Hexagon Tiles - The latest Shape in Tile Design

Hexagon Tiles - The latest Shape in Tile Design

There is no space for old and over-used shapes of tiles, especially square ones. Hexagon tiles are the newest trend that has taken the modern world in storm. They offer a groovy style that can be used to create a vintage, retro, or traditional looks with a modern twist. They offer an interesting shape without being overly pretentious or gaudy.

You can use hexagon-shaped tiles to create interesting feature walls or backsplashes. Moreover, they look stunning as floor tiles as well. They give an ultra-stylish appeal to homes that need an extra oomph.


Different Types of Hexagon Designs

Modern Hexagon tiles are made up of ceramic or porcelain, which can be given any design or size. They have excellent durability and properties, which makes them an excellent choice to be used in homes of all styles. The shape and design of hexagon tiles matter a lot as it can transform the room into a different aesthetic, let us look at some popular forms of hexagon tiles.

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

The mosaic tile is a trendy and retro option that can be used in bathrooms or kitchens. It looks gorgeous as a bathroom wall tile or as a kitchen backsplash. Mosaic tiles are often found in monochromatic colours, sometimes black and white hexagon tiles are combined to create mosaic patterns. The mosaic pattern might be created through a combination of marble effect or encaustic effect tile to give a sensual finish 


External Hexagon Tiles

Unlike Mosaic tiles, external Hexagon tiles give the best effect if their size is large. They can offer a beautiful transition effect in porches that lead into the living room. You can combine encaustic effect tiles used in living or bedrooms and transition them with a marble hexagon tile into the porch to give a modern look. This transition can also be used in bathrooms to partition certain sections of the room. This transition effect allows these tiles to be used in the gardens as external hexagon tiles.

Encaustic Effect Hexagon Tile

Giving a more tradition and vintage appeal, encaustic effect Hexagon tiles are being used in office spaces and in homes to create professional and traditional looks. These tiles can beautifully fit in period style homes as well; they replicate traditional period style patterns in a modern way. Encaustic effect hexagon tiles also offer geometric patterns that can be used in vintage homes to create monochrome looks with bold coloured furniture and fixtures. Some of the most popular encaustic effect hexagon tiles are Morrocan and starburst pattern tiles.


Terracotta Effect Hexagon Tile

It is a traditional option that allows Hexagon tiles to be used in more rustic homes. This style can give more character to the houses; moreover, it can be used to create warm and cosy rooms because of its natural colour range. It can be a great addition to bathrooms that need to feature a warmer and more rustic outlook.


Quarry Hexagon Tiles

One of the most popular choice in retro homes as it has a very textured finish. The process of making quarry tiles is the same as a brick; it is also present various hues that are available in bricks. They have a natural glaze on them and do not require additional sealing like terracotta stone or porcelain tiles. Quarry Hexagon tiles can be used in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms to create traditional and retro looks. It looks fantastic in exterior and interior hallway tile, moreover, it has a slip-resistant, which makes it the perfect material to be used in high-traffic areas.

How and Where to Install Hexagon Tiles

There is plenty of space, where hexagon tiles can be installed to make the space more stylish. Depending upon the material, the hexagon style can be used to create modern or traditional looks in all the spaces in houses. Let us look at some of the latest home-designer trends that can be created using hexagon tiles.


Kitchen Wall and Flooring

You can create a gorgeous and memorable kitchen backsplash by using small hexagon tiles. You can also create a mosaic effect by using different complementary colours to create a feature wall inside the kitchen or simply as a splashback. Moreover, the patterned and encaustic tile also offers various design patterns that can be mixed to create period themed kitchen backsplash.

Larger hexagon tiles are very trendy as kitchen flooring as they can create a sleek and modern look without much effort. You can create smooth hexagon flooring by using dark colours such as greens and blues; these simple tiles can create retro kitchens with a modern twist whereas larger encaustic and pattern hexagon tiles can create traditional and period style flooring with ease.

Bathroom Wall and Flooring

Hexagon tiles give a subtle modern style to your bathroom without making it look pretentious. They are a cheap alternative to marble or real encaustic flooring. Smaller hexagon tiles can be used as flooring to separate certain sections of the room. However, larger hexagon tiles with unique designs look best as flooring. You can use terracotta effect hexagon tiles to create rustic style flooring, or you can use marble effect hexagon tiles to create modern flooring, both of which are trending in the market.

They can also be used along with brick effect tiles and pattern tiles to create feature walls. Hexagon Tiles can be used to partition certain sections such as the area around the showerhead. You can go full vintage and use encaustic hexagon tiles with bold colours to create stylized bathrooms or choose traditional patterned hexagon tiles to create sophisticated modern looks.

Living Room Wall and Flooring

Hexagon tiles are being used to bring the "it" feature to homes; they are widely being used in living rooms to create gorgeous feature walls. In modern and vintage homes, hexagon tiles are placed in geometric patterns to create sophisticated looks. One of the most popular trends of hexagon tile is the honeycomb look, which can create memorable feature walls that have a versatile quality. Mosaic hexagon tile feature walls can also be used to make your fireplace have more character.

Hexagon flooring is also used to create transition effects between different rooms that have open walls. They can offer a gorgeous and versatile style that can be transformed into any style that you want, be it rustic or traditional. Modern flooring has bold transition colours; the most popular transition being used by designers is from marble hexagon tiles to hardwood, which creates a very bold and memorable statement in your home.

Transform Your Home to Become a Memorable Masterpiece

Home renovators and designers are using Hexagon tiles in all shape and sizes to create beautiful and memorable modern homes. They are also being used by homeowners to give character to an otherwise simple room. Now you only need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new with the latest geometric hexagon tile trend and create your masterpieces at home.