Inside/Outside Uses Of Terracotta Effect Tiles

Using terracotta effect tiles inside and outside of the home.

When creating your own unique space, what better way than to use terracotta effect tiles – they are warm and welcoming, so what’s not to love about them?

You can recreate your very own country side courtyard with the use of these beautiful tiles or perhaps a cosy kitchen.  You could also use them for simplistic  hallways, to endearing walls, or enchanting kitchens and bathrooms with their exceptional ease of cleaning and maintaining.

terracotta effect tiles are well known for their reddish brown tones, but in fact there are many different shades to ensure you’re able to get the beauty and warmth you desire in your home, mimicking a gorgeous snapshot of a charming Mediterranean holiday within your own home.

They are an absolute must have that offer elegance, charm and character where ever they are placed. 


Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles

Let’s start with the heart of the home as some would say; the kitchen. When we picture a traditional

Mediterranean getaway with the sun beaming through, you always think of those relaxing tones of the terracotta effect kitchen tiles warming in the sun. They simply make the kitchen inviting, captivating and fit for purpose with which ever delicious meals you dare to attempt, or hosting a late night gathering with your nearest and dearest in your beautifully warm space.

You can envisage a beautiful space where you can make the magic happen, complimented by the sublime colours of our terracotta effect kitchen tiles, leaving your visitors, in awe and veneration that you’ve created such perfection.

With the power and resistance  of these earthy, toned tiles, comes ease of maintaining which is definitely a positive when you think of all the uses your kitchen is likely to go through, ensuring it is clean, hygienic and fit for purpose. With terracotta effect kitchen tiles, you get all of the beauty, but much less by the way of maintaining if you were to opt to use natural terracotta tiles. This makes way for a much easier life and far less inconvenience further down the line to making sure your kitchen area maintains its natural glory,  just like the very first day you transformed it.

This is the reason why these tiles return time and time again to our kitchen and dining areas, the amazing ability to maintain this whilst basking in their original glory continually is extremely appealing.. They are so simple to clean, and keep clean - that they are the obvious choice to creating the room of your dreams.

Perhaps you chose to tile both the floors and walls with these earthy tones, or perhaps just the floor. They say making your dream home starts from the ground up, so starting with these on the floor would be an excellent choice – but remember your aren’t limited to just that!


Terracotta Effect Hallway Tiles

Moving away from an Individual room, using terracotta effect hallway tiles that interlink your home between hallways/corridors is an excellent choice. That said hallways are often the first point In which you welcome your guests into the home, it will be the first port of call when the children come running through the door with their muddy shoes – so ensuring you have anti slip tiles is a must!

Maintaining its impeccable ability to be looked after and cleaned easily, the depth of the colours will speak for themselves in terms of décor. You can adopt the simplistic approach with these tiles and find that you don’t have to  complement them with ornaments or other “fads” to complete the space. The tiles alone will spark a sense of homeliness, warmth and country life chic – which won’t break the bank.

When having these tiles laid in your chosen area such as the hallway,, it doesn’t have to be a standard “square tile” if you search through our collections you will see the amazing variants that we have to offer. From the “typical” red rectangle Spanish tile, to the “Terracotta effect puzzle tile”, there are so many varieties to chose from that you will be spoilt for choice, but all equally beautiful in their own ways.

They are simply laid as easily as any other tile, but the end result will be the same glorious spectacle as real terracotta tiles – and did we mention it’s a fraction of the price tag of real terracotta tiles?

As we’ve mentioned, maintaining terracotta tiles require commitment, as well as ensuring you use the correct materials to clean them you have to regularly oil and wax them to stop them from looking dull and worn before their time. One thing that seems to pass us by too quickly these days that you can never get back is time! terracotta effect hallway tiles will save you an abundance on time (and money) if you decided to invest in these quality tiles.

Perhaps the hallways are the only paces within your home that you wish to  captivate that majestic rustic theme, leading into all the other wondrous rooms you will no doubt have spent an equal amount of time marvelling over to perfect. Maybe you have decided that you want to go for the country side farmhouse look throughout the whole entirety of your living space,.. there’s a terracotta effect hallway tiles for every room, you can make it work which ever way you look at it, dress it up or dress it down.

It goes without saying if you were to have this look at the entrance of the home, it will certainly set the tone for the rest of the house leaving an impressionable mark on who ever may walk through your door.


Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

If escapism is something you long for, then why not try terracotta effect bathroom tiles in your bathroom. A place of tranquility and relaxation, a go to place to elevate the stress and pressures of daily life achieved through these tiles used as the main feature of the room. Of course these tiles are waterproof and easily wiped clean and dry following any Inevitable spillages that occur. Again, we have anti slip tiles to ensure that any little feet (or big feet!) are less likely to fall and hurt themselves should the floor be wet underneath them.

The versatility of these tiles is never ending, as with the different tones, you could opt for a darker shade in the terracotta effect bathroom tiles to recreate a somber atmosphere in your bathroom whilst you unwind in the bath tub, or, you could opt for slightly lighter tones to allow for a fresh, airy atmosphere - perhaps adding a modernised twist on the authentic Mediterranean chic that’s been reigning  for many many years.  That’s the wonder of these terracotta effect bathroom tiles, you can stick to a wonderfully traditional look; or bring it to the new age and have some fun dressing it up a bit.

Our surroundings and their appearance can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and that in turn effects our mood and outlook. Imagine being able to escape the chaos of the day where the children have been running around and now need a place to calm and quieten down ready for sleep. Bathing them in a warm captivating room to help soothe their little minds and take mum/Dad to a place far away, perhaps a Spanish Mountain top, perhaps a vibrant town close the beach. You can literally let your mind escape to a place much further away with sunshine, and relaxation which we all strive to find!

The different patterns and sizes can be shaken up to recreate your very own unique take on the traditional “terracotta” tile look.