How to create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom

How to create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom

Our bathrooms are like a sanctuary for recovering the lost energy; after a long tiresome day. It is beneficial if the ambiance around us leads to a calm mind; with an exquisite bubble bath or a warm cascading shower. Grey and white color palette is the top choice among people who wish to make their bathroom a Zen spot. It has proven to be the best choice for mind rejuvenation after rough day work and gives a gentle start to another day; without giving a harsh morning alarm.

 Choosing floorings for bathroom and shower area can get a bit dubious; as it is different from opting tiling for other areas of the house. All bathroom tiles should be made and chosen to give lasting comfort; be it for barefoot walking or for crawling into a restful bath. One must remember to choose the tiles which do not get immediate abrasion marks and stay microbe-free; going for “slippery when wet” sort of tiles is a bad choice. Tiles that are practical and durable would be the ideal floorings to opt for; few tiles that fit in perfectly for all creative demands are:

  • Stone Effect Tiles
  • Marble Effect Tiles
  • Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

Stone Effect Tiles

Willing to cross regular bathroom styling to create new and eternal bathroom look then you must go for the Stone Effect Bathroom Tiles. Fill two needs with one deed by using these tiles. Why two needs? Well, these Stone Effect Bathroom Tiles are here to cover both bathroom walls and flooring. Ranging from warm creamy shades to coats of light grey; you can find everything needed for a full bathroom transformation. The ageless need for stones in architectural practices has listed out many advantages: skid-resistant, anti-blemish and immune to chemicals, and lastly, it can be cleaned easily. Besides, the flexible sizes of Stone Effect Bathroom Tiles make it available in large to small sizes; depending on client demand. 

At the same time, stones like marble and granite might look charming as well and add on to the interior great luxurious view. In the past few years, Stone Effect Bathroom Tiles have gained a lot of popularity due to their lasting and cost-effective nature; making them an ideal substitute for the natural stones.

If you still wish to invest in naturally obtained Stone Effect Bathroom Tiles then read below to discover advantageous stone effect tiles and how they are the affordable companions for converting your bathroom into a topical-spa. 


Marble Effect Tiles

To add elegance and refinement one must add natural elements to their bathrooms. One of the most stunning and flawless ways of doing this is using Marble. Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles are the ideal choice for creating a sumptuous masterwork interior for your bathroom. There is a grand range of marble effect tiles available from where you can choose your favorite.

Regardless of your taste and operational wishes; be assures that Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles wide range will give out a trendy and practical wall or floor solutions for different types of bathroom decors.

While shopping at our Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles collection; we promise you to have a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from.

The variety of design does not just end up here; ask for it we have it, square, hexagon or cube-effect tile mosaic in marble pattern will help you in giving high grade pricey looking feature wall in your bathroom. Also, we have a huge collection of Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles in distinctive shapes to make statuesque chevron design or peculiar border-stripes on basic walls. 

Simply put, you are provided with an abundant tile range to choose from when it comes down to picking sizes and shapes. A tile suiting your preference and taste with all its attributes is ensured to be out there. 

To capture the real essence of simplicity with opulence; make sure to invest in lasting and classy items that could endure abrasion, while still being eternal in design for the future. Thankfully, our Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles are made with porcelain and ceramic; pointing towards their durability and various other properties to survive through the interior environmental challenges. 

  • Unmatched Lastingness: Accompanied by all the daily use wear and tear; flooring won't lose its gleam easily. By using our marble effect tiles make sure your bathroom stays spotless for years to come. Damage to these tiles is hardly noticeable; with complimentary scratch and stain repellence. This means that these tiles can meet the daily requirements without losing their artistic appeal.  
  • Less Maintenance: Daily mop and sweep for our marble effect tiles is enough to keep them sparkling for a whole day; which is great compared to the high up-keep marble tiles.

These tiles leave you with no complaints or choices to not select these for giving a high-end view to your bathroom by adding marble highlights. Interior design is generally neglected while looking for practicality in such items. But, our marble effect tiles gives you the chance of creating a stylish yet pragmatic look for your house interior. 

No matter what are your aims for the interior planning, these tiles are surely going to assist you in elevating any normal look to an upscale look. Despite you being customary or high-tech, simple or tender, these marble tiling will impeccably fit in your demands for a perfect bathroom interior.

Hence, with these tiles, you can give your bathroom a look of being from an expensive suite.


Wood Effect Tiles

To add on a touch of natural serenity, these Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles will give a realistic natural wood feel across your bathroom; no wonder why these are climbing up the demand table. Using actual wood in your bath-area would require lots of maintenance with cleansing solutions and varnish care to save them from getting degenerated with passing time. 

Just like actual wood, laminate is also not an ideal choice to be used in moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This means that there is a restriction to where and how you can get your favorite wooden decors installed.

Our special Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles are made with a combination of natural wood appearance and long-lastingness from the modern tech; making these another contender of seeking your attention. It repels water and does not gets dents or scratches easily; providing you with the perfection of both elements. Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles give out the rare chance of involving natural components and shades into your personal space; something that is next to impossible with real wood barks.

Dream about having a nice wood-sheathed shower enclosure for a rustic classy feel with a slight touch of luxury; all such ideas in your mind can come true if you use these Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles with fake wood patterns. 

There are many reasons why you could prefer plain old tiles over these Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles, but if you wish to drive into the lane of innovation and try something new then these are exactly what you would need.

Call in nature for a warm hug by giving your bathroom a new makeover by using either of these tiles of floors and walls of your bathroom. Whether you choose to go with faded shades of grey or amiable browns for walls, which are complemented by finishing touches of little green leaves; these tiles will help in making a successful attempt for creating a relaxing room for yourself.