How to create a unique bathroom space with tiles

How to create a unique bathroom space with tiles


We have all been to hotels and spas where one wall shined the brightest or the flooring caught our eye. The fine details, the vibrant colours and expensive work on the scenery must have left you in awe. And just like ourselves, we bet you too kept replaying the mesmerising view over and over again in your head, wishing if you could incorporate something similar to your bathroom. 

The good news is, you can! 

Art and luxury are no longer confined to the hospitality industry. The market is flooded with dazzling designs and spectacular tiles which you can use to bring more liveliness in your personal space. From lavish colourful walls to exotic floors, we are sure you'll fall in love with the unique spaces. 

Unique spaces create focal points in a room. They demand your attention.  And when these are focal points are picked skillfully, the contrast they render brings balance to the rooms while making them more elegant, vibrant and colourful. 

A plain wall is like a blank canvas, offering infinite possibilities for experimenting with patterns, colours and designs. A feature wall offers tremendously impactful focal point and works seamlessly when paired with neutral coloured walls. The best part is, feature walls can be as loud and as soft as you want, depending upon your taste and the kind of personality you are trying give to your bathroom. While most people prefer flying low when it comes to experimenting, we would suggest you to go big! And hence we have curated a list of bold ideas that you can implement or experiment with to achieve your ideal feature wall. 


1. Orange Bathroom tiles

Orange is the colour of joy and sunshine. A colour that renders positivity and happiness with a classic chic look. Imagine bringing this lively colour to the feature wall of your bathroom.

Orange bathroom tiles work best on a feature wall when the rest of the walls are painted with white. Due to its citrus glow, orange draws immense attention to itself and easily makes your white bathroom accessories stand out. You can use a single shade of orange or you can opt for diverse shades of glossy Orange bathroom tiles to create vibrant textures and patterns on your feature wall. 


2. Purple Bathroom tiles

Purple is the colour of luxury, power and royalty. A colour that defines creativity, wisdom and mystery. Purple bathroom tiles on a feature wall compliments pastel coloured walls and light as well as dark coloured furniture. Pairing darker shades of purple with plush lamps and wood effect tiles on the floor will give your bathroom a luxurious, lively look. Using a brighter shade of Purple bathroom tiles can be also paired with white grout lines for a calming effect.


3. Copper bathroom tiles

Copper bathroom tiles might seem like an unusual choice but trust us, the possibilities this colour has to offer are endless. With diverse shades and unique patterns, these tiles give our bathroom a more tarnished look with a touch of luxury. Faux-flock tiles and penny tiles can be combined for a feminine touch while Copper bathroom tiles give you a more industrial vibe for achieving a muscular effect. Pair copper tiles with copper and gold bathroom accessories, and you can have your own opulent private heaven.


4. Gold bathroom tiles

Ready to live like a true majesty? Want to experience exceptional luxury? Then gold is the answer for you. These sparkling, glossy and beautiful gold bathroom tiles will certainly leave you in awe and will make your jaw drop when you'll see the finished bathroom. In whatever way you plan to incorporate these tiles, we are sure you won't go wrong. You can incorporate these tiles with grout lines,  you can mix different shades of gold for a sparkling, luminous pattern or you can sprinkle some gold bathroom tiles on a dark-coloured wall. This colour comes with endless prospects. The best part of indulging in these tiles is that it complements darker shades. So if you have dark brown bathroom furniture or a wall or you are planning to buy some, you are in for a treat.


5. Silver bathroom tiles

If you are someone who doesn't like the idea of incorporating bright and dark colours in your bathroom, Silver bathroom tiles might just do the trick for you. Available in glossy as well as matte finish, silver can give the feature wall that unique classy look, without being overpowering. Silver bathroom tiles blend seamlessly with other pastel colours and can be used to give a shimmering effect to the plain wall. Available in metallic, slate and many more, silver can be mixed with proportions of white, to achieve a perfect balance.

We are sure you must have gotten a lot of ideas to decorate your feature wall and your mind must have already started painting the picture of the perfect wall you want to achieve. But when we have so much in store for the walls, why must we leave the floors alone? Is there something that can be done to amp up the vibe and bring a classic floor to your bathroom? Yes, there is. 


Encaustic Effect Bathroom tiles

encaustic effect bathroom tiles - It wouldn't be wrong to say that people living in medieval periods knew classic and elegant design and had exceptional taste. They've rendered the world such timeless designs, that even millennial apartments are also adopting these charming tiles to give their bathrooms a vintage, artistic look. With the array of different patterns and designs these tiles have to offer, these tiles will easily make you embrace a Moroccan or victorian themed look in your bathroom. From Salisbury patterns on white tiles to Havana blue flowers, these patterns will offer a decorative traditional look to your bathroom. 

All thanks to modern designs and interior designers, the lines between traditional designs and contemporary design is blurring. More and more people are willing to experiment and are using ancient designs to define the personalities of their homes and this welcomes the use of encaustic effect bathroom tiles

Not only this, bright, vibrant, abstract colours which were not commonly used before have made their way into the colour pallet. People are opting for bold, beautiful and luxurious colours and investing in expensive tiles to make a style statement. One thing is evident, people are not holding back when it comes to creating and indulging in luxurious experiences and are willing to spend a fortune when it comes to beautiful interiors of their house and there is no way better to do that, then with the use of encaustic effect bathroom tiles.