Inspiration: 5 Modern Tile Ideas

Inspiration: 5 Modern Tile Ideas

The world of tiles is a tricky place to navigate! With 10's of thousands of different tiles on the market with different, shapes, sizes, textures and forms it can be incredibly difficult to make the right choice when it comes to adding wall or floor tiles to the home or updating existing tiles.

You want to make the right choice and you only want to do it once!

This blog contains some of our most popular tile ideas and tile combinations used for a complete package be it the kitchen walls and floors or the bathroom walls and floors.

Tiles have come an incredibly long way in the last 20 years, going back 20 years there were a handful of different tile designs used and sold in the uk these include your standard, white tiles, stone tiles, terracotta tiles and mosaic tiles.

In todays age people like to experiment much more and like to create a home that speaks volumes and offers unique focal points and features and we believe no wall or floor covering can do this quite like the use of tiles.

Even some of the above age old tiles mentioned are still incredibly popular but instead of being mundane and boring they have been revitalised or re-created to offer ease of use and a long lasting impact.

The very latest trends in tiling at the moment include the use of some of the following, brick effect tiles, brick slips, wood effect tiles, hexagon tiles and, patterned tiles. All of these have earned their place in the home and below we go in to more detail as to why and how they can work in your home regardless of the setting and surrounding, these tiles offer versatility and modern contemporary finishes that can create an awe inspiring interior (and even exterior) finish to your home!

Modern Brick Slips

We know what you are thinking! brick slips aren't modern? But they are, brick slips are now being used to create an urban interior finish to the home, offering the stunning recreation of many apartment style homes found in the likes of New York and Chicago where exposed bric work is a desired aesthetic.

Brick slips until recently were used for those looking to match up on extensions of their home with the original brick work used but now we see that more orders are from homeowners looking to achieve a brick finished wall on the inside of their home.

They can completely transform the look of a home be it a modern, plasterboard new-build or a 19th century cottage the range of brick slips we offer are diverse from rustic right through to modern clean face brick slips.

Brick slips are also a very tough material being made up from either clay or composite materials they offer superior thermal properties, protection against frost and incredible tactile features.

If the kitchen is your choice of room then our range of kitchen brick slips are perfect for you, these brick slips have been designed to work perfectly in busy kitchens. They not only look amazing and can add a contemporary finish they are also practical, they don't require hours of cleaning or regular maintenance they are a product that once installed age perfectly.

If it is the bathroom you're renovating then again we have a large range of bathroom brick slips! These brick slips are non-porous and can be sealed to be completely water repellent to prevent water marks and offer a very industrial finish to a room so normally thought of as clinical, We find a lot of our customers use brick slips in the bathroom as a feature wall maybe a free-standing bath back drop or a shower enclosure. As humans we are incredibly tactile and use our sense for stimulation and there is no comparison with any other tile or wall covering that can offer the texture that brick slips do.

When you think of a package and your left with the through of "what would work well with them for the floor" Let us step in! brick slips will work with any floor covering but we believe the best choice be it bathroom, kitchen or any other room to use again a tile with texture for this matter we would always suggest using a tile that has a matt or textured finish.

In particular the best style of tiles we think suit brick slips is either concrete effect floor tiles or wood effect floor tiles both of these again offer a contemporary and modern finish and they are both (be it man made) natural looking materials and therefore work hand in hand with our range of brick slips.


Modern Brick Effect Tiles

You are probably seeing a trend here with "bricks" but we do love them here and we are proud of our collection, between brick slips and brick effect tiles we boast over 400 different products with every colour, fitment, finish and design to ensure their is a wall covering suitable for you.

Why brick effect tiles instead of slips? We aren't saying that brick effect tiles are better then brick slips but brick effect tiles offer something that brick slips don't offer which is ease and low cost. The average cost of 1m2 of brick slips is around £80 where as a brick effect tile is £45.

Don't be fooled in thinking that brick effect tiles are inferior because they certainly are not! If we start by looking at brick effect kitchen tiles what they offer is incredible ease, quick installation and less materials. Our brick effect tiles are usually a panel tile this means that a single tile is a large panel that has been engraved with brick impressions and then had a brick design printed across the body, they look like real brick and some even have as much if not more texture then real brick especially our "New York range"

What makes brick effect tiles particaurly attractive is their interlocking ability, you will see looking through our collection of either brick effect kitchen tiles or brick effect bathroom tiles is that interlock, this means no pointing, no mortar joints just a 0.5mm gap where using your finger you can fill the gap with grout. And as the panels are large it is roughly 80% quicker to install brick effect tiles then it would be to install brick slips.

It is worth noting here that if you are seeking a real brick wall finish and are expecting the same results as the outside of your home then stick with brick slips, although our brick effect tiles are designed incredibly well they don't perfectly compete with brick slips. so consider your budget and affordability for installation and then make your judgement.

We always tell our customers to forget budgets to a degree and get something that you know you will be happy with and will not lead to second thoughts! this is your home after all and that little bit of extra money can make all the difference to the enjoyment your room gives you!

