How To Create A Feature Wall

Creating A Feature Wall With Tiles

First thing's first! A Feature wall is not just restricted to a single wall in your living room! A tiled feature wall can be created anywhere; your stairs, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, dining room or external wall (to us anywhere means anywhere!).

We know the normal perception of a featured wall is usually a single wall within the room that is a unique colour or sometimes its a single wall of wallpaper, but what if we gave you some ideas on unique and captivating tiles feature walls?

Creating a tiled feature wall doesn't have to be obvious, it doesn't have to be safe, sometimes its about putting your personality forward and being risky. At the end of the day, it can always be changed, but we are here to help you pick the best from the best!

We believe that feature walls actually work best with tiles! Yes, wallpaper and paint will create a feature, a focal point if you will. But, what if it could be something more? What if you feature wall could be packed full of unique design, texture and something that will last for 20-100 years?

Even when we mention tiles for a feature wall, some think tiles are just plain white tiles that go around your bath. However, these are so much more! They are now beautiful, heavily designed and are manufactured to incredibly high standards using HD print.

Its not just homeowners who have taken to creating a tiled feature wall or any feature wall at that. Interior Designers and Architects have been using wall tiles to form stunning features for many years. In many new-builds, certainly across the south of England, house builders have been using tiles to create features within their show homes to fully show off what is and could be possible within the home. Now, if it is good enough for interior designers, then its good enough for Appleby's Tiles!

Also. remember that size isn't everything! For example, a small space such as in a bathroom (above the sink our toilet), you don’t need much to make a huge impact – a feature wall is a great way to make it stand out. 

That feature will become the personality of any room!

A few tips (from experience):

Size Up Your Room

Always consider the size of the room or space where you want to create a feature wall. We say this because different tiles can have different effects. For example, if you want to create a tiled feature wall that opens up the room and moves light around more freely, then we would say stick to light tiles (mainly gloss finish), a matt tile, a dark wood or brick tile which although cosy and adds depth, can bring the room in a little and make it appear darker and smaller than it is. We think a really special tile at the moment to fit this bill would be the Hexagon Tile.


Above: Bold Medium White Hexagon Tiles mixed with other colours

Don't Go Crazy

Its very easy to get distracted away from the main point of having a tiled feature wall, once you see you wall go up and take place you will love it! as will your friends and family. What some people do is end up putting a feature wall in every room of the house. This can be just a tad over-powering keep it focal so maybe a bedroom and bathroom or, toilet and living room keep it simple and the tiles will do the rest!

Be Your Own Person

That means being creative! Create a tiles feature wall that you will love and that you will enjoy every day. It's your home, so own it! Here are a few of our unique ideas including Wood Effect Tiles, Feature Wall Brick Slips, Splitface Tiles and Encaustic Effect Tiles


Above: Asian Elm Wood Effect Tiles - Used as a feature wall tile in the bathroom, Wood Effect Tiles look fantastic no matter their application and this is because of the advancements in tile technology. This technology allows for tile manufacturers to be able to imbed the actual wood grain into the tile so that when printed, it has the knots and the feel of real wood. The finished look of a wood effect feature wall can range from contemporary colourings to antique, distressed, weathered and all the way to modern!

Our wood effect tiles give you an almost unlimited amount of choices with over 100 wood effect tiles, all of which are suitable to be used as a wood effect feature tile, meaning you are spoilt for choice! The main benefit of using a wood effect tile is that you can create a run-off; this means using these tiles for the floor with a continuous pattern that runs up the wall of choice! 


Above: Antique White Brick Slips - Used as a feature wall within a dining room. 

The possibilities with a brick slip feature wall are endless! with over 170 different brick slips and brick effect wall tiles to choose from, we won't believe you can't find something suited to your style.

The best part about using a brick effect tile to create a tiled feature wall is their strength, durability and safety. The tiles are easy to keep clean, easy to install and lastly they are fire-rated so can be used in areas with extreme heat. 


Above: Silver Sparkle Quartz Splitface Mosaic Tile 

The trusty Splitface-tile, a more traditional go-to when it comes to tiles for a feature wall but still a winner in our views. Bare in mind, when using a split-face tile to create a feature wall, they are not great for wet areas as the joins of split-face tiles can not be grouted. But in dry internal areas, this tile is a great choice!


