High Impact Tiles for Small Spaces

High Impact Tiles for Small Spaces


When it’s time to revamp your home, you’ll have a lot of options to go with, especially if you want to add a beautiful feature wall to a space. With beautiful brick tiles, you’ll have a wide range of styles to choose from, plus the ability to have a durable, affordable and very versatile solution. 

Brick tiles are ideal for any home, especially if you want to create a beautiful feature in a small space. With brick tiles, you’ll have a tile that is thinner than a brick, but gives the same beautiful appearance. When you choose the right type of style, you can make your room appear bigger and add a beautiful feature wall to any space.

We stock a variety of beautiful brick tiles for your home, and we also offer you the option of brick sample first. This will be a great idea on the look and feel of tile you are considering for your home, as style that it will add to the room. From mosaic tiles to red and pink tiles, we have a selection at very affordable prices

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles allow you to have a beautiful patterned tile in your home, which is ideal for your walls and your floors. You can easily install mosaic tiles as a DIY project, especially if you buy all the right accessories. Mosaic tiles have a beautiful pattern, and they are very popular in almost any house in the world today.

We have a variety of beautiful mosaic kitchen tiles and  mosaic bathroom tiles for your home. No matter what colour or design you like, you can easily get this great effect with mosaic tiles in any room in the house. They are made from durable materials such as porcelain, allowing you to have hardware walls throughout your home.

The great benefit of using mosaic tiles in your home is that it helps to create the illusion of a bigger space. This is ideal for smaller rooms or even small bathrooms, as you can use mosaic designs as a beautiful feature to an existing wall or even as an entire feature wall.


Pink tiles

Pink kitchen tiles are quite popular and they have been making a vintage statement ever since the 1940s. These days, there is a growing demand for the return of pink kitchen tiles for those seeking to create a retro and colour filled home. These beautiful, modern and charming designs have become a popular decoration option.

One of our most popular options is the Pink Diamond Stripe Patterned Tiles. These are ideal for a kitchen as they give you a beautiful soft colour as well as a modern striped pattern. Embrace the latest trend of encaustic effect tiles with these mesmerising Pink Diamond Stripe Patterned Tile boasting a consistent diamond stripe pattern, when placed together offer an encaustic and geometric diamond design. These tiles are made from hard-wearing ceramic with a soft white and pastel pink these tiles are perfectly suited to use on both floors and walls and, with the use of underfloor heating.


Red Tiles

Red tiles will always remain striking and popular. And with it’s bold colour, it’s ideal for small spaces that really want to make an impact. Choose from our beautiful selection of red bathroom tiles that will really make an impact on smaller areas. These include the popular New York Rustic Brick Red Effect Wall Tile, as well as the very interesting Bronze Charred Slate Effect Tile. These tiles are made from porcelain and can be used for interior and exterior walls as they are durable and hard wearing.

Another great option for red tiles is the Motown Red Brick Slips. These are perfect for smaller kitchens as they can handle splash backs and heat easily. Install them as a feature wall in a small kitchen and get a beautiful design that your guests will love, while adding value to your home. Red brick tiles are always popular as they give the appearance of a traditional face brick wall in your home. This is especially popular among modern home owners who want a unique yet traditional look for their interior walls. 


Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles can be a great way to upgrade any room, including your bathroom and kitchen, with a refreshing look that is modern and sophisticated. They have a great design and is ideal for any space that you want to have appear bigger than it is, and reflecting light throughout the room. 

At Appleby’s we have a wide range of hexagon kitchen tiles and hexagon bathroom tiles available. Some of our popular hexagon tiles include the Hexagon Matt Pink Mosaic Tiles, which gives you a soft pink colour, ideal for any kitchen area. If you are looking for something more modern, you can go for the Gold Hexagon 3D Mosaic Tile, which is perfect for upmarket homes and any room where you want to make a stylish impression. 


Whether you are looking for mosaic tiles for small bathroom wall, or a more durable red brick tile for a kitchen wall, we have a wide variety of brick tiles available. You can easily create a larger up to any room, and even choose the right colour and design to help reflect light from a certain wall. We also couple that with expert advice so that you can easily handle any brick wall installation on your own.

For more information about our available selection of tiles for your interior floors, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.