Much like brick slips as brick effect kitchen tiles and brick effect bathroom tiles offer a familiar occurring material design "brick" it is important to keep the floor tiles in matching fashion therefore, again we would recommend the use of wood effect floor tiles or concrete effect floor tiles with texture to get a really consistent and admirable finish.

Modern Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles have been knocking around for some time now but we want to change your perception of wood effect tiles. Firstly the discussion around modern wood effect floor tiles! When you think of wood effect tiles your probably thinking a nice oak or walnut colour but with todays technology and adventurous market, wood effect floor tiles offer so much more!

From rustic wood that looks like it has been washed up right through to floor board designs to even include the nail impressions is what we have to offer! This extensive range will change everything you thought you knew about Wood effect tiles and their uses. 

Not only have manufacturers grown and made wood effect tiles look incredibly realistic they now feel like wood to this means you can feel the continuous grain within the wood like you would with sawn wood and you can see the knots and the variations as you would normally.

We pride ourselves on offering nothing more then premium versions of tiles that means all of our wood effect floor tiles have been inspected and chosen to be retailed by us because of their high quality and realistic design so you can be sure if your looking to cover your floors in a modern wood effect floor tile that Applebys will have the right wood effect tile for you.

Modern interior finishes these days will almost always consist of wood be it tiles or laminate, the issue we find with laminate is its ability to easily get scratched and warping due to temperature change and spills. wood effect floor tiles do not have these issues which is why they make the perfect flooring choice for modern interiors.

This is where we blow your mind. Wood effect wall tiles! Thats Right! Wood on the walls, if you think back to 80 years ago almost every home had wood cladding, dado rails or decorative wood framing on their walls, it is a premium product and it has made a spectacular return with a modern twist.

Wood effect wall tiles are perfect for the kitchen and the bathroom, they offer all of the incredible properties of any other tile but with a very unique aesthetic finish! This finish will instantly turn those boring walls in to an exciting and diverse space in addition we highly recommend using a herringbone pattern for wood effect wall tiles, it gives the highest impact and will look timeless for years to come!


Modern Hexagon Tiles

This may be a completely ne thing to you but my gosh hexagon tiles are really coming through the market now! A three word description for hexagon tiles would be unique, expensive and elusive. Yes I know, shock! we was honest and told you hexagon tiles are not cheap and that is correct the likes of hexagon wall tiles are not cheap to manufacturer they require their own non-adjustable moulds, new ink jet machines and are made in smaller quantities to keep them exclusive.

Hexagon tiles are the latest Trent to emerge from an over populated market, they offer an unrivalled geometric design that oozes character and flair making them the perfect choice for both kitchens and bathrooms on both walls and floors.

The designs within hexagons varies from plain colours such as whites, greys and blacks for a more minimalist finish right through to heavily patterned and multi-coloured for those looking for a transitional retro/modern vibe.

With Hexagon tiles it is not a product that needs to be coupled with a contrasting floor or wall tile instead they can be used on both, in the same room together by mixing your design choices.

For example you could choose to use a marble designed hexagon floor tiles with a plain white hexagon kitchen wall tile this will off-set the room with a modern finish yet making it clinical which is perfect for those that want an all-white clean and fresh finish to their home.

The uses and combinations of with Hexagon tiles is endless, and we welcome you to experiment with samples or even the full product to give your room or your home its own finish!


Modern Patterned Tiles

We know what your thinking already "patterned tiles have been around for years" And, you are completely right they have but not quite like what we have the days, patterned tiles are frequently referred to now as encaustic effect tiles, where in the coming decades floral patterned tiles have transitioned to a boarding "break-up" tile in a bathroom to an exquisite display of art for the floors and walls of ones home.

Our patterned tiles come in many different forms from geometric designs, abstract designs right through to moroccan inspired themes and this is where the modern tile market is at the moment!

Encaustic effect tiles are a direct cousin of encaustic tiles which are tiles that were handmade using crushed materials such as sand, glass marble and concrete that were fired to create a solid square tile and then hand painted. 

Tile manufacturers have travelled far and wide to see these age old designs and replicate them on to a more convenient and cost effective material such as ceramic and porcelain which now gives us our patterned tiles.

Once they take an image of the design that have seen this is then transferred to a HD digital hard-material printer that ill perfectly print this design on to the face of the material giving a 100% accurate representation of real encaustic tiles.

patterned tiles are a strange cross between modern and retro and that is why we have featured them in this article. They are modern in terms of the emergence from the tile industry and the ever growing use of using them in the home, these are not just a patterned floor tile or a patterned wall tile but an expression of art.

If you are planning on using patterned tiles in your home we advise sticking to one are wether that be a patterned hallway tile, patterned kitchen tile or patterned bathroom tile keep it to one are. 

For example if you want patterned tiles running from your hallway in to your kitchen, got for it! But when it comes to tiling the walls in the same room stick to a more neutral colour scheme to ensure the room doesn't look too busy and it will really bring out the most in the patterned floor!


These are top ideas for giving your home a refreshing modern interior finish in every room with the use of tiles! If you have any inspiring ideas drop us a comment we would love to hear it! 

Also if you are looking for some inspiration or would like to speak with a member of our highly trained team then please do get in touch with us where a member of staff will be more then happy to help you achieve your home dream!