How to make dark tiles work in your bathroom

How to make dark tiles work in your bathroom

When it comes down to house renovation; you tend to go for the choices which are the best, in trends and give you long-lasting relief. For restrooms, especially, people can get very picky; from choosing the faucets to selecting perfect tiles. They usually forget the total space they have to work with; and will that design suit the compactness? Remodeling a small space area, like bathrooms, require a lot of creative thinking; one has to be very cunning and purposive while taking any relevant decision.

Tiles are one of the first décor items you see while entering into a bathroom; they can make the compact outhouse space look capacious. Hence going for the correct tiling option- be it for floors or walls- is necessary to create a relaxing yet roomy bathroom.  

Dark toned tiles have recently gained a lot of popularity in the bath-area trends; they add perceivable chasm which makes the room look bigger and wider. These tiles when correctly paired with bright colors can give increased openness to the room. 


Brown Bathroom Tiles

If you wish to go for a natural earthy look for your bathroom; without making it look old and dated. Then you should go for Brown Bathroom Tiles; which come in variant hue range from deep wood to light terracotta and alluring bronze to artistic mosaic. Some of these Brown Tiles come with realistic wood bark effects which can be used to give a forest-like appeal to space. Also, these tiles are manufactured in marble patterns; which give an affluent stone-like look that can add a lavish organic touch. Brown Bathroom Tiles can also be used to create a feature space; that could add a warm hint to your bath-area. 

Using white cement mixture around the edges of Brown Bathroom Tiles can create a defined outline on the walls; regardless of the size of the tiles. And combining this with light-colored or white/ cream flooring can make an ideal background for your bathroom ideas, and make space look contemporary and vibrant. If you are trying to use these in one of your small bathrooms then remember to keep large windows for light to enter; lots of light and ivory lavatory accessories. 

Irrespective of the type of look you are trying to achieve, just a look at these Brown Bathroom Tiles can be very inspiring to make a sanatorium out of the stuffy bath-space. One can play with bright shades and organic hues; combining these with brown tiles can give out wondrous results. There are various design options to go for using Brown Bathroom Tiles; one just has to search for them and the internet page will be filled with reconciling images.


Black Bathroom Tiles:

If it has been long ago since your bathroom had a makeover, you can ditch the old and boring tile patterns of your bathroom and try Black Bathroom Tiles for a dark and bold look. They comprise a fragile-looking white and grey vein-like marble structure wrapped across them, which gives a new personality to your bathroom. We have a wide array of bathroom tiles for you to choose from. These Black Bathroom Tiles can also be fixed on your walls for a classy look. 

If you think that Black Bathroom Tiles will end up darkening your bathroom, then maybe your thought-process is not completely right. In fact, these tiles could facilitate in making your lavatory look larger by developing a sense of dimension which is not usually provided by other tiles.


Another great advantage of fixing these tiles in your lavatory is that they offer texture and develop the appropriate amount of contrast with the help of a slick white floor and also facilitates in developing a sober yet stylish black and white color palette.

The presence of these Black Bathroom Tiles makes your lavatory appear more luxurious. And the continuation of these tiles fixed outside the bathroom, makes them appear as they are connected to the entire house.

For offering your bathroom a dark yet dramatic look, you can cover your floor, shower surround, and back walls of your lavatory with these Black Bathroom Tiles. 


Grey Bathroom Tiles:

Grey Bathroom Tiles are gaining popularity nowadays because of their ability to turn any dull lavatory into an opulent one. People are looking forward to modernizing their bathrooms with these Grey Bathroom Tiles. These tiles alone look quite elegant but when coupled with darker hues of shades, they grant a statement look to any lavatory. 

By adding our broad range of Grey Bathroom Tiles to your lavatory, you can create a serene health-spa like feel. These give a tranquil and soothing look and feel to your space. You can also pick charcoal metros for offering a contemporary appearance to your lavatory

These Grey Bathroom Tiles, when teamed with white tiles, offer a pacifying neutral background which can prove to be great in the case of alleviating all-day stress. It can also be useful in offering you a good and tranquil start of the day by lightening your mood by its hues. 


While the darker tiles will give your bathroom a warmer and cozier look, they have an added advantage of not looking damaged even if these get chipped.   You can use either one dark shade or contrast it with a lighter shade tile to give your bathroom a modern yet eternal look. Matt or glossy, solid or prints, the dark tones tend to give the bathrooms a rich and classic setting.

Remember that sophisticated bathroom tiles can transform a plain space into an exceptional haven. Moreover, tiles are the hardest thing to replace, hence, one should give a deep thought before investing heavily in something which has to be there for a long time. In such a scenario, dark bathroom tiles are dependable and least risky. 

So, bold black, glamorous grey or beautiful brown, what is your pick for your me-time space?