How to Make Your Bathroom Modern!

How to Make Your Bathroom Modern!


Will you pay hundreds of pounds for a hotel room which has a 42 inche LED TV, plush beds, exotic toiletries and all the modern-day amenities but a dull, boring and lifeless bathroom?

We certainly wouldn't and we are sure you wouldn't too.

If you wouldn't put up with a dull, boring bathroom in your hotel room, why put up with a bland and lifeless bathroom in your home?

All thanks to the modern marvels, the market is flooded with hundreds of design elements and styles. And all these beautiful and elegant elements can give a complete makeover to your bathroom by equipping it with more personality. 

The best thing about giving your bathroom a makeover is it gives you a lot of freedom. Freedom to be as bold and as creative as you want to be since your bathroom is a completely separated space from the rest of your house. And hence, it can be decorated independently.

But before you get started with the makeover, it is important to know what modern personality you are seeking for your bathroom. What do you want your bathroom to reflect? How do you want to feel when you enter your bathroom? How do you plan to make your bathroom modern? Answering these questions is important.

Everybody has their own definition and taste when it comes to making their bathrooms modern. For some, it means adopting all the modern trends that magazines and newsletters can't stop advocating and for some, it means timeless beauty which never goes out of date. For some, it means making a bold statement with vibrant colours and patterns and for some, it means creating a serene calm place with muted hues. 

In this article, we are going to cover how you can make your bathroom modern. The tips and tricks range from bold to timeless, suitable for every taste. These tips will not only help you incorporate the right elements but also will give you ideas and help you with narrowing down the choices. So keep reading, we are sure you'll fall in love with at least one of these.

Encaustic Effect Bathroom Tiles

The Encaustic tiles found their glory in the 19th century due to their beautiful decorations and splendid colours. People adored the varying patterns the tiles had to offer and soon, these tiles found their place in hundreds of landmarks because of their beauty.

Still, encaustic effect bathroom tiles are used to add a traditional touch with contemporary designs in many hotels and spas. And the good news is, you can also blend the intricate patterns with pastel colours to turn your bathroom into a clean, calming and serene place. 

You can pick these tiles to create a cathedral style flooring or you can use these tiles as a backdrop for your mirrors and cabinets. Available in classic checks, geometric patterns, diamond patterns and many vibrant colours, encaustic effect bathroom tiles are perfect for creating a harmonious effect with a contemporary twist.


Patterned Bathroom Tiles

If you've been to Europe, we are sure you must have admired the medieval designs and mesmerising patterns on the floor. These patterns have ruled the design industry for ages and today, even millennial houses and apartments are adopting these patterns to give their bathrooms a vintage vibe.

The patterned bathroom tiles give more character to your bathroom while transforming it into a visual treat. And the beauty of these patterned bathroom tiles is that they do not hog all the attention and let your bathroom accessories shine. 

Another trait of these tiles is they come in hundreds of patterns to choose from. You can pick the perfect one for you from a wide collection of floral, farmhouse, Moroccan, classical, rustic and much more.

The diverse patterns also allow you to go for a bold look with vibrant colours or to go for a toned-down serene  patterned bathroom tiles. With an option of mixing and matching, you can create a unique space with random patterns for yourself. 


Bathroom Brick Slips

For the firm believers of "less is more" and all the folks out there who love minimalism, we are sure you'll fall in love with the bathroom brick slips. Brick slips can be spotted easily in vintage-themed coffee shops, lavish hotels and bars. And no wonder, these are also being widely used in bathrooms to give them a more unique, minimal yet lavish look.

When bathroom brick slips are paired with ambient lighting, big mirrors and copper bathroom accessories, it gives a calming, luxurious look. Available in rough as well as smooth textures, the bathroom brick slips will give your bathroom the "real" brick effect and will blend in effortlessly.

Make sure you install the brick slips on a plain wall. This will make them demand your attention but in a very muted, subtle manner. If you are planning to install bathroom brick slips, just remember that like any porous tile, these will require some sealing. And this process will be carried out during the installation of the brick slips.


Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

If you want to create a rich, serene and relaxing bathroom space, concrete effect bathroom tiles can be the perfect pick. These tiles have a worn-out concrete appearance which looks elegant and transforms your bathroom in an urban space while giving it an industrial vibe.

The tiles are available in varying shades, finishes and textures and they render excellent contrast. The best trait of these tiles is that complement every colour. Being neutral themselves, they go well with pastel colours, vibrant colours, as well as bold feature walls. The concrete effect bathroom tiles render a luxurious look when they are installed in a larger size, which also helps in minimizing the grout lines.

Since the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house, it makes them much more important than any other rooms. A clean, simple, elegant bathroom not only helps you create a quiet, calming and relaxing place for yourself to loosen up after a long day but also helps rejuvenate and prepare for the next day.

And when your bathroom is plush, luxurious, serene and modern, it becomes more than just a bathroom. It becomes your personal space. Pairing modern bathroom with beautiful chandeliers, ambient lights and big mirrors with decorative borders will take the look of the bathroom up a notch. From so many design patterns and textures to choose from, modern design elements also give you the freedom of creating a bathroom as unique as you. The modern elements redefine the dull and boring bathrooms and turn them in a more inviting place, everybody enjoys being in.