How to Choose Between Brick Slips and Brick Effect Tiles?

How to Choose Between Brick Slips and Brick Effect Tiles?


When it comes to choosing a brand-new wall for your home, you have a lot of options to choose from. But many home owners are now starting to move away from traditional tiles and making use of brick slips or the effect tiles throughout their home. This is the perfect way to get the same rugged, authentic look that a traditional brick wall has, but without all the effort. No need to rebuild an existing interior wall, as you can simply make use of brick slips.

With so many different textures and colours to choose from, you can create almost any look in your home and have a cost-effective yet durable wall in any room in your home. Brick effect tiles have become very popular in recent years, especially since they allow you to have the same brick-like look inside your home than you have on the outside. Plus, you can match it with almost any theme you have in a room.

Brick slips can be used in internal and external environments, making them very versatile. They can be used in full rooms, smaller features, or complete building exteriors. They are also excellent not only for new buildings, but also for retrofitting or renovation projects. With the rend of exposed brick becoming more popular every year, the demand for these walls are growing and as such, a wide variety of materials, designs and colours are available.

What Are Brick Slips?

Brick slips are also called brick veneers or brick tiles and they are essentially thin cuts of brick, or purpose-made brick tiles that you can use throughout your home – inside and out. They are commonly used to mimic the appearance of a real conventional brick wall and can be used in internal and external environments.

They are a very popular choice and quite common in many modern homes. The demand for them has been increasing over the last few years and there is a wide variety of options available to cater for any home owner’s preference. Brick slips are also breathable, durable and non-combustible. They are made from durable, recyclable materials, making them energy efficient and the perfect solution for an area that needs to be beautified.  

Brick slips are primarily used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer a quick and practical alternative to conventional bricks. You can now have a brick-like finish on your walls – indoors and outdoors.

They come in many different sizes and they can also be custom-made to fit your specific requirements. There are many different finishes that you can choose from, but popular options often include a weathered look, as this gives you the same rustic feel inside the home as you have on your outside face brick walls. With the right adhesive and primer, you can create a beautiful, durable and long-lasting appearance for your home.

Brick slips can also be used commercially and they fit in perfectly in restaurants, cafes and clothing outlets. They give a rustic, authentic feel and can turn any space into a modern, stylish environment. These brick tiles are durable and long-lasting, making them the perfect investment for any retail space.

Brick Slips vs Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect features tiles are gaining more popularity every year. This is mainly because they are so versatile and offer the perfect brick like look for walls in your home. People are no longer only adding these tiles in their kitchens and bathrooms, but they are not looking for other ways where they can use them throughout the home. This includes choosing between a variety of new textures and patterns, into other areas such as the living room, and the bedroom, offering a unique field in a personalized space.

Brick effect feature tiles are effectively made from original reclaimed bricks to help create a stunning brick-like wall. It is made with the surface of real bricks, to mimic the appearance of a real brick wall. Brick effect tiles come in a variety of style, meaning that you’ll be able to create almost any look and feel in your home.  

Whereas brick slips are made from thin cuts of bricks. They essentially offer the same effect and are perfect for interior and exterior walls. Brick slips are cut to specific measurements, and it is mixed with natural colouring agents to provide the perfect finish for your walls. If you want to make a great style statement in your home or business without having to pay expensive prices, you need to purchase real effect brick tiles or brick slips for your walls. 

Both of these make for excellent interior wall covering and it’s a great way to add style to older homes, without losing its original feel. Brick slips and brick effect feature tiles are both becoming very popular and best of all – you can use them inside and outside, as long as you choose the correct material type. 

Kitchen Brick Slips vs Kitchen Brick Effect Tiles

With beautiful kitchen brick slips, you can create a stylish wall that will definitely attract attention. Kitchen brick slip walls are modern, practical and perfect for an environment that may become hot at times, and even become damp. They can be used on one feature wall, or they can be used for all the interior kitchen walls. They handle heat well and are quite easy to install for experienced builders and designers. 

Brick effect kitchen tiles can offer a similar feature, with a range of beautiful design options to choose from. You can have the same rugged look inside your kitchen, as you have on your exterior walls, while keeping it fashionable, very stylish and a perfect complement to your current décor. Brick effect tiles are gaining popularity every year and this look is no longer reserved for exterior walls – they look amazing on interior walls as well.

