Introduce 1950’s New York To Your Bathroom

Introduce 1950’s New York To Your Bathroom

Have you ever visited a place which had a vintage styled bathroom? If you have, did you see the bricks effect bathroom tiles on the walls and concrete or wood effect bathroom tiles on the floor? If you did, congratulations, you got to witness the beauty of 1950's New York style in the vintage themed bathroom.

We are sure after admiring the beauty of the vintage elements you must have wondered, why the spa or hotel, being so luxurious would spend on vintage design for a bathroom that's so simple yet so charming and elegant?

So let us answer this question for you.

There is one thing about people who lived in the fifties that no one can deny. They knew their design. They knew their architecture, their colour pallet, their patterns, and they knew how to turn them into timeless and mesmerising designs.

And all thanks to the modern-day interior designers who have started to advocate these timeless designs again, the line between traditional and contemporary designs are blurring.

We are sure when you were admiring that vintage bathroom, you must be wondering the ways you can incorporate the vintage elements in your bathroom to bring the beauty of simplicity in your home.

The good news is, we are here to help you out.

So whether you are building your bathroom from scratch or planning to remodel your private heaven, we are here to equip you with ideas which will bring back the magic of 1950's New York in your bathroom. 


Brick Effect Bathroom tiles

We've all been fascinated with stables, barns and the old fashioned walls from the traditional times. And the best way to bring the magic of these old times is to incorporate brick effect bathroom tiles in your bathroom. brick effect bathroom tiles are perfect for giving your bathroom a traditional, timeless and charming personality.

A cost-effective way that will not hurt your wallet, these brick effect bathroom tiles are easy to install and are long-lasting. Available in diverse shades like rustic red, sandy white, beige and mixed, the brick effect tiles are also available in diverse textures to give the "real" brick look to your bathroom.  But if you are someone who is seeking the true beauty of real bricks, we have a healthy alternative for you. 


Bathroom Brick Slips

For all the perfectionists who just cannot compromise with the authenticity, bathroom brick slips will be a perfect pick for you. Whether your bathroom is spacious or compact, bathroom brick slips will transform the personality of your private oasis. Brick slips can be used for all the walls or just for one wall to create a focal point in your bathroom. Available in smooth as well as rough texture, brick slips can be also installed on the sides of the bathtubs or can be used to serve as a backdrop for your mirrors and bathroom cabinets. bathroom brick slips not only make your bathroom more classy and elegant but also put everything else on a spotlight. Brick slips like many porous tiles need to be sealed and this process is carried out during the installation. Available in various colours like rustic red, grey, worn yellow and much more, brick slips when paired with beautiful chandeliers and vintage bathroom accessories help you achieve a royal luxurious look blended with the magic of 1950's New York styles.

We are sure you must have visualized your new and classy bathroom with the brick walls by now. And we are also certain that your mind must be filled with creative ideas for creating a heavenly place for yourself.

But what about the flooring?

Can you imagine a classy, elegant bathroom with all the right elements on the wall paired with the wrong flooring?

We certainly cannot. And hence we are suggesting two families of most graceful tiles that will enhance the beauty of your wall investment.


Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

Nobody had thought that wood effect bathroom tiles will become best sellers in such a short period of time. And when the wood effect bathroom tiles are paired with the brick effect walls, it blends the freshness of nature with the beauty of tradition in your bathroom. If you are creating a feature wall with brick effect while the rest of the bathroom is painted with pastel colours, the rustic wood effect tiles will not only complement the brick effect but will also render a beautiful contrast. We can go on and on about the possibilities this duo has to offer as the wood effect bathroom tiles are extremely versatile, they go with almost everything. Just like brick effect bathroom tilesbathroom brick slipswood effect bathroom tiles are also available in diverse shades, knots, colours and veins, that can be paired effortlessly with your choice of the wall. 


Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

Concrete effect bathroom tiles can be easily spotted in spas, luxurious hotels and resorts. And why not? Since the Concrete effect bathroom tiles are highly versatile, doesn't matter with which material you pair it with, the concrete effect ends up complementing it. Available in warm tones and weathered hues, concrete effect tiles come in multiple textures and colours for every mood and every taste. Ideal for achieving the urban industrial look for your bathroom, pairing these with traditional brick effect bathroom tilesbathroom brick slips will render a perfect balance between vintage and contemporary design.



The 1950s was a time of hats, suits, ties, evening dresses, elegant gowns and high heels. One can say that this was one of the most elegant eras, that had a touch of modernism. And this is why the design trends which took birth in this era still reflect the charm and elegance of these people. And no matter how many trends come and go, the elegance will stay preserved for years to come. No wonder many millennials are falling in love with these timeless trends and are adopting the bricks effect bathroom tiles or bathroom brick slips with the concrete or wood effect bathroom tiles in their bathrooms to relive the magic of 1950's New York style. More and more houses and apartments are adopting these timeless designs for a glamorous, classy looking bathroom.