have elderly people living in your home or you’ve got little kids, it is recommended to avoid using these tiles for flooring. But, you can always incorporate these tiles on the walls to give your rooms a majestic, royal look. 


Matt Tiles


You must have spotted matt tiles in old cafes, offices and ancient buildings. And for decades, home owners have been incorporating these matt tiles to bring the magic of tradition with a touch of modernism in their homes. Even though matt tiles don't look as luxurious as gloss tiles and they also don't scream for attention, they still look beautiful. matt tiles are a perfect example of beauty in simplicity and they give your home a subtle lift that allows everything else to shine.


Matt tiles have this natural rustic finish, which creates a tranquil space. If you are someone who loves the relaxing environment, these are the tiles to go for. You can opt for muted pastel shades like grey, white, cream etc to create a space that's serene and calming.


Matt tiles are ideal for walls as well as floors. They not only look sophisticated but also provide an excellent grip, which makes them perfect for walking. matt tiles are also ideal for areas which deal with water and moisture like bathrooms, kitchens, wash areas etc. If you are willing to achieve a modern minimalistic look with a hint of luxury, you can opt for large tiles. This will not only make the room appear bigger but will also help in minimizing the grout lines, making the maintenance easier. 


Matt tiles are also easy to maintain. Their natural rustic look doesn't show dirt and dust and can be cleaned anytime at your own convenience.


Mixing it up

If you are someone who wants to create something unique, a space that's a perfect blend of luxury and tradition, you can mix both the variations of the tiles. You can alternate contrasting deep shades of matt and gloss tiles to create an exceptional space. You can also incorporate Gloss tiles to highlight an area between matt tiles. If you are willing to create a feature wall that will bring more balance to your home, you can pair darker shades of Gloss tiles with matt tiles to achieve a perfect contrasting look.  


Both tiles come with their own set of beautiful features which are completely exceptional and cannot be compared with each other. Both variations are beautiful in their own way and choosing one completely depends on the personal taste, purpose and the personality the home owner is trying to incorporate in his/her house. Both tiles are highly durable, easy to maintain, easy to install and can be used to create graceful and gorgeous personalized places. We are sure you must have found enough information to decide which variations serves your purpose the best. So which one did you pick?