Bathroom Brick Slips vs Brick Effect Bathroom Tiles

Brick effect bathroom tiles are a very popular option, especially if you want to create a beautiful, yet unique look in your bathroom. Since this is a personal space, you can reflect your own unique style and this is easy to do with beautiful brick effect bathroom tiles. Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of colours, including white, black, grey, blue and beige. 

If you are considering installing bathroom brick slips as a splash back for your sink and you are worried about its durability, these tiles are perfect. They have been designed to suit any room in the home, whether it be for a shower wall enclosure or a traditional brick slip floor covering. They are excellent in handling moisture, as they are water-resistant and the perfect option for a bathroom.

Many people love the authentic look and feel of brick slips or brick effect feature tiles. They can be used anywhere, are easy to install and made from eco-friendly materials that really adds character to your home. You can get the warmth and life that a real brick wall provides – right inside your home. Best of all, these brick slips are not expensive and this means a cost-effective option for builders and home owners alike.

Feature Wall Brick Slips vs Brick Effect Feature Tiles

Feature wall brick slips can give you a real brick-like feel for a feature wall in your home. With the similar effect of modern brick effect feature tiles, this gives you a more realistic face brick-like look, similar to what you’ll have on the outside of your home. Feature walls are often a centre piece of attraction in many homes, making it a great option for home owners who want a modern look for their interior walls.

With beautiful brick effect feature tiles, you can choose from a variety of sizes and colours, to make it the perfect addition to your home. Even corners are no match for these tiles, as you simply choose return corners that come in various thicknesses and sizes – perfect for any wall. This allows you to create a seamless continuation of your wall and patterns, making it look effortless and beautiful.

Why not give your lounge area a rustic makeover? It’s the perfect solution with brick slips. There’s something about a rustic, rugged look that simply remains popular throughout the years, and you can create this look and feel with the help of professionally manufactured brick effect feature tiles.

How about revamping your exterior walls? With exterior brick slips you can do just that. Traditional brick houses have a rustic appeal that makes them appear very relaxing and homely. But these days, the price of brick houses, let alone bricks, has skyrocketed and this means it’s not affordable for everyone anymore.

The solution? Use external brick slips that have all of its rustic charms at extremely affordable prices. It is for this reason that there is a wide variety of external brick slips available today, that you can use to create rustic homes that mimic the beautiful, popular style of brick houses.

External brick slips are available in modern themes too – bold colours and sleek finishes – for any home. They are made to mimic only the basic aspects of bricks, while bringing their own unique finish. You can also choose from a range of glazed external brick slips that can be used outdoors to make your house look even more modern and rustic. You can also use various mixes of external brick slips if you want to create something unique, or to mimic the inconsistency of bricks to give a more authentic feel to your home. 

Fireplace Brick Slips vs Brick Effect Fireplace Tiles

One great reason why fireplace brick slips are so effective, is because they are excellent in heat resistance and look good too. They can be installed around your fireplace to match the design and colour of the rest of the room, while adding a modern touch to a very popular feature of your home. 

Brick effect fireplace tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but they allow you to have the appearance of a real brick wall around your fireplace. Although it’s best to use an expert when it comes to installing tiles, as an added benefit, you can install these brick effect tiles yourself, saving even more money. 

When installing brick effect tiles, as with any other tiles, it’s always important to consider the surroundings and whether the tile will be suitable for the surface. That’s why brick slips are such n popular option, as it allows you to get a durable, hard wearing floor surface that is also low in maintenance and very versatile. 

It’s a great option for any room in the home – including kitchens and bathrooms – as it’s an excellent option for damp areas as well as areas that have a lot of traffic every day. Keep in mind, though, if you are installing tiles in a wet area, it is essential for you to make sure that you install them carefully and correctly since they are porous; however, high quality porcelain brick effect bathroom tiles are non-porous, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

If you want to make a major style impact in your home, you can benefit from the affordability, convenience and modern look of brick slips or beautifully designed brick effect feature tiles. 

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