Above: Mono Patchwork Encaustic Metro Tile 

An Encaustic Effect Feature Wall Tile Used In a Bathroom With White Metro Tile Contrast.

Encaustic tiles have been coming up the ranks very quickly as the most popular tile choice of 2018/2019, which is due to their ability to completely transform a wall or floor within the home.

Where To Start!

We think its best to start with the feature wall tile and then work your decoration and interiors around this. Always keep in mind the feature wall tile is the focal point of the room, not the other wall coverings, not the floor or the furniture, but this wall! This is your focal point.

When designing the rest of your room around the feature wall, try and stay neutral; you don't want the glory moving away from this feature. Instead, you want it to compliment the feature, so a natural wall colouring or a contrasting floor covering would make the wall look amazing.

When it comes to creating a feature wall, most people tend to think of using wallpaper or paint. We’re familiar with using tiles to cover walls in kitchens and bathrooms, but few of us are bold enough to use them in other key rooms in the house.

Other important things to consider when it comes to a feature wall is their practicalities! Do you really want a mirrored wall tile with children who can not resist but wiping their lunch covered hands over the tiles? Remember these look their best when cleaned and glass is a task to clean without the added grease marks. In this instance, use something easy to maintain like a brick effect tile or wood effect tile; something that has a matt finish is always easier to keep clean!

Lastly and most importantly, consider the safety. A lot of our customers use our tiles to create a feature wall but, when creating a feature wall as well as the aesthetics and maintenance, consider the safety! When tiling a log burner or the area above a log burner, don't use ceramic, glass or any other low burning materials. It's important to use porcelain tiles or brick slips as they are generally Fire Rated A, which means they are non-combustible and perfect to use to create a feature wall tile!

The Key Features Of A Tile Feature Wall

Damage Resistant

A tiled feature wall done properly will last a lifetime. Unlike paint, they won't chip by kicking into them, the paint doesn't come off when you wash them and grease marks don't set in like wallpaper. Tiles are built to last and are an incredibly robust material, especially porcelain tiles. These are the leading tiles today and offer all of the benefits of other tiles but with hight strength and great fire resistance.

Stain Proof

A feature wall built of tiles is stain proof. Maintaining a tile feature wall is simple and easy. Simply clean away all kinds of splashes as soon as they happen. This should help prevent staining. Be sure to clean spills using warm water and a soft cloth.

Moisture & Mould Resistant

Another reason to create a feature wall in either the kitchen or bathroom is that the moisture from cooking and showers is enough to leave black mould and stain the walls; this won't have the same effect on a tiles feature wall. Tiles are non-porous, which means that the bacteria associated with mould can not penetrate the surface causing damage.

Life Long

These types of tiles will last a life time. Although delicate before installed, once fixed with adhesive, these tiles are as strong as stone! So, when you create your beautiful feature wall, you know that in 2-5 years you haven't got to re-paint it, you haven't got to wipe the stains off. The wall will become part of your home for as long as you would like it to.

Not Effected By Fade

Tiles do not fade! Unlike paint, wood and wallpaper, when in direct sunlight these can become bleached or flake or even peel! Not tiles! Tiles do not have any of the weak properties of the the above; they are strong, the colourings of the tile are printed and embedded in to the structure ensuring they will not deteriorate any time soon!


There is nothing more beautiful than a tiled feature wall, whatever paint and wallpaper can offer, tiles offer more! This is because they are packed full of features, the touch is enough, you can take a brand new apartment with its white washed walls, install brick slips and turn it in to a shabby/chic New York apartment. And it doesn't end with the look anyone that comes over and gets up close to such a tile will notice the feel of the brick tiles, wood tiles or split-face tiles feels completely natural. 

If you have any questions in regards to creating a stand out feature wall using tiles in your home, get in contact with our customer service team, they are not just stuck behind a computer. Our small customer service team are al ex-tilers with a wealth of knowledge about the products and the latest tends so head over to our live chat or call us on 0333 900 4537.